Selling on Craigslist – Words to Avoid is an online classified website where you can make money selling just about anything under the sun. However, lots of items don’t sell that should have. In most cases, the seller was asking too much money or they didn’t include a picture, but sometimes it has to do the words or phrases used. So, what should you avoid?

Avoid: Custom

Even if your dining room table really is custom (and this means it didn’t come from Wal-Mart or Ikea), no one cares. To all Craigslist buyers, it is just another dining room table. You might have paid $ 1,000 more, but it is no different than the other hundred tables listed.

Avoid: Modern

Modern is a phrase we all view differently. Seriously, old people may consider something from the 80s as modern. College students, well they tend to think modern is something released two months ago. Basically, what is truly modern is up for debate, so just avoid it.

Avoid: Unique

Many of us automatically consider unique to be out of the ordinary or ugly. Unique gets you know here, so don’t use the phrase. Moreover, don’t try replacing the word custom with unique because it doesn’t work. Being unique doesn’t add value; it just decreases the size of your buying pool.

Avoid: Fabulous, Spectacular, and Marvelous

I can guarantee you that whatever you are selling on Craigslist is none of things. A lightening storm is spectacular, not your collection of old movies. Interested buyers think three different things when they hear these phrases. One, you are on drugs. Two, you are out of your mind. Three, you are trying to justify overcharging them.

Avoid: Cool

Cool is a phrase is that way too overused. Just like modern, it has a lot of different interpretations. You may think your Blu-Ray DVD of Spiderman is “cool,” but everyone else could care less. Better yet, never (under any circumstances) try and spell cool kewl. This is a million times worse. You better show a picture of what you are selling and let shoppers decide for themselves if it is cool.

These are just a few of the phrases you should avoid using on Craigslist. Basically, you want to use simple words to describe the item you are selling. Most importantly, upload a picture. If you have a sellable item, the picture will speak for itself.

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CHP Exam Strategies

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) written exam will demand that you show you have certain acquired knowledge in writing and reading comprehension, plus the skills necessary to apply that knowledge correctly.

The first portion, the Writing Skills Test measures clarity, vocabulary, and spelling.  Seems pretty straightforward — identify clearly written sentences, choose words that match the meaning of other words, and choose correctly spelled words.  These three sections all contain multiple choice questions — piece of cake, right?

Wrong!  Before you even begin to study for this test, you need to train yourself to focus on each task, each question, as you come to it.  Multiple choice questions can lure you into scanning mode — reading the question quickly and scanning your choices for a quick response.  Do not fall into this mental trap.  Scanning means we look for key words or phrases that would normally trigger a correct answer to a dilemma or problem.  However, in this case, the test makers use this generalized approach to intelligence gathering against you by offering answers that, at first glance, appear to be correct.  A closer look though reveals that an important qualifying word is missing — and the answer is wrong.

You can boost your score on the Writing Clarity section by studying the elements of writing that qualify statements and sentence information, such as modifiers, references, and sentence boundaries.  If you are shaking your head again, you need to find a study guide that will explain these qualifiers, teach you how to identify them with confidence, and provide you with practice questions.

The Vocabulary section is simple and to the point.  Choose the word with the meaning that is closest to the underlined word in the test sentence.  This portion of the test relies most on your acquired knowledge — the vocabulary you are already familiar with and use regularly — and studying consists mostly of refreshing that knowledge.  Since a dictionary isn’t exactly light reading, a better preparation would be to find and use CHP written practice tests.  If you hit a brick wall question, use each of the answer choices in the same test question/sentence and go with the one that makes sense to you.  If two words seem to be options, try to determine what the difference is between those two words first; then try using each in the test sentence.  One will sound clearer to you than the other — this is your answer choice.

The Spelling section demands concentration and staying on target.  While this may seem the easiest to some test-takers, it is also the section that trips up the overconfident.  You are tired, stressed, have pored through sentences and word meanings, and now all you have to do is pick the right spelling of one word in a sentence.  The simplicity of it can be deceptive. You may have the tendency to relax, to fall into scanning mode, or to not follow through completely on marking your answer.

This is not the time to let up your concentration!  Take a few deep breaths to oxygenate and refresh yourself, and then dive into this section. Focus on the sentence first, and then the spelling choices. Make your correct choice decision, focus on the letter assigned to your answer, and ensure that this is the letter you mark on your test scoring sheet.

Nothing is worse than missing a score because although you knew the right spelling, you lost your focus at the last moment and marked down the wrong letter.

The key failure phrase throughout the first portion of the written test is:  you lost your focus. 

Replace that phrase with:  you never lost your focus — and enjoy the sweet taste of success!

Hundreds and hundreds of applicants fail the CHP Officer written exam each year. Can you afford to be one of them? To learn how to ace the CHP Exam visit… CHP Exam Preparation

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Finding And Using Income Protection Quotes

The General Idea Of The Policy
Income protection insurance is helpful to have, because it will give a person money that they can use, like income if he or she should lose their job. The economy in the world is not very stable. Losing a job could come abruptly and unexpectedly, and it could happen to anyone. It does not even seem to matter anymore how long a person has been working for the same company. If the company needs to cut costs, they may have no choice but to fire or lay off workers from all different levels within the company structure. This can lead to some very trying financial times. People may have to sell their homes, their cars, and anything else that they can no longer afford. They may have to seriously downgrade their life in order to live off of their savings. Other people do not have very much in the way of saving and will be unable to live without a job to help them feed their families. They need a policy that will pay them money if they lose their job. They need it even if they have to scrape together the money to pay for the policy. There is no other way to achieve total financial security.

How Quotes Can Help
Income protection quotes can be helpful, because they can provide someone with a base to start from. The person can look at the quotes and attempt to decide just how much they are willing and able to pay every month to feel safe and secure in a financial sense. Once they have done that, they can look at the return that they will get if they do lose their job and feel the stress just come up off of their shoulders. They may have to invest money in the policy that they would rather hold onto, but it will all be worth it if the policy pays out and they find themselves moving along comfortably while they search for another job.

Finding Information Online
Looking for information on the internet is very wise because it allows for a lot of information to be gathered all to one place. A person can find many different quote amounts and can also see exactly what different policies are able to offer both in terms of payment plans and total benefits. Before starting any search, people would be doing themselves a favor to have an idea of what they would need and what they could pay; this can then be matched to the policies.

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Finding New Car Sales

There are many flaws in the public transportation system. If you are not into commuting using public transport, the best option will be is to buy a new car. This is the point where you will have to ask yourself, whether you should buy a new car or simply settle for a pre-owned one. This is an age old debate that many potential buyers face when deciding if they should look to purchase a new car. After all new car sales are more expensive than pre-owned ones. However, before you begin to go back and forth with this argument, take a look at the most important factor which is price.

When finding new car sales, there are new deals that come up almost every day. Automotive companies are constantly promising new deals with new cars which are safer to drive. If you are looking to buy a new car there are an endless number of options out there. However, in order to benefit from new car sales and make the best choice there are several factors to be taken into consideration.

When finding new car sales one of the top things you should do is to research the car sales market. Spend some time browsing through new car models and look at car magazines that advertise various car models along with prices each week. Automotive magazines always point to finding new car sales and best car deals. Look at all the safety features and ensure that the money you will be spending on a new car is well worth it. One of the best places to look for new car sales is on the internet. The internet promotes several automotive websites which offer new car deals, sometimes even slashing down the price.

You can also look at the features of the car you would like to own. This is one way you can decide on the model that you would like to be driving around. Several cars may have similar features you are looking for. The next step to buying a new car is to see which car would suit your budget the most. You have now come to the point where you have sufficient knowledge on new cars in the market and what you are really interested in. The final step is to visit one of these new car sales and have a chance to actually see the cars in person.

When finding new car sales the best option would be is to visit the store and have a salesman knowledgeable in cars assist you. Remember that prices quoted at car dealerships are always negotiable. After all there is a profit margin that car sales retain upon selling a car. There is a distinction between the actual price of the car and the price they quote you. You can negotiate on that difference which ranges between ten and twenty percent. Generally, car deals that you will find difficult to negotiate on are the ones that attract a lot of interest by many potential buyers. The more people are interested in a car model, the less the discount will be. Jus keep in mind that buying a new car entails additional cost such as taxes and registration. So take your own time in determining the best new car deal.

There are always new cars for sale coming on to the market. A good way to look out for new car sales is to visit different online car sales websites.

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Suggestions To Help Small Freight Carriers Manage Freight Quotes

– Brad Hollister, Freight Access

Although all carriers operate differently, the negotiation of freight rates has many similarities and differences between large commercial freight carriers and smaller indepdent trucking companies. Many small carriers operate under the assumption that a large carrier has more negotiating leverage than a small carrier, and to a degree that’s true if you consider the following:

Typically, large freight carriers have a good number of resources available to make informed decisions. Most significant carriers have a pricing department, long standing shipper and freight broker relationships, market data, capability to turn down freight along with can provide volume pricing discounts. These big freight carriers (over ten trucks) have tremendous advantages when negotiating freight yet only make up 75% of the marketplace . Utilizing the tips below small freight carriers will be able to compete with larger freight carriers during the next request for pricing proposal made by your shippers and supply chain managers.

– Better understand your operation expenditures. There are many operating costs to be considered when establishing your price. Trucker pay, Fuel Costs, Taxes, Insurance Costs, Maintenance allowances, office expenses, default or factoring fees and also significantly much more. In order to obtain a healthy profit, these operation costs are to be kept in mind. Fuel is the great fluctuator, so ensure that you understand in impact that freight diesel has on your company. Know your operating cost per mile (annual expenses divided by annual miles driven) and your fuel costs per mile so that you are to have clear idea of your expenditures.

– Establish relationship with clients. Make sure that you search for accounts which will aid to deliver profitable freight. An account which constantly tries to take advantage of you or pays late is not worth having. It is important that a healthy relationship is built which benefits both parties. If an logistics broker, manufacturer, or supply chain manager is challenging to work with or pays freight bills slowly, do not be afraid to quit conducting business with that shipper. Cutting accounts lose when they are not performing will make sure that you are spending your time working for only profitable customers. This starts by letting shippers know exactly just what you expect from them along with understanding your pricing policies as well as minimum profit expectations.

– Build a rock solid reputation. In everything that you do make sure that you are attaining 100% customer satisfaction. By making positive that you can easily exceed expectations, you can soon develop a solid recognition which should help to grow your business and provide a service that shippers are comfident in. Frequently customers determine to hire smaller carriers because of the freight shippers or third party logistics firms may have customized shipping objectives. As a tiny freight provider you are able to provide customized services which may aid you to win business which is not able to be attained by larger carriers. If a small carrier provides features or services which go beyond typical carrier responsiblities, make sure that the driver and trucking company is being paid for these services.

– Turn down freight shipments which cause you to lose money. It starts with understanding your costs, but make sure that you are able to refuse freight shipments which cause you to lose money. All successful freight carriers know when to pass on freight shipments which would cause them to lose money.

– Identify top lanes and freight lanes which pay more money. Making use of numerous tools inside the marketplace such as the Lane Pricing Tools of Freight, may make certain that you might be not under-charging clients in specific lanes as well as are protecting your minimum profit margins. Freight Access has utilized tens of thousands of freight bills to develop its market rate base for accurate pricing in almost any lane.

The North American Trucking Marketplace has encountered a number of hardships throughout the last year. The future suggests that more difficulties are a head for freight carriers. It is important to adhere to these types of fundamental enterprise principles of prosperous trucking companies to ensure that your freight operations are effective as well as able to produce an income, instead of lose money.

Brad Hollister is an Seasoned Logistics Executive with Freight Access (Brad Hollister). along with Director of Enterprise Development for Freight Access, Inc. Hollister has a interest for Enterprise Development by way of innovation, process improvement, as well as implementation of the most current technology. Feel totally free to contact him with virtually any inquiries, opportunities, or suggestions or (312) 450-3020.

Freight Access

Interpreting Reported Earnings Quoted By Small Business Seller

If it’s true, as commonly believed, that small business owners tend to be creative individuals, one of the expressions of this talent can be found in the way they calculate the adjusted net earnings they receive from their businesses.

Seasoned business brokers often have difficulty coming up with an accurate earnings figure when analyzing the records of a company going on the market. Their challenge is to determine how much a new owner is likely to earn, based on the current level of gross revenues and the expenses actually needed to generate that income.

If accurately calculating the “bottom line” is hard for someone skilled in this field, imagine the difficulties faced by a real estate licensee with a background in home sales, who is called on to list a small California business opportunity for sale. It’s easy to understand how real estate professionals lacking experience in analyzing businesses records, can be misled by a seller into advertising an exaggerated earnings figure for a business offering.

But the agent or broker will soon get an education–the hard way–about the importance of determining and stating the correct figures. That education will begin when the broker goes back to the seller for more information, after a buyer–relying on initial profit statements–discovers in due diligence that there is no way to substantiate the profits claimed.


The first thing for a new business broker to understand about an earnings statement is the calculation of Earnings Before Taxes, Interest, Depreciation and Amortization. The seller’s books will probably show each of these T-I-D-A items as expenses, deducted from the gross profit figure along with other fixed costs, before conducting the final calculation of earnings.

An accepted accounting protocol is to assume that these TIDA expenses will vary, depending on the way each buyer wants to manage the financial side of his or her business. And because these “variable” expenses do not represent costs absolutely necessary to conduct business, the common practice is to add the TIDA expenses to the “bottom line” figure to arrive at the seller’s earnings. And this figure should be properly explained as EBTIDA.


The cost of a legal settlement with a disgruntled former employee or with an unhappy customer who has some kind of claim, is an example of a non-recurring, or one-time expense. So is the cost of an expensive capital equipment item that was purchased from the business’s ready cash in a single year. As these expenses are not going to be incurred by the new owner, it is fair, when analyzing the seller’s Profit and Loss Statement, to add the amount of these non-recurring costs to the bottom line.

The buyer may have other one-time costs once the business has changed hands, and will treat them however he or she sees fit for bookkeeping purposes. But any non-recurring costs listed by the seller can legitimately be considered as if the dollar values associated with them are part of the seller’s earnings.


It is common for the owner to have his company pay personal vehicle costs because he uses the car while conducting business, and for an owner to consider it the responsibility of the business to provide her with health insurance, and for an owner to carry a family member on the payroll, even though that person only does occasional, part-time work for the company. These represent business expenses which incidentally, also provide benefit to the owner. And as these are items charged to the business at the discretion of the owner, it is an accepted practice to assume a new owner will not incur the same expenses, and to add these costs to the seller’s earnings figure.

Memberships in social/business organizations, such as country clubs and fraternal societies, subscriptions to periodicals and internet services, and other discretionary “business” costs might also be considered “add backs” when determining seller’s earnings.

An inexperienced broker listing a business and wanting to enter an owner earnings figure that is correct, and can be logically explained, will benefit by carefully questioning the seller on each item “added back.”

But there is no substitute for having worked with these expense entries in the past and knowing from experience, how to calculate seller’s actual earnings.

Peter Siegel, Founder & President of and BizBen Network of business buyers, sellers, business brokers, advisors. A nationally recognized author (3 books and syndicated small business blog) and expert consultant. If you’re selling a business, need professional assistance with high performance advertising, marketing, highly effective strategies, or individual customization with BizBen Power Search options, contact him at 866-270-6278.

Sales Training Goals

Sales training goals can be a behavioural change or increasing the performance. Usually most sales people apply their techniques, wisdom in the old manner, and they abandon the real live practical training and skills through which they can genuinely get benefits. Sales training goals must be directed to produce some changes in the behaviour of your sales people.

Your company’s entire management team from top executive to a manager needs to apply some amount of commitment for sales training. The real techniques and new skills, which you teach in the sessions to your sales people, must be applied in practical sessions repeatedly in order to achieve the goal. Any executive or top management team must repeat the new skills in their daily conversation with any member of sales team in order to accomplish the goal. If you communicate the new skills and technique on a regular basis, your sales people will undoubtedly try to adapt those skills and techniques in their routine life. Hence, you can achieve the sales training goal without mush hassle.

The new approach, which your sales people will start following, must be conveyed in such a way that they believe that it will not fade away with the time and hence, will become a part of their sales culture. You must design training curriculum to achieve behavioural change.

If you want to achieve your sales training goals, you need to follow some basic rules. To transform your sales people behaviour, techniques and skills in order to achieve the goals, you need to set some manageable goals that can be realistic enough to be achieved by your sales people. Most of the time, it happens that you fill them with various responsibilities, and there seems to be a large list of to do note which shows that you want enough goals to be achieved at the same time. This makes them bewildered in order to complete the task and achieve the goal, hence set the manageable number of goals in your sales training.

You must clearly define the goals for achieving them thoroughly. Most of the companies fail when they try to achieve goal which is not clearly understood by their sales people. Hence, clearly mention, such as what this week needs to be done, what you want to achieve till the coming month, and what events are necessary. This will help your sales team to understand what they particularly want to achieve instead of just advising them to achieve success and amount of dollars.

Make your sales training well planned as this will affect in achieving the goals. You sales training must be well planned which can give effective ideas to your sales people. A well planned routine training can establish the goal more effectively than the training which happens just after appraisals for pointing out the weak points.

Set your trust in your sales team. It is highly essential to set the trust in the people whom you are training you need to guide them properly, and hence you need to trust on them so that they can honestly work out the outcome in a positive manner. In this way, your sales training goal can be achieved.

You must keep altering your goals because assessment is extremely necessary to determine whether the goals are producing the results or not. Hence, to achieve the sales training goals, you need to do lots of hard work because ultimately you want the success of your business and that can not be possible without team motivation.

We recently engaged a company offering sales training Melbourne and they have given us some good ideas to help increase sales for our business. Their small business sales training service was customised to suit our needs.

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Pharmaceutical Sales Reps

Pharmaceutical sales jobs come within the paradigm of healthcare industry.  The pharmaceuticals include many subdivisions like the biopharma, biotech, med delivery etc. it is not too hard to get into this industry but sure requires some qualifications and skills for the entry and for sticking along.

The pharmaceutical sales reps are required to deal with a variety of potential customers and customers. They can vary from pharmacists, doctors, physicians etc. They need to contact the drug stores, the pharmacies, the hospital pharmacies, different nursing homes, variety of therapists and specialists of other kinds.

Specialization can also be there in pharmaceuticals sales rep jobs where the reps are required to contact specific categories of medical professionals like dentists, oncologists, urologists, pediatricians, departments of veterinary sciences, internal medicine etc. another way of their categorization for work is to divide them according to the kind of drugs they would sell.

Pharmaceutical sales work representatives are required to be qualified with a 4 years- bachelor’s degree in any stream but preferably science. Previous experience in sales also counts. The experience could be in any sales sector- it could be business, telecom, consumer services or pharmaceuticals itself. Some companies prefer if the record does not reflect too many job changes.

Again they also check how long have you been sticking along with your previous employment- 12-15 months is often preferred. The experience records should be well documented with information regarding the previous sales that has been made by the potential employee and the track record needs to make you sound successful. For this some tips on resume building could be consulted.

The company that one is going to opt for should be related to the kind of disease or problem you have interest in and some pre-existing knowledge in. A search on the internet should give a fair list of companies who are currently advertising for the vacancies. Information about pharmaceutical sales rep job opportunities are all over the internet.

The applicant needs to screen out some companies among them that offer the kind of job on is looking for. Some may like selling products relating to surgeries, some may like those needed for general physicians, some others may like the supplies of orthopedics or pediatricians or urologists etc.

One could use their social network to land with a job. One could find the company alumni community in a social networking site, strike up a conversation and built a relation so that the person could help the applicant to get introduced to the company. Or one could also approach a pharmacist or therapist, or physician or dentist that one knows well and ask them to introduce one to the pharma rep they know.

Pharmaceutical sales reps can get paid well provided they have the right kind of qualification and experience. The more they make sales and the better they are at reaching the set targets, the more commission would get into their lap. The companies offer benefits such as housing, insurance, travel, vacations etc. but most of all social skills of communication, persuasion etc are needed to build new customer base as well as maintain the old customer relations.

Silas Reed, Writer for SellingCrossing, writes articles that inform and teach about different selling job profiles.  Please visit and sign up for a FREE trial to gain access to ALL of the many exclusive job listings we offer in the selling profession.

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Fitness Sales Will Save Itself

In today’s economy where everything is becoming more expensive and more people are losing their jobs, fitness sales is one of the few things that will not go down without a fight. Even in the current state of some people, looking good and being healthy is still a number one priority. As they say, you can never put a price tag on your health since you only get one shot in life. That being said, you need not worry if you are marketing gym memberships and the like since it is still a need despite what other people might say. Yes, it isn’t in the three basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter, but it is next in line. Being able to hit the gym and keep your body in top physical shape can benefit any person in the long run.

Being able to hit the gym, men and women are able to maintain and tone their bodies. For some, it is more of an aesthetic thing. For others however, it is more of a health thing. This is especially true for guys and girls who are suffering from obesity or who are overweight. Regularly working out is one of the most important things for these people to improve the state of their bodies.

On the other hand, there are those who need to maintain their body for their jobs. This is the case with actors, actresses and models. They need to look good in order to land contracts and earn money. To do that, they need their gym membership.

With a high demand, fitness sales will not simply die down. Yes, there could be more people who are hesitant but you can be assured that one way or the other, you still have a very large market when it comes to gym memberships.

Elle Wood recommends Fitness Sales and Health Club Management experts, Fitness Marketing Group, to help get your gym or fitness center back on track and profitable. Contact them today.

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Winning Strategies

Nothing is impossible for an individual with a definite purpose and determination to accomplish it. Odds, obstacles , hardships and effects of sacrifice really do not matter.

Life is no easy job; it is not a bed of roses but a crown of thorns. There are countless difficulties. There are troubles at every turn. But there is one will which we make man ready to overcome by this troubles and difficulties i.e. “To Win” in each and sphere of life. If we keep working willingly and gladly , definitely we win achieve the ultimate goal.

First step of winning is to be successful. Firstly determine what your real aspirations and goal. Stick your aim with single minded concentration have faith and begin the work. The surest way to ensure your success is to have an aim or a goal , that interest you and for which you would very hard.

“Success is the progressive realization of a worth goal”

For achieving winning position one should kept following things in mind. All this are responsible to achieve ultimate goal or to gain success through winning strategies:-

A person should know the winning edge.
Overcome obstacles: It is well said that “A smooth sea never made a skill mariner. Everything is easy but before it, it’s difficult.
Every success story is also a story of great failure : First stair of success is failure. If we see the history many great achievers and discovers failed in their work but by hard work they were able to achieved. Thomas Edison experimented 10000 times while inventing electric bulb.
Desire and commitment: win requires commitment.
Hard work – There is no substitute of hard work.

The average person puts only 25% of his energy into his work. The world takes off its hat to those who put in more that 50% of their capacity and stands on its head for those few for between souls devote 100%.

Pride of Performance: If a men is called to be street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michelangelo painted or Beethoven composed music , or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say here lived a great street sweeper who did job well.

Everyone has dream to win but my friends dreams are just a mirror which tells us what we want to become in our life and what we want to get from life. These don’t come true by themselves, we have to make them reality by our efforts and deeds to fulfill our dream require hard work and determination. All we can say is where there is a will there is a way If we want to win we can easily find the path and achieve everything. Perseverance is the best step to achieve any excellence. It is wisely say that climbing to the top is not a walk over but a walk up in order to attain our object. Motivate your life ad try to build the ladder by which you can rise straight up to your respective goals. Thus do one thing at a time and if done well is wisdom’s proven for sure success.

“Everyone has a will to win but very few have the will to prepare to win”

Vince Combardi

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