Improving Your Customer Sales

Finding the best qualified leads from your company does not come from a cold contact situation but from building a strong referral business. The business of recommendations makes sense for most companies for many different reasons.

Referral marketing reduces your selling expenses and sales cycle. You already have clients; you should try to sell to them instead of expending all of your resources to finding new ones.

With less time calling cold prospects, your small company can focus on customers and their circle of influence. Improving existing relationships will better help you find ways to create new relationships.

Recommendations can build your level of satisfied customers by making sure they know you are a qualified service provider. The cycle self-perpetuates with more satisfied customers referring others to your company.

Referrals increase your selling revenue by bringing in new clients while still increasing sales with existing clients. The prospect of building the recommendation end of your business is so enticing because businesses use the wrong approach in building referrals and have limited success.

In business you need to measure the results to improve performance. This means you should set a clear goal with a time line on when you are going to accomplish those goals.

Conventional selling wisdom claims the best time to ask for the recommendation is immediately after the close, but this tactic is far too aggressive. Give your clients time to experience your service or product before asking for a recommendation.

Ask for the referral at close only if your client is already excited about your company. If you ask for a referral from a customer who is only satisfied with your service, you will likely deter them and make them think you are using them.

Remember that not all customers are referral candidates, realistically, only about 20 percent are. You want to ask them for a recommendation because you know they will endorse you well.

Give those clients extra service and follow-up support before asking for referrals. When you give willingly to your customers, they will return the favor.

Inform your referring clients of the type of customers you can help so you have the best opportunity to expand your client base. Providing a clear picture of the customer demographics will help your referral marketing.

Provide special rewards like discounts to your referring customers on a regular basis. This will give them more of an incentive to refer you to other businesses.

These tips are simple but when executed on a regular basis they can drive your referral business and build sales revenue. Remember it is the fundamentals that will make you most successful in the long run.

In today’s economy, big and small businesses are seeking every opportunity to win sales through competitive advantages. Smart owners of small businesses know a sales strategy can create a competitive advantage in the market place.

Selling to consumers consists of two main functions, namely tactics and strategy. Sales strategy is the planning of sales activities including methods of reaching clients, competitive differences, and resources available.

These tactics involve the day-to-day selling processes like prospecting, sales process, and follow-up. The tactics of selling are very important but equally important is the strategy of sales you use.

The development of any type of plan begins with research, which means you should put together a few focus groups. The insight gained for a competitive advantage comes from the marketplace not from your mind.

Look at your client and the outside influences on their company. Approach all three tiers to understand your customer.

Know what associations your target customer belongs to. To do this, contact the membership director and establish a relationship not for selling, but to understand their member’s needs.

Identify non-competitive suppliers who sell to your customer and learn their challenges and look for partnering solutions. Work directly with your customer and ask them what their needs are and if your business may offer a possible solution.

Jack R. Landry has worked in the field of business management for 20 years. He recommends using Hosted CRM for sales management software.

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Thoughts To Mull Over When Selling Your Home

Home property values are the fundamental, factual figures that make every real estate transaction work. This is valid whether you are looking to procure or sell.

If you are considering selling, you must to be aware of home property values in your neighborhood. This is classically completed by getting a sense for equivalent home sale prices surrounding you and having your home appraised. Unfortunately, appraisals take time in addition to money. similar home values are a tad unclear and may not take into account unique aspects of your home.

If you are considering buying a home, you need to bear in mind that the listed price for the home may have little to do with the concrete value. Nothing is poorer than finding a dwelling you like and not being able to get a mortgage because the lender says the worth is a great deal less than the sales price. Selling or buying a home is an emotional process. A lot of capital is involved as is your personal taste. Determining house property values can shift you beyond the emotional bias.

Although it commonly costs from more or less $ 350 to $ 700 or so, receiving an evaluation from a certified home evaluator is time and again the finest way to go. If you don’t want to throw away the capital a real estate agent will regularly do a market study for you free of charge as an introduction to their service and capabilites. This will also give you a good sum for the asking price. Just keep in mind the agent wants a price at which he thinks he can market your house. Of course, you want it to sell, too. Just appraise his statement carefully.

The past five or six years have been a horrible time for people selling their houses. The main question sellers seemed to meet was simply the certitude as to the best time to sell. as soon as that resolution was made, one could basically demand for anything and pick up offers rolling in. Sellers had all the leverage. Buyers often worried about losing out on properties and would happily pay a premium for just about any house. in the midst of appreciation rates rising and interest rates at significant lows, buyers truly figured they would make a profit regardless.

While things may favor buyers at the moment, numerous sellers are having troubles changing their mentality. They are nevertheless acting like the marketplace is hot. They figure out the cost of their home compared to others in the locality and then list their estate for something much higher. with the most recent five years, it comes as a surprise when the house just sits and sits with no offers coming in. If you are having this issue, you want to reset your thinking process on how to go about advertising your house. Yes, you are actually going to have to toil at it.

The most important thing to consider is the cost you are both listing the house for and willing to accept. If you endeavor to advertise at the peak of the marketplace for houses in your vicinity, you are going to get problems. home values are trending down, not up. Buyers additionally are aware they must by no means buy the most expensive home in a locality since it limits their would-be appreciation. If your home is valued at the top of the marketplace, you are putting your bait out too high above the buyers. This is not inevitably an error if you are ready to hold off and wait for a proposition. If you aim to sell immediately, however, you want to plan for the middle of the marketplace. obtain an examination of similar homes in your area in addition to their prices. contrast your houses to the field and price fittingly.

The article was conceived by Frank Lutchey, an enthusiast in realtor website design as well as a realty agent with in excess of 16 years practice in the industry.

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Worldwide Selling of Chevrolet Cars

With the advent of Chevrolet cars, thousands of people have become a huge fan of them worldwide. They are one of the most unique, sparkling, and versatile cars models today. They come in simple to complex designs. The most breathtaking feature of Chevrolet cars is that they have a very strong engine quality. The engines of Chevrolet cars are very colossal and long lasting. On account of their most sturdy and resilient engines, American cars have grabbed the eyes of large number of people globally. That is why Chevrolet cars are appearing into their most unique styles and shapes nowadays. In addition to their captivating nature, Chevrolet spark cars are very durable and affordable cars too. Therefore if you want to buy a Chevrolet car, you will have to get connected with a best Chevrolet cars industry online so as to get your desires done effortlessly.

Chevrolet cars are your most unique and popular cars in recent times. They have gigantic engines, stunning glasses, dependable tires, durable seats, and eye catching colors, catching your eyes the imagination.  Chevrolet cars have been created and produced by the most professional and genius engineers of the world. That is why the sale of Chevrolet cars is getting increased day by day. More stunning news is that Chevrolet cars are being widely sold by the manufacturers at various regions and countries of the world nowadays including America, Mexico, UK, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Chili, Thailand, Malaysia, and many others. Therefore if you have been truly mesmerized due to the specifications of Chevrolet Honda cars, please feel free to contact us online. We shall provide you the world’s ever best Chevrolet cars in a most professional, dedicated, dependable, and affordable manner.

American cars are very resounding cars models at all. They have unique features and specifications. They provide you a huge entertainment for lifetime. With the purchasing of Chevrolet cars, you can easily move anywhere around the world. In fact, Chevrolet provides you a real peace of mind, love, affection and dedication about your luxury car for long time. Stunningly Chevrolet American car is the most lovable luxury especially for the American ladies today. Those men who have Chevrolet cars women would desperately want to become girlfriends of them for lifetime for sure. They are not only your most luxurious cars but very glamorous looking cars too. Therefore if you want to buy a unique Chevrolet car, please feel free to contact us online. We serve you the best!

In short, Chevrolet cars are very unique and stunning cars models. They have strong engines, durable seat, and dependable seats, catching your eyes beyond your imaginations. All in all, Chevrolet ford cars are your ever green cars models today.


To learn more about corvette forum visit here


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Nicole Miller Sales Dresses

I just could not get my mind on something in particular until I got home. Out of exhaustion, I picked up and old newspaper and started flipping through the pages. Then I came across this page that was all about ladies clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics and other accessories. Then, I saw what I could get for Elizabeth- Nicole Miller sales dresses.

Out of impulse, I flung the newspaper away and headed to store. It was just down the street. Conspicuously hung outside the store was the Nicole miller sales dresses sign. It was a bumper sales period for the shop and I could see a lot of customers haggling over the prices and trying to make a favourable purchase. Without much ado, I joined the fray in order for me to pick a dress that was really very nice for Elizabeth. After much indecision at the store, I chose a black, strapless and embroidered gown and another white flowing gown for her. It was really beautiful but I was not too convinced that Elizabeth would like it. I had doubts in my mind and I hoped dearly that my fears about the dress will not be confirmed. I wanted to give my friend a really befitting gift. One that she will adore, like Nicole Miller products.

Back at home, I packed my luggage and headed for the train station to get on the one going to Quebec. The journey was very peaceful but somehow too swift for my liking. I arrived in Quebec in no time proudly clinging to the Nicole Miller sales dresses I had bought for my friend. Right there at the station was Elizabeth and her husband who had been waiting for me to take me home. Meeting Elizabeth is something that gives me joy always. We are never tired of seeing ourselves and we are always at so much ease with ourselves. The friendship was a perfect blend. I decided to spice it up with a Nicole Miller accessory.

After the wonderful meal of rice and lobsters, the time came for me to unveil the gift package I had purchased for my friend at the Nicole Miller sales dresses store in our town. As I brought out the wrapped package, my heart was pounding seriously. But whatever the anxiety, I handed over the dresses to Elizabeth. To my utmost surprise and fantastic delight, Elizabeth fell in love with the dresses immediately she tried them on. What really tripped me so much was the fact she had been planning to get some Nicole dresses but did not have much time.

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The 5 Secrets Of Zen Selling

Zen, which is a sect of the Buddhist school of thought, emphasizes on focus, discipline and practice. The art of selling, whether it is of a product, a service or an idea, can also be mastered through these three attributes. While this forms the foundation, there are various Zen philosophies that can be applied to selling.

The 5 Secrets of Zen Selling
Holistic approach – Zen considers the universe as one. Selling, too, requires a holistic perspective. The several key parts to this holistic picture are knowing your company, having complete knowledge of the product (its features and benefits) and being in touch with the marketing strategies and targets. You also need to have an idea of your competition. However, the story does not end there. You need to thoroughly study your customers. Selling should involve identifying who the ideal customer is. Once this is done, you need to research on the various factors that would prevent them from purchasing what you are selling. Is it money? Is it the durability or the complexity of your product? Once you have made a list of all these factors, you need to address all of them.

Positivity – Zen encourages a positive attitude. Of course, this is important for selling. However, being positive yourself is not enough. You also need to spread positivity. You don’t need to look highly professional or dress too formal. You just need to make your prospective client feel comfortable and important. For instance, avoid using jargons if you feel your client may not understand it. Be soft-spoken and caring. If the customer has concerns regarding what you are selling, address them directly. Understand the issues and be gentle when explaining how there was more to your offering than what the customer had perceived.

The Right Focus – Focus on creating a relationship, instead of making a sale. This will not only help you make a sale, it will also result in repeat business. Focus on finding out what exactly the customer needs and see if what you have on offer will satisfy that need. Keep in touch with your customers after the sale is made to find out what the experience has been. This will give you important feedback that can help you improve your offering.

Live in the Moment – Zen advocates living in the present. While selling, do not think about the outcome. Step into your customer’s shoes, understand their issues and help them find out what is best for them. If you feel that the person will not be benefitted by what you are selling, it is better to move on to another client. While you are talking to a prospective customer, do not think about your sales target. If you are truly concerned about your customers, you will form everlasting relationships with them.

Believe – Zen emphasizes on the importance of believing. In selling, we need to believe that we will make the sale. This eliminates the fear of rejection, which manifests itself in many ways, including nervousness. This prevents us from making a good impression and forming a relationship with the customer. Hearing a “no” should not be taken as rejection, but as a learning opportunity.

Sales Management Training – The Sales Coaching Institute is a leading organization in productivity training for sales and sales management trainees. For more details, visit

Become Your Own Professional Sales Training Force

In a information based and online dealings you may miss the special touch of a common sales job that was once either making you money or wasting your time.

While it may have been using the trading hours for dollars quadrant, you may not have had the marketing and sales skills at the time of working the job, so you may have ultimately failed at the business. Your professional selling skills could have needed much improvement

One reason I have always loved sales and marketing is that it forces you to write your own ticket, have no one employing you, and enable you to create time for your family and friends whenever you need or want.

The one main thing missing from my professional sales training provided was that the training was not effective for me. The training provided really got me nowhere and on the road to frustration, even though I had to soon feed a family and make a living.

The training is the crucial element I believe, in making a success of utilizing professional sales skills.

If you were to take the basic marketing and sales skills you may know now and take those back with you in time to succeed at those jobs you will have enhanced or at least made it in the forgotten profession of sales.

I think that most people jump into sales not conscious of the quantity of training and skill advancement that it takes to be successful. It is not an overnight process. Learning, being, and doing are very important factors in the success, which means letdown is vital to experiencing the big game of professional sales. Your professional sales skills degree will determine your income.

I know when I was working with companies that offered opportunities for much superior income possibility and expansion, these companies did not bestow leadership, instruction, or even on occasion decent leads to work with.

With the information out there to work with now however, you could take any sales and marketing opportunity and turn it into a good return on time investment when you have good professional sales coaching.

I like to keep things simple in my articles so I’ll give some simple examples of this.

If you are in wireless carrier communication sales, could you not easily write highly converting capture pages and turn those into sales for your company? Absolutely.

If you require some form of written contract agreement to provide a service or product through your company, could you not share that with your local facebook or other social network to people in your local area. Definitely.

If you are self employed could you not realize specifically targeted customers in the home rehab and improvement trade in your local area through ad campaigns that are intended to capture the attention of people looking at the home depot web site online and promote in the penny saver. Certainly.

And lastly, if you are required for your job to be highly friendly, personal, and customer service oriented, could you not improve your offline marketing and closing skills to be one who is trusted and build relationships with potential customers and clients at these local locations. Absolutely.

The skills of attraction marketing, direct sales, and connecting, along with networking, excellent buyer service, and being an expert in your niche field would give any ambitious someone more than a sufficient amount information to be highly victorious in their current occupation.

Not everyone has the constancy and control to to be making marketing and saels work in thier favor, but originality and confidence are the major points that will help you to accomplish specific goals for your revenue streams that can set you up a be rich in the current financial condition. Your own professional sales training force can be you. You can be self trained with a little recommended help and good resources.

There are fields of gold out there for anyone in professional marketing and sales that can make any motivated individual with solid whys or reasons for their goals eager to make more time money and lifestyle for their efforts to become what they truly want to be as a marketing professional. See my article entitled 7 steps to becoming financially free for a better picture when it comes to true wealth prosperity.


For more information on how to work the mlm mastermind system for fast cash in your pocket and learn these unique onlinemlmsecrets, visit my landing page

12 Tips To Guitar Sales

If you’re in search of information on guitar sales, how to buy a guitar or how to buy a bass guitar, there are some points you should take into consideration before you part with your hard earned cash. Whether you buy new or used, these steps should be taken in order to avoid disappointment. So, ‘how to buy a guitar’ is a question easily answered if you do the following.

1. Play the guitar
2. Inspect for cracks, dents and scratches
3. Test the neck for strength and twist
4. Sight the neck for straightness
5. Check a bolt-on neck’s alignment
6. Inspect the nut’s shape, slots and action
7. Check the fret condition and height
8. Make sure the truss rod works
9. Check the bridge and tailpiece
10. Check the tuning keys
11. Make sure the hardware is secure
12. Check the electronics

If you follow these steps, your questions about what to look for at ‘guitar sales’, ‘how to buy a guitar’ or ‘how to buy a bass guitar’ will be quickly answered. The rules for either are the same.

Here some more excellent tips on how to buy a guitar, when investigating a guitar for sale, from Dan Cross:

Have patience – do not decide you HAVE to buy the guitar that day. Plan on taking at least two trips to the music store.
Maintain control – You are in charge! Don’t let music store salesmen intimidate you.

Research – The web is a great place to find info on guitars. Use it to your advantage!

Get help – if at all possible, recruit a friend who plays guitar to help you choose an instrument. If not, don’t be afraid to ask music store employees multiple questions.

You do not have to be an expert guitarist to get a good deal on a good guitar at a guitar sale. What you do have to be is a disciplined shopper.

For many guitarists, especially novices, trying out a guitar in a music store can be an intimidating experience. Invariably, there are several other guitarists in the store who feel the need to show off their skills on the instrument, by playing all their most impressive licks. Understandably, this can be scary, but you’ll need to focus on your goal – finding the best instrument possible, for the least money.

Scan the store until you find an instrument that appeals to you. Make sure you are given a good stool, and a pick (although I suggest you bring one you’re comfortable with). If you’re looking at electric guitar sales and playing an electric guitar, make sure you’re plugged into an amp similar to the one you plan to use. If you’ve only got a small practice amp at home, don’t allow the guitar to be plugged into a Marshall half-stack through a rack of pedals.

The first few times I tried out a guitar in a music store, I remember playing very quietly so no one would hear that I wasn’t very good. A perfectly natural instinct, but in retrospect I’ve realized it was the silliest thing I could have done. In order to really hear the tonal qualities of a guitar (either electric or acoustic), it needs to be played at a reasonable volume. Do not be afraid to strum the open strings hard – listening to the guitar’s sustain, and keeping an ear open for problems like buzzing strings. If you’re having a hard time hearing (due to other guitarists in the store, etc.), ask to play the guitar in a separate room, or in a quieter part of the store. It should be noted I’ve been in music stores where owners glared at me for turning up the guitar a little, or strumming an acoustic vigorously. My solution to the problem – I hand them the guitar, say thanks, and take my business to a store that allows me to find out what the guitar sounds like before I buy it. I urge you to do the same… these people are obviously not very familiar with the way guitars work, thus not the best stores to deal with anyway.

Let’s look for a moment at guitar makers and manufacturers and which are at the top of the heap. Probably the 3 most widely known and respected guitar makers are Martin, Gibson and Fender guitars. These manufacturers have been a huge part of the industry for decades and their reputations speak for themselves. Martin guitars however, are slightly different than Gibson guitars or fender guitars in that they don’t make electric guitars, per say but only acoustic and acoustic-electric models. Hopefully, before you start hunting down the guitar sales in your local area you’ll learn these simple steps.

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Push Your IT Sales Further

The one thing that makes selling IT products and services a complete pain is the difficulty in finding the right people to sell it to. And it’s not just the people; it’s also the way these are sold. B2B leads are pretty hard to generate these days, what with telemarketers always struggling to find new and better IT leads for their wares. It’s just a good thing that they are doing a good job about it. That’s a fact.


Frankly, it’s not really that bad. Considering the years that telemarketing services have been in existence, it can be understood that they now know what they’re doing. Telemarketers have learned to adapt, meeting the needs of their various clients. The needs have changed, the markets have changed, and it’s up to them to match the demand. These days, it’s not just private individuals that these agents try to sell their wares with, they’ve also tried to tap into the then unknown waters of B2B transaction, especially in generating IT sales leads.


As it turns out, it is a very lucrative market after all. Businesses are always in need of the services of other businesses. The only problem is that they have no idea with whom they can deal with. After all, it’s no joke trying to look for firms to do business with. That’s the reason they have turned to telemarketers. For the IT industry, IT telemarketing is a sure-fire solution to their needs. They get the job done, and with not much problems to contend with. Businesses are happy because of that.


Now, some might wonder as to how this could happen. Isn’t telemarketing the despised mother of frauds, scams, and rip-offs? Although it’s true that telemarketing has been used by unscrupulous individuals to cheat on unsuspecting victims, which by itself does not mean that telemarketing is the evil entity that it’s being portrayed to be. Besides, you can’t just sweep under the carpet the many things that telemarketing has done to help businesses and other organizations to reach out and create new markets and venues for themselves. Also, this marketing strategy has been noted for its ability to tune itself to the needs and wants of potential customers. They have never failed to provide for the needs of its clients.


With the help of a business database, the major provider of the contact list used, telemarketers are able to find the precise customers to offer the products and service of their clients. Through the help of a business database, the agents would also be able to create an effective marketing strategy. They can formulate a sales script that would be tailored to what the prospects would like to hear about. And thanks to the contact list that is made available to them, they can increase their chances of reaching more prospects that are actually interested in what they have to offer.


In order for a business to get ahead in the race of generating IT sales leads and making the sale, partnering with a reputable business database provider can prove to be a very rewarding strategy. The contact list that telemarketers all use is dependent on the accuracy of the information the database have collected. Naturally, the people behind the contact lists would make sure that all the details they have are the most accurate, reliable and updated that they can ever collect. This is their job and their continued operation would depend on how well the keep their reputation good. So on the quality, it would be okay.


This would mean more benefits for you as a telemarketer.

Alice Clark is a sales and marketing consultant specializing in business contact database management. Alice invites you to visit to learn more about business contact lists and databases.


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Property Melkbosstrand: Selling Tips #8

by gumtau



In this series of short videos, I have put together ten tips to help you get your Property in Melkbosstrand, Big Bay Properties and Atlantic Beach Real Estate sold fast and for top Dollar.

Because your home is probably your largest asset, selling it is going to be the most important decision you make in your entire life.

So through these ten tips that I have gathered through current industry insider reports, I am going to show your how to reduce your stress, stay in control of your situation and, most importantly, make the most profit possible.

Tip #8: Turning A Low Offer Around

Firstly, make sure all your offers are reduced to writing and are on a comprehensive Offer To Purchase document.

You can counter a low offer or even an offer that is way below your asking price but remember, at this point, you are giving the buyer an offer.

It is a counter-offer and he can, and may, walk away from it.

At this point, it might be wise to throw in those curtains, those flower pots or that water feature that the buyer loved so much.

Now you will be dealing and negotiating with serious buyers.

Tip #9: Why An Exclusive Mandate?

Well, firstly to avoid double commissions.

Let us say that Agent A brings Mr Jones through your property in Melkbosstrand, Big Bay or Atlantic Beach and then a while later, Agent B brings Mrs Jones through your property. They both have a claim for commission.

Your Big Bay, Melkbosstrand or Atlantic Beach Real Estate also becomes top priority. A good agent can only handle so many properties and obviously, sole mandates get top priority.

You need time to secure the highest price possible. You will not be pressurised into signing that Offer To Purchase simply because the agent feels he might get pipped at the post by his competition.

In fact, a sole agent will create competition amongst buyers to try and achieve that higher price for your property.

Control: one price is cited, viewing times are set, advertising is consistent, one reason for selling is given. The list goes on and on.

The reality is; you lose total control when you are dealing with more than one agent.

Your property will not be used as a springboard. It is common practice for agents to use higher priced open mandates to show to their buyers first, before showing their properly priced sole mandated Atlantic Beach, Melkbosstrand or Big Bay properties, to make them look more attractive.

Remember, buyers buy by comparison.

No mandate, no motivation. Why would an agent spend all of his time, effort and money for no reward at the end of the day?

For me, networking is the best reason for giving a sole mandate. Because that sole agent will network your property to other agencies and agents, and invite them to bring their qualified buyers to view your property. That sole agent will then split the commission respectively with those other agents.

For further information on Property in Melkbosstrand, contact Team Broekhuizen on 083 410 7898.

Clive and Anna Broekhuizen both live and work on Atlantic Beach Golf Estate – ‘we live in paradise’. They have been bestowed numerous awards in their RE/MAX career. For more Big Bay Properties, Property in Melkbosstrand and Atlantic Beach Real Estate, go to or contact Team Broekhuizen on 083 410 7898.

Doheny Estates: Improve Selling Power



Price plays a huge role in whether your home in the Doheny Estates area will sell. You want to ask a fair price, yet you do not just want to give it away. Unfortunately, many people in the housing market today feel as if they are just giving away their homes because it is a buyer’s market, which is not at all friendly towards sellers. Your best bet in order to set a price that is appropriate is to look at homes that are similar to yours and see what price they have sold for. This gives you a nice starting point. Take into consideration if your house has anything unique about it, such as custom flooring or a hand carved mantel piece. These types of luxuries mean that your house is worth more. The best thing that you can do to find a reasonable asking price for your home is to get it appraised by a professional. These people will be able to tell you exactly what your home is worth and tell you what you should expect to get out of it once it does sell.


To ensure that your home is more appealing to buyers, you must have all those little problems that you have dealt with repaired. For example, a leaky faucet may be something that you pay no mind to, however, a potential buyer will see this and automatically offer you a price that is lower than your asking price because there is a problem. Or, in the worst case scenario, the buyer simply walks away because there are tons of other fish in the sea, which is completely true. You want to ensure that this does not happen to you, so take the extra time to go over your house with a fine tooth pick and fix anything and everything.


To improve your selling power you will also want to use a real estate agent that knows what he or she is doing. This means that you want a seasoned professional who has sold houses in the area before. This improves your chances of selling because the real estate agent understands what it takes to make a sale in the area. Look around in the area at houses that have sold and find out who their real estate agent was, chances are that they could be successful in selling your home as well.


Selling your home in the Dohney Estates area may take time, and you may feel like giving up, but remember it is a market geared towards buyers so be realistic about the time frame that your house will be on the market.






Luis Pezzini

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