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How To Have Better Sales

Follow the following tips, you will get more customers and be able to keep them as well. This is the main concern to every business owners.


Eight Tips for Better Sales


1. Convey a positive, enthusiastic attitude.


2. Believe your company and your supporting vendors are the best.


3. Show how your products and services can help your customers achieve their objectives.


4. Set specific sales objectives, including total dollar amounts, types of customers targeted, job completions, and completed invoices.


5. Never fail to ask your customers and vendors for referrals to their friends and business associates.


6. Make at least five new contacts every day. These can be cultivated by telephone, network meetings, peer introductions, or accident. Everyone you meet is a potential lead to a new customer.


7. Follow-up at least five contacts every day by phone, card or letter.


8. Always take the time to say thank you for a referral, a customer’s business, or for the opportunity to bid even if you don’t get the job. Courtesy is appreciated and remembered.


When you deliver a product or service, follow up within a day or two to ask how the customer likes it. Then take the opportunity to mention related products or services that might also be beneficial.


When a customer is happy with a recently delivered product or service, this is an excellent time to introduce the same item to someone who isn’t yet using it. Most customers, when asked, are delighted to tell others how much they like doing business with you. This not only gives you excellent third-party appraisal, but each time a customer voices satisfaction, that satisfaction is reinforced in his own mind. People like to believe they make good decisions.


By contrast, when a customer is dissatisfied, you want to focus attention not on the problem, but on whats to be done to make the product or service exactly right. Once the problem is remedied, be sure to follow up and reaffirm that the customer is now satisfied and that all is well.


Periodically during your workday, ask yourself if what you’re doing at that moment is helping you reach your sales objectives. Are you conscious of where your time goes? Consider billing yourself in 15 minute increments for all time not spent directly on customer business, sales, or service. How much would you owe yourself each day?


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