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No Market Can Not Drive Holiday Sales Is The Most Sanitary Core Business

Contemporary business, has developed into a “free market does not promote” stage, but can promote the activities of such a market have a clear understanding of the manufacturers and distributors not too much. Promotions are easy to understand the “promotion = sellers”, as one of a number of internal logic and does not straighten out, we might comb what the so-called promotion.

Large unified marketing. More or less uniform with a large-scale promotional nature had to promote, especially in

Bathroom Of Sell Season, such as 51, 11, New Year’s Day, 3? 15 of these important nodes, we are doing is to use hard power distributors the critical moment to speak, basically each of these major nodes, for large companies, the market is undoubtedly a time Sales feast, for the strength of poor business, more of a helpless, basically have the “do not do white do not do, do also to waste” mentality in dealing with.

The sanitary industry, at present more representative of the promotions, no more than three:

A large unified marketing. More or less uniform with a large-scale promotional nature had to promote, especially in the bathroom of the season, such as 51, 11, New Year’s Day, 3? 15 of these important nodes, we are doing is to use hard power to speak Dealers critical moment, basically each of these major nodes, for large companies, the market is undoubtedly the first time sales feast, for the strength of poor business, more of a helpless, basically have the “do not do white do not do, do also to waste “mentality in dealing with.

Second, the case event promotion. Promotion of cases are spontaneous nature of the dealer, including the opening event, the annual Dianqing, theme activities on behalf of diverse, uneven level of organization of these market activities, quite different, and is directly related to the strength of dealers.

Three special promotions personality. Such activities as early as the more common individual sanitary enterprises to carry out, the current major contribution has Negative effect and Precaution. Because these activities into a larger, to spend a million sales, big risk and big gains coexistence activities, both for manufacturers and traders, are quite attractive, but companies are often easy to attach importance to the latter, there is great risk of neglect, particularly Dealers confidence the existence of hidden risks.

My opinion, these three are representative of the promotional activities with the launch of its specific market conditions; especially the third class of special promotions personality. To test the influence of a brand in the local weapon; personality more attention to a special promotion bathroom manufacturer and distributor of interactive business, integrated

Marketing Capacity and brand influence in the local accumulation of executive power of distributors, sales channels,

Management Structure, has very strict requirements, is important manifestation of power distributor, activities, success will often be an important turning point brand. If the dealer’s strategic sense than the local market situation, and has some connections to the accumulation of such activities on the dealer from quantity to quality, fully detonated, the rapid expansion of the brand in the local market, brand influence, is irreplaceable role of.

The other hand, if the local reputation of flat, single channel, have a conservative attitude on brand investment, or to carefully carry out such activities, as now, with the proliferation of such activities, the marginal effect of input-output ratio is falling , especially in Guangdong, Zhejiang annex these coastal cities, large input and large gains are not fully proportional. Correct view of promotional activities in this market, especially for large individual project activities, or promotion will be unable to stop the real meaning of the “brand poison.”

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Targeted Sales Leads: A Novel Way Maximize Business Profits

A positive return on investment (ROI) is the main goal of any marketing campaign. Getting the highest ROI is a profit maximizing strategy any company owner should venture into. It is the realm of an effective business practice and one of the best ways to get better ROI is through targeted sales leads


Marketers however agree that investment optimization is a complex and daunting task, success metrics and strategies are sometimes arbitrary. It is the marketers job to use strategies that drives more profit for your business.

You can’t really maximize ROI without having the best strategies to do it. The highest ROI campaign possible would be having a highly targeted leads for your campaign.

Without a highly targeted list of people, you’ll have lesser chances of getting more sales for higher revenue. A manageable way to get more sales is to know who are the very people who will more likely purchase what you offer.

What are the advantages of highly targeted sales leads? Listed below are some of the things that gives you the opportunity to leverage your profits:

High quality of contacts – When you have a highly targeted leads it gives you the opportunity to contact the very people who have greater chances of purchasing what you offer. You have better chances of getting increased ROI which means higher profits for your business.

Saves times-Time is a very important aspect of your business. You eliminate the idea of wasting time and contacting people who is not even interested about your company.

Higher response rate- Targeted and qualified leads means higher response rate. This is an advantage for you because you’ll focus on contacting people or sending messages to contacts who you can expect a response. If they have shown interest through subscribing on your list, you have to learn how to nurture it. Contact them and try to close a sale.

Start by setting up a list of people, this will you a profile of your customers, you can now create a list of different products or the purchases that they have. If you do that you’ll immediately see which contacts could deliver a higher conversion rate that will drive higher volume and sales for your business.

Aside from identifying the type of industry you want to do business with, you might also want to include the decision makers of that industry. You can also talk to sales people about the type of people they traditionally deal with. Identify the target audience carefully, you may have great products and services but it won’t sell if you offer it to the wrong prospects.

Finding the right profit maximizing campaign will get your business ahead of your competition. Focus on highly targeted sales lead, meet the best way to optimize sales and profit.

You have to find the right people to take care of your campaign off the ground. Look for a company who can provide a highly targeted list of people who is genuinely interested to purchase what you are selling.

You may not have the tools ready to generate highly targeted list and facilitate effectiveness in your marketing strategy. What you can do for the meantime is to look for another company to provide the list for you. There are numerous lead providers online that can help you find prospects, depending on the type of companies you are targeting.

Implement strategies that will help you maximize profits and get better results you have always been wanting. Offer the unique benefits that your company can deliver to your targeted group and see how it can help get higher ROI.

Visit www.121directmarketing.com and understand the real benefits of investing in targeted sales leads to run your business.

Sarah Barnes is a telemarketing expert with 11 years experience as a sales leads analyst for small and medium companies. Sarah invites you to visit www.121directmarketing.com for more information on pre-qualified sales leads and appointments.

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5 Explosive Techniques To Boost Your Home Business Sales Online

After creating your home business website and deciding which products you’re going to sell your attention should now be directed toward developing your Internet marketing strategy to increase your sales. Once you have your advertising strategy in place you should always be brain storming for new techniques and tricks to help boost sales when they seem to have leveled off. Here are five tactics you can employ to help jump start your product sales:

1. Ask influential Internet marketers to beta test your product in exchange for a free copy. These entrepreneurs could then provide testimonials outlining the benefits of your merchandise by highlighting all the problems it can solve for your consumers.

This approach has a double barrel effect in that you not only get a great referral to post on your home business page but you also have a high profile name associated with your product which can only increase your sales and give added credibility to your business in general.

2. Offer your product at discount prices which undercut similar merchandise prices on the Internet market. Even if this initial sales point only covers your cost of production you will have new customers to up sell more expensive merchandise to so you can make your money on the back end of the process. This is also a great way to move products which have become stagnant and aren’t selling well at the time.

3. Make sure you include lots of free items and bonuses for purchasing your product. Add up the value of this merchandise as it’s presented on your sales page so the potential customer can see the added value associated with their initial investment.

This is a great influencer because people believe they’ve gotten a real bargain and come out of the process feeling good about their purchase. This positive feeling may also influence future buying decisions by your current customers.

4. Always approach the sale as if your potential client is going to say yes. Always be positive and upbeat in your ad copy and try to avoid words like “if” and “suppose”. Influence the consumer by saying “when you purchase you’re going to experience profits like you’ve never seen before.” People will begin to envision these final outcomes and see themselves as the recipient of all of these benefits.

5. Make a free trial version of your product available to your potential customers. Give it to them for free for 30 days as a trial period and when they see that it really does what you claim it can do then sell them on the final version. This is also a great way to request testimonials and product endorsements from your free trial recipients. You could offer a 10% discount on their purchase for their words of approval to post on your home business website.

By using some or all of these tried and true sales techniques your customer base, your email list and your home business profits should increase exponentially thereby firmly establishing you as a force to be reckoned with online.

Bob Withers is a professional sales and marketing person with over twenty years in the field. He has now set his sights on Affiliate Marketing and creating successful Home Based Businesses online to apply his trade. If you want to get in touch with Bob or learn more about Affiliate Marketing or setting up an Internet based Home Business please visit:
Free Home Business and Affiliate Marketing Advice

Interpreting Reported Earnings Quoted By Small Business Seller

If it’s true, as commonly believed, that small business owners tend to be creative individuals, one of the expressions of this talent can be found in the way they calculate the adjusted net earnings they receive from their businesses.

Seasoned business brokers often have difficulty coming up with an accurate earnings figure when analyzing the records of a company going on the market. Their challenge is to determine how much a new owner is likely to earn, based on the current level of gross revenues and the expenses actually needed to generate that income.

If accurately calculating the “bottom line” is hard for someone skilled in this field, imagine the difficulties faced by a real estate licensee with a background in home sales, who is called on to list a small California business opportunity for sale. It’s easy to understand how real estate professionals lacking experience in analyzing businesses records, can be misled by a seller into advertising an exaggerated earnings figure for a business offering.

But the agent or broker will soon get an education–the hard way–about the importance of determining and stating the correct figures. That education will begin when the broker goes back to the seller for more information, after a buyer–relying on initial profit statements–discovers in due diligence that there is no way to substantiate the profits claimed.


The first thing for a new business broker to understand about an earnings statement is the calculation of Earnings Before Taxes, Interest, Depreciation and Amortization. The seller’s books will probably show each of these T-I-D-A items as expenses, deducted from the gross profit figure along with other fixed costs, before conducting the final calculation of earnings.

An accepted accounting protocol is to assume that these TIDA expenses will vary, depending on the way each buyer wants to manage the financial side of his or her business. And because these “variable” expenses do not represent costs absolutely necessary to conduct business, the common practice is to add the TIDA expenses to the “bottom line” figure to arrive at the seller’s earnings. And this figure should be properly explained as EBTIDA.


The cost of a legal settlement with a disgruntled former employee or with an unhappy customer who has some kind of claim, is an example of a non-recurring, or one-time expense. So is the cost of an expensive capital equipment item that was purchased from the business’s ready cash in a single year. As these expenses are not going to be incurred by the new owner, it is fair, when analyzing the seller’s Profit and Loss Statement, to add the amount of these non-recurring costs to the bottom line.

The buyer may have other one-time costs once the business has changed hands, and will treat them however he or she sees fit for bookkeeping purposes. But any non-recurring costs listed by the seller can legitimately be considered as if the dollar values associated with them are part of the seller’s earnings.


It is common for the owner to have his company pay personal vehicle costs because he uses the car while conducting business, and for an owner to consider it the responsibility of the business to provide her with health insurance, and for an owner to carry a family member on the payroll, even though that person only does occasional, part-time work for the company. These represent business expenses which incidentally, also provide benefit to the owner. And as these are items charged to the business at the discretion of the owner, it is an accepted practice to assume a new owner will not incur the same expenses, and to add these costs to the seller’s earnings figure.

Memberships in social/business organizations, such as country clubs and fraternal societies, subscriptions to periodicals and internet services, and other discretionary “business” costs might also be considered “add backs” when determining seller’s earnings.

An inexperienced broker listing a business and wanting to enter an owner earnings figure that is correct, and can be logically explained, will benefit by carefully questioning the seller on each item “added back.”

But there is no substitute for having worked with these expense entries in the past and knowing from experience, how to calculate seller’s actual earnings.

Peter Siegel, Founder & President of BizBen.com and BizBen Network of business buyers, sellers, business brokers, advisors. A nationally recognized author (3 books and syndicated small business blog) and expert consultant. If you’re selling a business, need professional assistance with high performance advertising, marketing, highly effective strategies, or individual customization with BizBen Power Search options, contact him at 866-270-6278.

Avoid Common Problems When Selling Your Business

Here are 10 common mistakes you can avoid when you go to sell your business. In today’s troubled environment, buyers are especially skeptical. You can make your business stand out by taking the extra steps named here. Mistakes you want to avoid include:

1) Not committed to the process- are you and your spouse ready to move on? Any partners that need to be convinced? Do you have an ongoing business that is easily identifiable and is legally able to be sold?

2) Poor Packaging of the Business- you’re selling a financial asset. Does it look like one? Will a potential buyer see the dollars that your business generates? Make sure the income and assets are readily recognizable and verifiable.

3) Unsupportable Price for the Business- look at the cash flow, assets and industry to determine a realistic price on your business. Make sure your price is defensible and that you’ve used sound logic and industry practice to arrive at your price.

4) Mis-marketing Your Business- make sure the right people know about your business, understand its value and can get excited enough to contact you. There are other businesses for sale, why should someone buy yours?

5) Wasting your Time with Unqualified Prospects- less than 5% of potential buyers actually buy a business. Of those who did, almost none of them bought a business in the first industry they reviewed.

6) Letting the Business Slide while you deal with potential buyers- remember, you’re selling a financial asset. If your sales or profits drop while you’re managing the sales process, it could impact the value of your business.

7) Poor Sale Management- once you get an offer and agree on a price and terms, the hard work starts. Managing the due diligence process takes time and a proven process.

8) Lack of Flexibility- what looks like a good deal to you might not look so good to a potential buyer. Most business don’t sell, they just close their doors. Keep an open mind to things like seller financing, and different terms to make a deal.

9) Mis-managing Inventory- the buyer expects a certain amount of inventory at closing. You need to make sure the buyer has the right expectations on what is current and what is probably not going to sell.

10) Not using a professional business broker- if you look at the previous nine mistakes, the biggest one could be trying to do it yourself. Your business is a complicated asset that requires a lot of work to generate the most value. You need to run your business till closing to get the most out of it. Use a professional business broker to help you.

Erik Ottem is a business broker in Silicon Valley. He is a certified business intermediary and holds a master of business administration from Washington University in St. Louis. To find out more about businesses for sale or to sell your business go to: http://www.VRsiliconVALLEY.com. To get more articles on buying or selling a business go to: http://www.CenterForBusinessSale.com

Candle Selling Business Secrets Exposed

Hobbyists often dream of turning their prime interests into gains. Profits, for the most part, have been the benefit attracting various artisans at work. A candle selling business is seemingly the road taken by candle makers, all because it serves as a way of showing their passion and love for the art of candle making.

Creative people have interests that speak of their nature as craftsmen. The same idea goes to entrepreneurs that share the same willingness in terms of earning profits. While the two groups serve dissimilar services, what they aim for is basically the same.

Showcasing one’s skill is essential in every candle selling business. You have to be decisive. You have to be specific with your products and sell your items effectively. Efficiency in marketing is also a notable trait. In other words, what you invest in a candle selling business is what you will eventually reap.

Below are candle selling business secrets and each guideline aims to help you thrive and succeed.

1. Take full control of your assets. Investments call for money and it should be handled well. You may be wondering as to how this secret helps. However, you need to understand that you have to keep track of relative costs and expenses.

2. Try to figure total overhead costs. For beginners, the best way to address this problem is by making room for allowances. Start-ups and kits may come across as inexpensive. However, you have to make room for adjustments. Make sure that you have enough cash if you plan to put up your own candle selling business.

3. Manage product marketing. This secret is helpful since it will facilitate the eventual flow of customers and sales. Be careful in choosing your location if not the medium that you will use in selling your items. Think of all possible ways and consider what is naturally the most promising.

4. Make room for improvement. Ask any successful seller and probably, he will only give you one answer. For aspirants, the best way to manage a candle selling business is through constant learning. Do not hesitate to study and seek newer candle ideas. Expand your horizon and never allow any misfortune to put your goals aside.

5. Aside from knowing your product, it is also advisable to know your potential buyers and clients. Show them great samples during candle parties and bazaars. Try to make appealing scented candles by knowing their most preferred fragrance. In a way, you are handling not only the technicalities of your candle selling business, but the aesthetic value of your products. 

Download Your FREE eBook on the “Secrets of Candle Making” You’ll Love It!” Holly M Jordan is a candle making expert. For more great information on Candle Business Secrets, visit http://www.how-to-make-candles.com.

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Small Business Sales and Marketing Ideas to Keep Repeat Customers and Take Sales From Competitors

Small business sales can be increased with these marketing tips on building trust and credibility through regular contact with your customers. Use these small business marketing ideas to build repeat sales relationships, and take customers away from your competitors. This sales and marketing strategy works for any type of business in any type of market. The actions to achieve success can be started today and be working for you in just a few days.

Imagine the effect on your small business sales if you became a source of regular information to potential and repeat customers. You are the expert on what you sell and the services you provide. Use your knowledge to become the person people go to when they want information about your industry, market, or product. Think what you could recommend to people that were considering making a purchase and wanted more information. Customers want to make informed decisions, and they’re frightened of making mistakes. When you help them make informed decisions it’s a win – win situation. The customer gets good information and you get the chance of a sale.

Do not underestimate the value of your product, market, and industry, knowledge, or the experience you have gained. It doesn’t matter what type of small business sales you are involved in, there will be potential customers looking for advice and information. Once they see you as a provider of that information they will trust you as someone they can buy from. Giving free expert information makes the receiver of that information feel they should reciprocate, and they will at least look at your products and services when looking to make a purchase. Think about it, who would you rather buy from; the person that bombards you with marketing literature, advertisements, and sales calls, or the one that you turn to when you want free expert information? Which one would you trust more? If the information you are providing is also seen as impartial then prospects will have even more trust and confidence in you. Small business sales will follow as prospects come to you for advice, and repeat business and referrals will multiply as trust in you grows and people spread the word.
These small business marketing tips will work for any type of sales and in any market place. Whether you are selling low value goods on a market stall or making large value B2B sales building relationships will grow your sales. In direct sales to the public it is often difficult to build a trusting relationship and bring in sales leads. By offering information on your industry and products you can build this trust and buying from you becomes a much smaller next step. Whatever service you offer; accountant, builder, plumber, car repair, or insurance sales, give away free information and build your reputation. Take a fashion clothing store for example. You could collect contact information from everyone that enters your store and send a regular newsletter by post or email. Your newsletter could have information on how to look great, the latest fashion tips, or how to choose contrasting colors.
Now think about your services or products, and what information could you pass on to people. Try this test; write down 5 tips now that you could give to people on what to look for when buying your products. See how easy it is, and that’s without much thinking, research, or preparation. You will be amazed at what you know about your market. You will have information that is valuable to your customers. Often this information is only shared with a customer when they approach you and are considering making a purchase. Let’s turn that on its head and use it to attract customers rather than just to sell to them. Use these small business sales tips and you will take business from your competitors because you are offering something they aren’t. How would you feel if you saw one of your customers with an information leaflet or email from one of your competitors? Imagine a regular customer quoting you information from a competitor’s newsletter.

I’m Stephen Craine and I use these small business marketing ideas to grow my sales training business. Take a look at how you can build credibility, relationships, and grow you small business sales by opening http://www.sales-training-sales-tips.com/marketing-ideas.html

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Business and Sales Growth Secrets For 2009

The jury is still out about our current economy. Some say we will be experiencing a mild recession and others say we are on the brink of a depression. It doesn’t matter where you fall in the debate, one thing is certain, business growth is not as easy as it once was.

If you have been reading the news headlines, many CEO’s are focused on cutting costs and laying off employees. This does help short term profitability, however these actions are precisely the wrong strategy to take if you want to grow your company in a bad economy.

CEO’s who want to increase sales, profit margins and drive new business growth in 2009 should consider the following top 5 business growth success secrets.

1. Focus Marketing Dollars on Value Not Brand
Focusing your time and money on “Brand” marketing may increase name recognition however it doesn’t generate revenue. Showing customers what value your product or service provides will generate top line sales revenue. Spend more on marketing campaigns where the customer can experience your products value.

2. Stop Scaring Your New Prospects Away
Most corporate marketing campaigns, websites, sales collateral and sales processes scare customers away. From a customer’s point of view, your company looks and sounds just like your competitors. To be perceived differently and attract new customers you must stop focusing on your product features, functions, quality, customer service and company awards. You should focus more on how you solve your customers business problems.

3. Catch Amnesia
Forget how great you and your business performed last year. The past is the past. This year it’s a new game. The rules have changed and the players are different. What worked last year, will not return the same results. Re-evaluate your industry, competition, marketing strategy, sales strategy and financial management. Implement proven best practice business growth strategies.

4. Keep Score
Measure and monitor your key business growth indicators weekly. How do you know where to improve if you don’t know how you’re performing. For example, what is your customer conversion ratio, tradeshow ROI, closing ratio, marketing ROI, advertising ROI, sales cycle times, new prospect calls per week, deal size by industry, profit by product line, etc.

5. Work On Your Business, Not In It
CEO’s need to pull themselves out of the day to day issues. When times get tough, CEO’s spend more time in the details of the business. By doing this, CEO’s lose sight of what is most important, focusing on how to improve business performance in a changing competitive environment. Delegate or hire outside expertise to handle the day to day challenges. Focus more on strategic priorities.

If you are looking to grow your business in 2009, these five secrets must be part of your strategy. If you don’t think your executive team can implement these strategies then you should consult outside help. Success in 2009 is in your control.

About The Author: Dennis Sommer is the founder and CEO of Executive Business Advisers, a management consulting firm specializing in business growth, sales and profit improvement. Dennis helps CEO’s increase sales revenue, reduce sales and marketing costs, improve marketing ROI, and drive new business growth by improving and optimizing their sales, marketing, company strategy and financial health.

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Ronn Torossian Quoted in Bloomberg & Business Week




Goldman Sachs Finds More Unwanted Publicity in Gupta Case

‘Relevant’ Information

In the SEC lawsuit, Gupta’s lawyers have said that Blankfein, Chief Financial Officer David Viniar, President Gary Cohn, Loeb and retiring Lead Director John Bryan may have information “relevant” to the defense. Another possible witness is Goldman Sachs director Claes Dahlback, a former CEO of Sweden’s Investor AB, who was interviewed by the government, prosecutors told a judge in January.

Naftalis declined to comment on his possible witnesses.

Goldman Sachs’s relationship with Galleon may also come into view. Gupta is alleged to have tipped Rajaratnam in 2007 after listening to a Goldman Sachs board meeting while at Galleon’s offices. Jurors may hear that Goldman Sachs routinely catered lunch for Galleon traders, as the bank did for other big clients, according to an ex-Galleon employee who declined to comment publicly.

Anthony Sabino, a lawyer and professor at the Peter J. Tobin College of Business at St. John’s University in New York, said the publicity will sting even if it doesn’t cost the firm business.

“If you want to do a deal these days in the U.S., you go to Goldman, you go to Morgan Stanley,” he said in a telephone interview. “But when you have multiple instances, then people may say it’s indicative of a lack of internal controls or a permissiveness that lets this thing go on. It’s a slap in the face to management.”

‘Pickup Basketball’

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR LLC in New York, which has done work for Coca-Cola Co. (KO) (KO) and McDonald’s Corp. (MCD) (MCD), said Goldman Sachs should move quickly to reclaim its reputation.

The company should stress to the public that recent events involve just a few of its 32,000 employees and that it demands that all employees act ethically, he said. Workers must be “completely above-board,” he said, not even “cheating in their pickup basketball games.”

“Any time you have a stellar firm like that and the words ‘insider trading’ next to it — you start to wonder how long does it go, how much more is there?” he said in a telephone interview. “It’s hard to distance yourself from crisis.”

For more information about Ronn Torossian, visit on to http://ronntorossianfoundation.com/

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5 Hairdresser Business Strategies For Success

Learning is an excellent tool to replace some of the falsehoods of how to run a successful hairdresser business that we encounter from our peers in the industry that haven’t ever grown their sales. If we listen to the experts in the station next to us we become callous and indifferent and our clients will certainly know it and begin to look elsewhere for the services that we provide. But the real fulfillment comes for us when we keep on learning continually and never think that you or I have actually arrived.

So let’s just consider some of the many facets of conducting a successful hairdresser business:

1. Your customers are #1: This is as fundamental as it gets and yet we’re all to quick to pull the trigger and let our folks know specifically what we feel … like, ‘don’t they care about all I’ve done for them? I’m just having a bad day today so they need to stop complaining to me all the time.’

Do we really have bad days? I mean does the sun come up everyday? Yes you bet, but we’ve got to show our appreciation of our clients and value them just like we want them to value us. Actually, would you like to attempt a small test with your clients? Deliver to them your platinum service and see how they react to it; are you game?

2. There’s gold in your list: I can’t repeat this too many times because this is critical that you must have or develop your own list of customers that you can keep in touch with regularly. So let’s see … would you like to have your customers be loyal to you?

Just how good would it be if you produced a totally loyal client base that continues to visit and refer new people to you? How do you cultivate this and then keep giving them more value because they’re your clientele? By beginning and then keeping a list of all the people that you serve and then communicate with them on a regular basis.

3. Lifetime customer value: This is a phrase that many in business don’t incorporate or employ into their businesses. And it’s almost a crime. You can’t actually know how good you can serve you clients until you grasp exactly what they are worth to you in your hairdresser business in the long run. Or as it’s called … their lifetime customer value. You will have to know a simple equation that allows you to crunch the numbers cost per visit, products bought, visits per year, times 5 years.

4. New Faces: First time customers ought to have some special considerations from you each time you get one in your chair. Have you ever been to a mechanic for the first time and wondered how you were going to get screwed? I mean treated? Have you ever been a little short on patience with those that come in to you the first time? I’m sure that you haven’t, but we’ve all experienced that uncomfortable time ourselves, haven’t we?

5. Being fresh: And I don’t mean being rude with your clients, but by adding some new items to your salon or station to change the look of what you started with XXX years ago. And I bet you already know exactly what I’m referring to don’t you? Come on change it up a bit. Do some extreme themes every once in a while to bring some novel look in your space and enjoy it with your customers. Make them laugh, offer them a cup of green tea of coffee or bottled water. How about fresh popcorn? Don’t offer them the stale mints that are so old the cellophane is stuck to them. Give them a break!

Here’s some things to consider and then … make it happen. Come on, give yourself to your clientele and see if they don’t approve of your hospitality.

How would you like to be one of the most successful hairdresser businesses in your corner of the world? You can and you should because you are the worth your best effort. We have a lot more to talk about.

Learn how to bring in more clients and grow your business…