Sales Leadership Training – Sales Training on How to Get an Ocean of Referrals

by TomD.

One of the reasons why sellers and business owners take advantage of expensive sales leadership trainings is because they want to boost their sales and revenue and grow their business by up to a hundredfold. In this article, I will help you reach these goals for free.

The key to boost your sales is to bring in more customers. Aside from aggressive marketing campaign, you can also achieve this by creating a golden chain of referrals where your customers will refer you to other people who might be interested on what you offer.

How can you get your customers to recommend you to their colleagues, friends, and family members. Well, the answer to this is very simple; treat them right and make them feel like a star. Let me give you an example; One of my clients who owns a coffee shop did not want to spend money on his advertising campaign decided to use his current customers to get the word out about his business for free. What he did is he filled his shop with reading materials that are interesting to his target market. He hired more personnel who will greet his customers and attend to their every need. He also invented a “free coffee day” and hosted a party for his loyal customers at the end of the month. He treated his customers as friends and family members. As his customers were extremely happy with his service, promotions, and products, they were more than happy to refer him to all the people they know. This has resulted to enormous sales and revenue.

If you want to follow his footsteps, here are the things that you need to do:

1. Treat your customers as stars. Give them everything they need and more. Make them feel how much you value their business by giving them 100% satisfaction. Think of products or services that will meet their needs and demands. Lastly, go out of your way to make sure that they will feel like royalties.

2. Ask for referrals. Talk to your customers one-by-one and ask for people that they know of who might be interested on what you sell. Ask them if they can recommend you to 2-3 people. Then, ask them if they’ll be willing to call these people in your behalf. If you were able to make these people happy each time they do business with you, I am pretty sure that they will not mind calling these people at all.

3. Reward your customers. Send these people with flowers or free products each time they were able to bring business to your doorstep. This will motivate them to look for more people who might be interested in buying from you.

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed a brand new free guide.

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The Best Ways to Get More Sales From Every One of Your Click Bank Products

You have to ensure that your site’s sales page is effective because otherwise people won’t have any motive to purchase from you. The whole point of having a product on Clickbank is to sell it, right? Thus, no matter how much traffic you generate for your site, it matters very little if your sales copy is not effective and doesn’t generate conversions. The majority of Clickbank vendors have the impression that all they have to do is provide people with a solution to their problems and their product will fly off the proverbial shelf. That’s all okay, but how will your prospect be convinced that your product actually does all that? You have to show your prospects what’s in it for them and tell them about all the benefits they derive out of buying your product and why they need to action right away.

Remember that the Internet gives people a wide array of choices when they are looking out to buy a product which means that if you have to beat the competition then you should know how to convince them with a worthy sales letter. You should be spending a fair bit of time writing your sales page to make sure it is effective or if you aren’t up to the task you should outsource it since the one thing you absolutely don’t want to be doing is ignoring it. Your sales page shouldn’t be promoting anything else other than the product in question and should definitely not include links to other products. You don’t want your prospective clients confused, since you want to increase your sales.

The idea is give people who come to your sales page only two choices, either to buy the product or to leave. Your conversions will drop if you find yourself marketing a number of different products on the same sales page. Providing your prospects with choices is a good thing but not on your sales page. When you look at all the successful products on Clickbank you’ll notice that all of them have a dedicated sales page promoting one single product. You need to make the decision making easy for your visitors by showing them why they should go for this one product. The smart way to go about it is to put up dedicated sales pages for each different product you are promoting.

Make sure that you take any AdSense ads off your sales page. You will only end up annoying your affiliates because no one wants to work at promoting a product that doesn’t have a dedicated sales page, which means you will lose more money than the few cents you might make every time someone clicks on the ad. You don’t want to use these ads on your sales page because they will distract prospects and lower your conversion rate. It should now be apparent how important it is to separate your product from all the others competing against it.

It’s important to focus on your product, but also on all the elements that go into promoting and selling your product, such as your sales page.

Great SEO strategies are important if you are to rank well in the search engines and get more free information from now.

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Ways to Defeat the Terror of Selling

Almost all people hate selling. I myself used to hate it, too. But as businessmen, we always have to sell things. We can not choose. Hence, the problem is how can we defeat the selling terror?


Sell a Great Product

This might sound like an obvious answer, but it’s not. Unless you have an amazing product that you really believe in, calling someone to sell it to will always be hard.


Understand What Rejection Really Is

Have you ever walked into a store, a salesperson asked you if they could help in any way and you said, “no, thank you. I’m just looking.”? This happens all the time. It doesn’t mean you don’t like the salesperson; it just means that at that given time you didn’t need or want that given product. That’s what rejection is. It’s not personal. Some people want your stuff and others don’t. You don’t buy everything that is offered to you, so don’t expect your prospect to do it.


Be an Adviser, not a Seller

A seller would try to sell you something whether or not your need it. An adviser, on the other hand, will answer your questions and make a recommendation based on what he thinks you need. If you think as a seller, you’ll be thinking about the outcome (the sale) and you’ll forget about your customer needs. If you think as an adviser, you’ll realize that your customers have questions and you’re there to help them. This takes a lot of pressure of the buyer’s shoulders because he doesn’t feel you’re trying to sell him anything (believe me, people can smell a seller a mile away).


The funny part is that the harder you try to sell, the fewer sales you’ll make. I know this because I’ve experienced it myself several times. When I started to think of myself as a helper instead of as a seller, my sales increased immediately.


Liberate Yourself from the Outcome

The wrong way to think about sales is this: “If I closed the deal, it was a great call. If I didn’t close it, it was a bad call.” This is not true. Sometimes very motivated buyers will buy from you even when you do a terrible job. Sometimes a client really wants your product but he needs his partner’s approval and that’s why you didn’t close today. Focus on delivering value and helping your clients; sales will follow.


Get Rid of Excuses

We all have the perfect excuses not to call people: “my phone’s reception isn’t good here”, “he’s probably at lunch now”, “it’s the end of the month so I’m sure she’s really busy today”, “I don’t know where I put her phone number”, etc.


What you need to do is identify the excuses you give yourself and do something to eliminate them. For example, if your phone’s reception is not good where you are, you know that you need to be somewhere else (a quiet place with good reception) to call people. You should go there after lunch so lunch excuses can’t stop you. You should get a good phone with unlimited minutes and store all your contacts there.


There you go. Now you have run out of valid excuses. So, start calling your prospects and remember that your mission is to help them. If they need your product, they’ll buy it. Otherwise, they won’t. Either way, calling people is what you think it is. If you think it’s the world’s most awful nightmare, then that’s what’s going to be. If you think talking to others is fun, that’s exactly how you’re going to feel. Now pick up the phone, help some people and have some fun.


Zeke Camusio
The Outsourcing Company – Creative Web Design Agency
(1)877-581-3921 (Available 24/7)

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Consider The Costs Before Looking At Funeral Insurance Quotes

A common concern that many people have is the fear that they will pass a financial burden on to their children or spouse when they die. There are several reasons that this could happen, but one reason is simply the costs of the burial or the funeral itself. This means that one of the best ways that an individual can help protect their family is by signing up for funeral insurance. In this way, an individual will not need to be concerned about the possibility that their family will end up spending a great deal of money on a funeral when it isn’t necessary.

This particular type of policy is similar to life insurance in that it is offers a payment to a deceased person’s loved ones when they die in order to reduce their financial burden. Unlike life insurance, however, the funds are given to the family specifically for the purposes of paying for a funeral. People almost always have the option of signing up for this type of coverage, regardless of their age or their condition of health.

Despite all of this, it is important for people who are thinking about signing up for a policy to realize that the coverage and costs of the policies can vary quite drastically depending on the company that they choose to work with. The requirements of the plan can vary quite a bit as well. For example, there are many plans which require their applicants to undergo a health exam before a plan can be set up. At the same time, there are many plans which do not require this.

The total cost of a funeral can vary quite dramatically, so it is important to ensure that the coverage makes sense for a particular individual’s needs. In addition to the cost of the funeral, it is also important to estimate the cost of any bills that the family may have to pay.

All of this information should be accumulated before an individual starts looking at funeral insurance quotes. This is vital, because the policy simply will not be effective if it doesn’t cover all of the costs. While it might sound somewhat morbid, it may be a good idea for an individual to make some or all of the arrangements while they are still alive. The reason for this is not only that it allows a price to be determined, but that it frees the family from the burden of having to go through all of this alone.

If you are interested in income insurance or seniors insurance, be sure to visit Real Insurance.

Get Free Security Quotes From National Alarm Companies

Are you worried about the security of your home? Burglary has become a common activity these days. Whether you are at home or not at home you need to make sure that your home is safe and secure. But how can you protect your home from these burglars?

Previously people had no ways to make proper safety arrangements before leaving their home but now with the help of the home alarm, systems you can surely avoid any kind of harmful activity. The alarm system will help you protect your belongings as well as your family members from the intruders.

It has been found in a research that at least 2 million burglaries tale place each year in the United States. In most of the cases the target of these burglars are the residential homes.

This is the reason why you can install the home alarm, system, for monitoring, your house. There are certain companies which can provide you with some of the best home alarms. But like every other object the home alarm systems has its pros and cons.

This is the reason why it is always better to go through the home alarm systems review before you choose one for your home. The first advantage of the alarms is that it provides constant security to your home as well as your family members.

The home alarm system which is constantly monitoring is always better for the safety of your family. Other than the security of the objects it is also important to ensure the security of the family members especially when they are at home. Installing the home alarm system can surely give you some peace of mind.

You can go through the system reviews on the internet. People who have already used this product can help you with proper details regarding this monitoring system. They can also help you find out which are the best home alarm systems companies available these days.

There are different kinds of systems available these days. There is an alarm which will help you to detect an intruder when the alarm is on. The other type of alarm available will detect if there is a sudden change of temperature in a room.

Whichever alarm system you buy will notify any kind of unnecessary activities. There are certain things to consider while purchasing these alarms. The home alarm system reviews will surely give you some idea about the best home alarm present in the market.

Though these alarms have lots of advantages still there are some problems related to this. One of the major problems is the cost. There are lots of people who are unable to afford these systems. The home alarm systems reviews are usually available for various companies that offer these systems.

If you search for these items on the internet then you can surely compare the prices quoted by these alarm companies. You just need to fill up a simple form to get free quotes from the national alarm companies.

Visit to get the best deal on home alarm systems.

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Simple Tricks On Selling Gold Jewelry

As you can see, gold price is very high today. Many people have thought of selling gold jewelry for cash. If you intend to do it, please consider what you have and know what it is worth before trying to sell your gold jewelry.


First you need to realize how much gold is in your jewelry. Most dealers base their pricing solely by the scrap metal value of your gold so it is worthwhile to look at the gold marking to determine carat weight. In most countries by law, the carat stamp is a requirement on any gold jewelry to be sold in stores and it is the first indication of the gold content in any gold jewelry coming from a reputable seller. Most items in the North American market would be marked 10k, 14k, 18k to show the purity of gold in a particular piece of jewelry. European standard is different and it is measured in parts per thousand and would be stamped 416, 585, 750. I will discuss what that means below.


If you have gold filled jewelry, electroplated jewelry or gold plated jewelry then in most cases it would not be worth to try and sell them for the gold content and most dealers will refuse buying this type of jewelry. The most common stamps for such items are GF (gold filled), GP (gold plated) and finally EGP (electro gold plated)


Gold karats are expressed in units of 24ths. Thus, pure gold is 24-karat or 100 percent gold, 18-karat is 75 percent gold, 14-karat is 58.5 percent gold (585 european stamp), 10-karat is 41.6 percent gold (416) and so on. The conversion is simple; divide the karat value by 24 to get the percentage of gold, ex: 10/24=0.416 and so on. The price of gold which we all see on TV is based on a troy ounce which is approximately 31.1 grams of pure 24K gold in standard exchange form such as bars or coins. If you are selling gold bars or coins, the spot price is what you should be aiming at but keep in mind that any offer from a dealer will always be slightly less than market value since the dealer has to make a profit.


Cash value for gold jewelry is much less than the appraised value and there are a few reasons for that. First of all, the appraised value of a jewelry piece includes the labour and the retail mark up of your gold jewelry since the appraisal is most likely done for insurance replacement costs of a particular piece. Retail mark ups on jewelry are astonishing and most people don’t realize that when they try to sell gold. The reason is simple; since jewelry is a luxury item and doesn’t go out of style, become obsolete or break down like an electronic item (stereo, tvs, etc), it often sits on display for months and even years before being sold at a retail store, and since every jewelry store has high overhead, jewelry is often marked up by as much as 600 percent to turn any profit. You have to assume unfortunately that the price offered for your gold jewelry will be much less than you paid for it. The value of gold constantly fluctuates and depends on many factors. Always check the current price before selling and take a note of it when shopping around for a quote.


My advice is to avoid mail in gold buyers. Most of these companies have a high overhead and advertising costs and you will lose some control when you mail in your jewelry since you can’t be there when your gold is checked and weighed. I have heard many complaints from my customers regarding such services and while they may be beneficial for someone who doesn’t have the time to shop around, such customers end up paying for this convenience of getting a check in the mail. Know what you are selling first if at all possible!!! Go to two or more dealers to get quotes. Most reputable dealers will be willing to tell you how much they will pay for your piece for free and with no obligations.


Ernest Marbar
Gold Lobby
372 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 1Y4

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Tips to Make Your Sales Letters, Web Pages and Promotions More Successful

How to structure your sales material is just as important as the content in it. If it doesn’t look appealing to read – they won’t read it.

And the things that make it appealing can be disturbing to many who are unfamiliar with direct response marketing.

For example…

1) Use a headline on everything you use for marketing your business. And not the form of headline you see all over the web… “Welcome To Our Home Page”. One like that will get your prospect more turned off than turned on. It says nothing about why they should keep reading. And online – you have 5 seconds to state your case and get them reading before they click away to the next site.

Strong compelling headlines on why they should keep reading…

Discover 5 Easy Ways to Turn Your Website Visitors into Buyers

Learn How to Turn Your Words into Wealth

Warning: If You Are About To Hire a Website Designer – Read This First

Are You Using Illegal Means To Capture New Clients? The Answer Will Surprise You! Read This First Before You Hear From A Lawyer.

And so on.

Headlines will make or break your success online or off… make sure you use them

2) After the headline start with a short, snappy lead that feeds off the headline. The headline is designed to get them to read the lead line – the lead line designed to get them to read the next line – and so on – and so on.


It’s true. Your website visitors are being wasted and there is a simple way to make them stay and get them buying.


Believe it or not… a single 3 word change on your web page can increase your sales by up to 470%.


You web designer and copywriters have put your company in a very dangerous legal situation.

Make it intriguing and promising a solution and they will keep reading.

A few other tips keep them reading…

Indent the first line of each paragraph

Double space between paragraphs

Use short paragraphs (even one sentence paragraphs)

Use spaces or gaps in the paragraph. When we talk – we pause. And it should be the same while reading. So use pauses in your writing as well to flow like we speak. You can use the – or… to indicate a pause. Use them as you would while speaking.

Read it out loud – if you stumble over certain words or structure – redo it until it flows.

Try changing your sales and marketing pieces using these techniques and test to see the results for yourself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

To your success,

Troy White

Troy White is a top marketing coach, consultant & direct response copywriter based in Calgary, Canada. He has a powerful approach to growing small businesses and entrepreneurial run ventures on a budget. His FREE Cash Flow Surges newsletter shares tons of great strategies at
He also publishes the incredibly powerful Cash Flow Calendar system that gives you daily, weekly and monthly marketing ideas to promote your business and stand out from the crowd. To get your free tips for growing your business, you can register at

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Private Jet Sales and You

You already spend 20 hours of every day working. You travel on business more than you travel to the local store, and the very last thing in the world you want to deal with is long security lines, grouchy and immutable security guards, invasive scanners, and those godawful “Please Remove Your Shoes” signs.  These things are an anathema—especially when your schedule keeps you always “cutting it close”.  What you want is to fly like you used to, with short lines, polite attendants, and the ability to relax.  Investing in a corporate jet for you or your company will allow you to avoid all of the hassles, delays, and general malaise of airline travel.

Purchasing a private jet is, however, a little trickier than say, buying a car.  You will most likely have to utilize private jet sales or jet brokers to find your aircraft.  After all, eBay is probably great for buying that signed Mickey Mantle card, but not exactly where you want to purchase your jet.  If Mickey Mantle doesn’t sign the Mickey Mantle card no one gets hurt.  If your jet hasn’t been maintained properly then you might as well fly JetBlue.

Using a jet broker takes the pain out of buying an airplane.  You don’t have to waste the time that you don’t have searching, inspecting, and haggling over the aircraft.  You don’t have to read through the private jet sales listings.  You simply pay someone else to do it for you.

Companies like L&L International are there to make this whole process as easy as buying a car, when, in fact, we all know its more like adopting a child.  They will take down your requirements, work with you to refine them in such a way as to meet your budget, and then procure the perfect lease or finance plan for the acquisition of the aircraft.  Your involvement consists of looking at pretty pictures, picking from them, and then signing the bill of sale.

Why continue to suffer through the indignity of the shoe removal and full body scanner, why continue to pay for abysmal service, and why wait in long security lines only to find out that your flight has been delayed because its sprinkling in Toronto?  Jet leases can be your ticket out of purgatory.

RW has been performing SEO and website consulting online since 1997, and specializes in Medical and Legal consulting online. For more information regarding Private Jet Sales please visit

Advantages Of Obtaining Car Insurance Quotes Online

Nowadays, you can already get car insurance quotes online. The best thing about it is that it is provided for free and you don’t have to stress yourself with getting a quotation because with just a few clicks, you will instantly get what you need. Some companies will provide this service with a corresponding fee. But, due to the tight competition in the market, a lot of providers are already giving the quotations for free. It’s one way of attracting clients to buy a premium.

If you just purchased a new car or you just got your first driver’s license, you better start choosing the policy that you should buy now. Remember that is it compulsory for all drivers to carry a policy with them. If you cannot procure a proof that you are insured, you could lose your license and your car registration because it just means that you do not have financial capability to maintain a policy for your vehicle.

To start with, you need to get a quotation from the policy providers. This is a very important step because it will help you a lot. The quotation is a summary of the information that you need to know before you insure yourself. It contains a lot of specifics so you will understand better a premium that is being offered to you by a provider of policy.

The items that you will see in the document includes: rate of premium, benefits, coverage, terms and conditions, etc. Knowing about these things will help you because it will guide you on making the right decision on which premium to choose. It can be difficult sometime to choose what you want because there are so many companies lining up and giving you different offers. But, if you will understand better what they are offering you, you will know what to choose.

If you are a practical buyer, you know that you don’t need any expensive premium. There are a lot of cheaper premiums out there that have great benefits. All you have to do is to look for such premiums in the market. For you to find it, you have to do some canvassing initially.

When you canvass, you use the quotations because it indicates the rate of the premium. If you are looking to get the cheapest policy, gather as many quotations as you can from different companies. You can compare the rates, the benefits and coverage you will get from each. Once you have found the right premium, you can now buy it.

Getting a cheap policy or getting a policy with a great deal are not the only advantages you get when obtaining car insurance quotes online. Another advantage is that it is easier and convenient to get because you just need a computer with internet connection. You just need to sit down, make some few clicks on your computer and you will instantly get a quote for free.

Get inside info on the advantages of obtaining car insurance quotes online now in our complete guide on the many ways to compare ins .

Expanding on Google Sniper – 5 Easy Strategies to Increase Your Google Rankings

 George Brown’s Google Sniper product launched on October 15 of 2009, and has been achieving a high volume of sales since its release.  It provides a start-to-finish system for creating websites to make money online.  Though this is not a Google Sniper review, I would like to cover a point that the system does not provide its readers with, and explain how you can plug this gap.

The foundation of Google Sniper involves picking low competition keywords, creating highly themed content with excellent on-page optimization, and pre-selling your visitors with a review or story.  As mentioned in my Google Sniper review, George goes into a great deal of detail on each of these topics.  However, the system revolves around the assumption that your chosen keyword’s level of competition is low enough that you will rank naturally without engaging in any link building.
As anyone with any experience in internet marketing can tell you, choosing keywords that accurately is not easy to do.  Often, a Google Sniper site made by a newbie will land on the second or third page of Google, which rarely sees enough traffic to get any sales.
So how do we fix this problem?
The easiest solution to this issue is to simply build links pointing to your site.  However, due to George’s aversion to link building, he only discusses this on a cursory level in Google Sniper.  As such, adopters of the system may have difficulty finding ideas for building links, so I’ve included a brief primer here.
1. Social Bookmarking:  George covers this well in Google Sniper.  It is worth noting that most bookmarks do not pass page rank due to the no-follow tag.
2. Link Wheels:  This is the process of creating blog posts on various Web 2.0 properties such as Blogger, Weebly, Vox, etc. with links pointing back to your site.  They are made into a “wheel” of link juice by linking each property to the next, until finally linking the last property to the first.
3. Profile Links:  Many high page rank sites allow users to create personal profiles on their site, and often include an area where you can place a link. and are good examples of this type of site.
4. Blog Commenting:  This involves seeking out relevant blogs and posting a comment, using your keywords for your name and placing the page you want to link back to in the URL field.  It is important when doing this to actually read the blog post and make an intelligent, relevant comment, otherwise the comment will most likely be deleted.
5. Article Submission:  Write high-quality articles and submit them to reputable article directories.  These directories will allow you to include a resource box at the end of the article where you can link back to your site.  In addition to providing you with a powerful link, article directories will often help you to generate additional traffic as they usually rank quite well in the search engines.
With the 5 techniques above, you should be able to boost your Google rankings significantly, even on competitive keywords.  With this knowledge, you’ve now filled the only major gap in the Google Sniper system


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