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Basic Principles of Sales

Sales 101
by caribb

It does not matter if you work in telesales, are a business owner or are about selling face-to-face, you need to remember and use the principles of sales. 


There is nothing worse than having the phone ring and someone read through a script to you or walking around an exhibition to have someone on a stand start gibbering straight at you. It is so impersonal.


I have jotted down a three tips I see as the basic of sales.


1 – Be human, remember people buy from people

Don’t talk in jargon or in corporate speak. It is actually just makes you look like you don’t know what you are talking about. Research has shown, according to Dr Robert Cialdini, that just by asking “how are you?” increases your chances of getting a sale significantly. Show you have a sense of humour and can be flexible. It makes you real and more authentic. People do not like dealing with robotic and rigid processes.


2 – Find out what they want first

I know so many people that dive straight in talking about how good the company is, or how qualified they are, and what they have been up to. The thing is, your prospects don’t actually care about you, they care about themselves first. You need to understand that in order to get a prospect onboard with you and to start trusting you, you need to show you understand where they are right now. You need to understand what their pain and frustration is at the moment. You need to understand what the answer to their prayers is, so that you can offer your services in a way that makes them “need” what you have.


3 – Give them what they want

Once you have established what your prospect “needs” you can then look at what you have to offer and repackage it according to what they want. For example say you offer a home study course that included a book, an audio and a video. You might think the video was the main selling point of the home study pack so you make that the focal point of your sales pitch. Your customer might however have mentioned they spend a lot of time in car and enjoy listening to audios. You should rearrange your offer to take this information into account. Give you customers what they actually need, not what you think they should want.


Sales doesn’t have to be more complicated than that. Yes there are a lot more tips and techniques you can use to improve your performance, but everything will feed back to these basic core principles of sales.


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SMB Channel strategy

The term SMB Channel is the latest buzz with large companies and their marketing departments. Everyone seems to have received a memo from their bosses asking them to sell more to the SMB channel. With that in mind, no one has asked why the small to medium business customer is suddenly such a focus? With the holiday shopping season coming up rapidly, many large companies are scrambling to offset their lack of growth from their other sales channels. They are leaning on the small to medium business customer in hopes that it may be a sales channel to save their year.


Most technology companies have focused on this small to medium business channel for years. In fact, they were possibly the first to systematically develop partners called value-added resellers that would solely focus on this tier of customers. The concept was established in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s whereby a hardware manufacturer would expand its distribution capabilities by leaning on business partners and their respective sales organizations. The strategy worked, as hardware and software manufacturers were able to capture revenues from the SMB channel. Additionally, it allowed Fortune 1000 and large companies to use their direct sales forces to market to other large companies or to government accounts. The VAR channels simply focused on the small to medium business channel in a manner that was perceived to be non-competitive and synergistic.


As the SMB channel grew and prospered, it quickly became apparent that it would require a three-prong approach and a dedicated strategy. First, large companies decided that the market was large enough to justify allocating a direct sales force to the small to medium business community. Second, marketing departments were funded to pursue a multi-channel approach to effectively reach the SMB target market. Third, key partnerships were established to ensure that the prospective customer heard about the product or service being sold multiple times from multiple sources. This all out offensive approach of marketing to the small to medium business community worked in the early years, but eventually needed to be refined.


In more recent years, marketing and product departments have shied away from a shotgun approach and instead have shifted their efforts to an approach tailored by vertical market, sub-markets, and geography. Additionally, they have crafted products and services that are very specific to the market so that the messaging and the value proposition resonate more with the SMB channel. Any example is that instead of marketing one product to every retailer, they have now segmented the retail vertical. Within this vertical, if the company chooses to market to restaurants they have a very specific product line or service that they market to restaurants. This way, they are not trying to force a product to every retailer as they’ve discovered that even though everyone has the same label, they are significantly different. Restaurants, dry cleaners, shoe stores, and flower shops are examples of retailers. However, each one has a distinctly different need in terms of the product or services that they purchase. Marketing departments have figured this differentiation out and now conduct their efforts accordingly.


Telephone Sales Training

When I decided to become a salesman which was in 1960 I had the good fortune to join a newspaper group that was just about to develop an operation to sell Classified Advertising. It may surprise you to learn that Classified Advertisements had not been actively sold previously by any newspapers in the UK.

I was 30 years of age at the time and as a rookie salesman I joined a new team of recruits formed to sell Classified adverts to the local business community. At the same time a new telesales department was set up with 12 new female telesales operators. This operation was duplicated throughout every newspaper office within The Thompson newspaper group. Because this was a new operation, no local experience existed in our city or indeed within the whole of the UK. Trainers were brought in from America and were set up in offices in Fleet St London where those recruited as Sales Managers for each Newspaper were put through a crash training course in selling classified ads on the streets and via the telephone. These new managers then returned to their local newspapers to train the new personnel, the male recruits were to sell in the field and the females were to sell over the telephone.

I first joined the field sales team and within a year had become the best salesman on the team and was then given the opportunity to move into the telesales department, first as a telesales operator and when I had proved I could make the sales I was then made the trainer for the department. After a while I was appointed Field sales manager and later was given the position of Classified Sales Manager for a group of local newspapers where I had to create the whole operation from scratch. This was invaluable experience for me which later on in a new sales career Telephone Selling became the cornerstone of my future success.

I had reached the top of the promotion ladder in the newspaper group and I was only 42 and the prospect of marking time in that position until i was 60 did not appeal to me so I took the risk of becoming a self employed Insurance salesman. The first day in my new career I discovered that field work – cold calling ion businesses to sell insurance was not going to be a rewarding proposition because of the difficulty of getting in to see the proprietors.

On my second day I picked up the telephone and made 5 calls to a selected group of local companies.

At each call I made a short introduction and asked for an appointment with the Managing Director.

From those 5 calls I made 3 appointments. This conversion ratio convinced me that I would succeed in this business so I immediately recruited and trained a part time telesales girl who then proceeded to make all the future appointments I could cope with. The hardest job in selling insurance is finding suitable prospects to talk to. I had created a mechanism that provided me with an endless supply of the right type of people to whom I could sell my service. The result of this was that by the end of my first year in my new business I earned 20 times ( Twenty) more than I had earned the previous year as an executive in one of the largest companies in the country.

I then went on to replicate a telesales operation in 10 branches across the UK to provide appointments for salespeople I had recruited and trained to sell the same service.

Telesales was a new phenomenon at that time but has since proved to be a catalyst in the growth in sales of thousands of businesses throughout the country.

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Compare Quotes And Save 35 Percent Money With Moving Companies

by toner

Changing your home is a new experience altogether. You go to a new place, a new locality and a new environment. When you move out of your old place you feel sad as well as excited. There are various things that you need to keep in mind at this point of time.

At this point of time you usually have lots of things to do. One of the major tasks is moving all the essential items from your old home to the new one. This is not only a tedious task but is also quite time consuming.

Previously it was quite tough but today it has become quite easy because of the various moving companies available in the state. State to state movers have become so common these days that people do not take the pain of moving their belongings themselves.

If you are looking for the best moving company in your locality then you can search for them on the internet. While choosing the company always make sure that they offer local, regional as well as national service. You can either contact them through the internet or even through the phone.

If you choose the national moving companies they will help you travel your belongings to far off places and even across borders. There are certain items which are quite fragile and they break at the slightest provocation. You need to have special protection for them.

The moving companies are usually expert in packing such items. This kind of packaging is not possible at home by the family members. The packers and movers make sure that they pack each and every item safely as well as securely before they upload it on the vehicle.

You also need not worry about the uploading and unloading of the items because they are taken care of by the moving experts. One of the benefits of these services is that they pay for any kind of damage or injury caused to your belongings while moving.

If you move your belongings on your own and they get damaged you lose the item as well as your money. If you are planning to move out of the country then it is important to hire moving companies which can provide you with effortless movement.

These packers and movers usually do not require any kind of supervision because they are expert in their job. To search for the best state to state movers you can perform a good research on the internet.

If you compare the prices charged by the companies on the internet then you can save at least 35 percent of your money. The out of state moving companies must have the required license to move out so that you are not in trouble.

It is always better to choose experienced moving companies so that you can get the best service possible. You can fill up the online form provided by these websites to check out the estimates as well as the quotes offered by the company.

Visit to get all the latest information on the best moving companies and their services.

Selling Your Home at a Good Price

There are several reasons why people sell their homes. One is the change of residence. Another is to avoid foreclosure. Also, others sell their homes to purchase a new one. Whatever reason you have for selling your home, it is important that you get the best value for it.

If you are planning to sell your house, then consider these tips to ensure that you get the best value for your property:

1. Talk to a few real estate agents. This way you get a feel of how to sell your house. Ask each of them of a marketing strategy they can incorporate to ensure that you get the best value for your house. You can also ask them to prepare a marketing plan for your home. You can pick the best marketing plan and inquire more about the different preparations you should make before putting up the house for sale sign at your front yard.

2. How much is your estate worth? You can identify its value by using an online database. This will give you a list of how much certain properties in your area are valued. You can also hire an appraiser to determine how much your property is worth. Keep in mind that homes are normally valued under their actual market value. This is because of the certain formulas used. Your goal is to find someone who is willing to shell out the biggest sum for your home.

3. Prepare your home. Make sure that it is clean. Remove all the clutter to ensure that the potential buyers can see how spacious your house is. Check your wall as well. If it needs scrubbing, do so. Home buyers are easily turned off by dirty walls and cluttered homes. Attend to the obvious damages of your home as well. However, you do not have to renovate your property. There are repairs that do not pay off, so it is best that you deal with what is apparent and important.

4. Market your home properly. It is not enough that you put up a sign in front of your house. You should be able to reach as many people as you can. If you have an account in the different free network sites, post it there. You can also have it listed in different sites. Post an ad on your car as well. This will allow you to market your home while you are on the road.

5. Close a deal. Once you have a buyer willing to purchase your house, consult a lawyer. Make sure that the transfer of ownership is well taken cared of. It is also best that a lawyer is present to make sure that all the documents needed are being processed.

If you and your buyer cannot agree on a price, do not give up right away. Offer him something else. You can offer to leave your couch and curtains, or maybe your carpets and other accessories. Your buyer might just give in. Remember, it is easier to shop for new item than to shop for willing buyers.

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Suggestions to Increase B2B Marketing Strategies

Different marketing tactics are applied to increase Business to Business (B2B). Nonetheless, not all of people are ready to get preferred benefits from these strategies. This is one of the causes why it is crucial to improve these strategies so that the business owner can get the better benefits. Simply because of these motives, a variety of firms rent B2B marketing agencies as to give boost to their business. Organization owners are not fully mindful of marketing strategies because of the reason that in consumer marketing, an person is targeted whereas in B2B marketing, you would be focusing on a group of individuals concerned into choice creating.

It is hugely advised to target a selection maker who is accountable for creating decision about firm and whom services have to be received. You should get the information about it before you think of approaching business people. Targeting correct type of men and women is one of the critical steps in efficient marketing. If the purchasing determination of an organization has impact on various departments this kind of as IT, operation and Human resource; you might have to bring about a transform so that you can target the proper people who can listen to how you are beneficial for them. This definitely will make variation in rate of return.

When marketing your business in B2B environments, it is quite critical that you really should assume from head not from heart. You will be competing with other giants who are into existence for quite a long time. The company owner could ask you why they really should pick your services. It has been seen that you have to be ready with the solution if you can offer greater solutions at lower rates than your competitors. It has also been noticed that business proprietors are much more convinced about protecting company brands rather than item brand. This has a lot of results on picking the corporate as they will pick a supplier who has brand and is into the industry for quite a prolonged time. They could not be interested in the provider who has just entered the market.

The marketing techniques of marketing B2B business might be different from other strategies of promoting items for people. Nevertheless, if you want to get positive aspects from these marketing tactics, you should get in contact with B2B marketing company that has comprehensive expertise and information about how to market business and corporate model. It is suggested to get in touch with an knowledgeable agency possessing reputed clients.

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Planning Your Transfer Easily With Moving Quotes

Remarkably positive transferring estimations can relief you plan a transfer that is relaxed and strain free. Irrespective of anyplace you want to transfer to or the quantity of material you havetransferring in common sustainsno diminutiveoverhead. As per the proverb goes, a penny saved is penny earned. You can get a worthychance to appraise the charges of different services and several moving companies in your region. Track the facts below to catch what some of the benefits of the present and even how to get estimates for your next transfer.

The grounds decision can be vast as they authorize you to notice both the worth and the amenities that you will acquire. When the free moving quotations are beingprovidedby the various companies you can choose which company is right for you and you go onto work with it. One must every time measured the value of the service as much emphasis on costs. Do not be petrified to select a reliable company, because it certainly offers improved services than its competitors. At all times consider different types of support conditions and the insurance that the company propose, consequentlyyou will be able to acquire an outlook of whatever will ensue in the transfer. Do not worry if the extra money is required to safeguard your assets.

A call is the easiest way to get free moving quotations. Almost all moving companies will provide the best appraisal of your move. Today, you can also dig online quotes easily to compare different quotations. Always ask the company to estimates in your house, in order to obtain the most accurate estimate.

Firstly sees all the bids from moving companies in your home. The method is simple and always free. The chief point to consider is the least time you can take to go over the appointment.

That phase is absolutely worth the money you can save over going with the particular agent from start. Before appointing someone to take your possessions away every time make a detailed search. Of course, it may look like a great decision, but time is definitely value it.

Sam Miller writes about moving quotes. Moving quotes are necessary while planning a move to a new city. Plan your move by finding the best quotes and select the best professional moving company. Visit for details.

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Internet Marketing Strategies – Parking Domain Names For Profits

Sales strategies
by quapan

There are a lot of ways to make money online. I like to focus on things that grow my list…that’s my thing…but sometimes I will utilize internet marketing strategies that don’t build my list. I might do that, or encourage other people to do that because you can sometimes make some good passive income this way, and I know a lot of people can really use that. So while I know that list building is the best focus for your long-term business goals, there is nothing wrong with also making some money from strategies like parking domain names.

What do I mean by parking domain names? Well, you find a domain name that has good traffic that for whatever reason the previous owner let expire. Then you redirect that traffic to a parking site.

What is a parking site? Basically, there are companies that specialize in this. They know that they can make money from all the expired domain names out there by putting ads on a page and directing traffic to it. A percentage of that traffic will click on the ads and BAM! They just made money.

You’ve probably seen these pages…maybe you didn’t realize what they were, but pretty much if you’ve been looking around online at all, you’ve run across a couple at least!

When you click on a link, or type in a URL, if a website comes up that looks like a bunch of ads or links…chances are really, really good that you have hit a parked page. Sometimes it will even say that this page is parked. Other times there may be some loosely related ads and links on the page and you can’t figure out how anybody could make money at it because it seems so disconnected. That’s because they aren’t promoting necessarily to a niche…they are feeding off the name or keyword in the domain name.

So how do YOU make money at this? You buy the expired domain name and then you redirect it to the parking company. They do all the work. They put up the site, they put up the ads…you know they’ll show Google ads on the site. So now when somebody clicks on the ad you and the parking company split the revenue.

You might find a great name that is in your niche but you aren’t ready to promote to it yet. Rather than just buying the name and letting it sit there, redirect it to a parking company and make some money from the traffic. Later, after you have built your website you can redirect that name back to your site knowing that you already have existing traffic!

Parking expired domain names can work as one of your internet marketing strategies for profits. You probably won’t make a ton of money of any single page, but you might be able to have several of these sites and make some serious revenue. Or you can have it be one of the strategies that you utilize just for some passive income while you are list building in your niche.

Tellman Knudson is CEO of Overcome Everything. He and his team at The Listbuilding Club are passionate about teaching others the ins and outs of list building and other internet marketing strategies. Learn more about expired domain name traffic by visiting

Compare Quotes For Pro Movers To Find The Best Deal

Sometimes you may need a little help with moving, but you also want to keep as much as you can in terms of money. Often, people will want to use a professional full service moving company to help them move their things to a new home, but they do not want to pay the high price that people often associate with this type of service. What if you could get away with hiring pro movers without having to give up an arm or a leg? That would be great wouldn’t it? Well, there is a way to find an affordable moving company without having to pay more than you need, and that is by using quote comparisons. More and more people who are thinking of relocating are learning how to compare quotes for pro movers and finding a company that satisfies their moving needs and budget as well. You can learn how as well.

First, you need to find some companies to get started. Jump on the Internet and start browsing professional moving companies. As you browse, you may notice a form on their website that you fill out for an instant quote. These forms are what you are looking for. Filling out a quote form will give you a very accurate price on how much it will be to use that moving company. You will want to fill out as many of these as you can, and they do not take more than a few minutes to complete and you will get your quote as soon as you fill it out.

Now comes the comparisons. Comparing moving company quotes is just like comparing the prices of other products or services that you may have encountered. All you do is match the service to the price and compare it with the next company and decide which is better. When you compare, make sure that you are comparing the prices to find the cheapest service, and compare the services themselves to see what offers more and what you can afford. This allows you to find the best moving company for the lowest price possible.

After you are done comparing, reserve their service. You will definitely want to take advantage of an affordable moving company and have it ready to go before moving day or you may miss out and have to use another service that costs a lot more. That can be a very bad thing indeed. Take the time to look up estimates, compare them, and reserve your moving company today.

When you want to get the best quotes for moving than look to . We can provide quotes for moving companies, truck rentals, having your vehicle transported, even helping you find a storage unit in your area.

Selling Is A Lot Like Farming

It was a time in my life when I was just changing gears in my sales career. Although I had been in sales for a few years, I was going into a completely new industry. I had no product knowledge and was apprehensive about my future success. It was a small company, with three other salesmen and they offered very little training. It was basically sink or swim.

One of my most vivid memories was that everyday I would hear the sales manager ask the salesmen what they had sold that day. The sales process for product that we sold had an average gestation period of about two months, so typically the reply from the salesman would invariably be that they hadn’t sold anything that day. As the sales manager, he knew whether or not we had sold anything. He didn’t have to ask us. But the reason that he like to ask us out loud was because he liked to hear us confess in front of the entire office, that we hadn’t sold anything that day. It wasn’t that he was mean or anything like that, but I just think he thought it was funny. Anyway, for the first month or so, I was given a reprieve and was never confronted in such a manner. I guess I was given temporary immunity to allow time for me to ramp up. Nevertheless, I remember coming home and thinking about how I would reply to my boss when the time came for him to ask me that question. It was inevitable, and I knew that the day would soon arrive. Being prideful as I was, I was determined to come up with a good answer so that I wouldn’t be shown up in front of everybody. But up till that point, I still hadn’t sold anything, so I wasn’t sure what I’d say so I gave it a lot of thought.

Sure enough, it wasn’t too long after that that I was passing him in the hall one day and he shot out “Hector, what did you sell today?” I garnered all of my courage, I set myself steady, I looked him in the eye and I said, “Well boss, the way that I see it, selling is a lot like farming…” and then I paused for dramatic effect. Now remember, he liked to ask this question as he just happened to be passing you in the hallway and he seldom slowed down to even hear your reply, since typically the replay was always the same, “nothing.” But this time, I saw him stop in his tracks and I knew I had his attention. He looked at me and asked me “What do you mean selling is a lot like farming?” So I continued, “Well, first you have to plow the land, then you have to plant the seeds. Then, with a little bit of luck, if it rains at just the right time, and a little patience, you should have a nice bumper crop. He stood there looking at me for a moment, not saying anything. I could tell that I had stretched his imagination. He was sort of slack-jawed and then he said, “you know, I never thought of it like that before.” “You’re right”. And then he walked off. And believe it or not, I never again heard him ask that question of anyone ever again.

Selling is a lot like farming. The poor farmer works hard and busts his rump in the spring. He plows and he plants. He knows that if he doesn’t get the seeds in the ground in the spring, that there won’t be any produce in the summer. And even if he does everything right, there are still some things that he can’t control, like rain and pests, etc.

The same with sales. You have to plan now in order to have a bountiful harvest six months from now. You too have to plant lots of seeds. You plow the land by networking and finding qualified leads. Every sales call and every e-mail and every meeting that you engage a customer or a prospect is a new seed planted. It’s all hard work with no immediate pay-off. And no matter how well you do your job, there is still some element of luck involved, just like the farmer if mother nature doesn’t cooperate. But sometimes, if you’ve put in the hard work, everything falls into place and the results are a bountiful harvest. But as soon as you get the crop in and turn it into cash at the market, it’s time to plan for the next crop and start plowing and planting again.

Hector Cadena has been a sales professional for over 25 years. He is Vice President of Sales for Cable Com, Inc in Austin, Texas. He also help found and operated Convergence Cabling for seven years and increased sales every year from .25 million in 2000 to .5 million in 2006.