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Sales and Marketing for Small Businesses

Sales strategies
by CPXi

An efficient way of improving your small business marketing can start by breaking down the term into ‘sales and marketing’. This makes the words understandable and manageable. By doing this, you can come up with a checklist that you can focus on and will serve as the basis for your marketing strategy. First, try to look at your target market. Ask yourself if you have all the information that you need about your current and future markets. Think of ways on how you can lure more customers to buy your product. Consider if you need to add more features and services that will pique the interests of the audience.

The key here is coming up with a creative plan that will help you leapfrog the competition. Identify your competitors and determine their weaknesses and strengths. If you think that they are more profitable than you, then you should start coming up with innovative ways on how you can make it in the industry. Another thing to focus on is the distribution of your products and services. Are they evenly distributed in all the profitable outlets? Do you think you can bundle them with another company’s product? Your supply chain is another area that you should look at. Make sure that you are getting high quality supplies for a reasonable cost. You should not be ruled over by your suppliers, it should be the other way around. Also, try to consider if you can cut down on the cost of your supplies.

Ask yourself if your business is in the position that you want. Are you selling a profitable product in the market? Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your services. Take the time to evaluate where your business is right now. Do you think you should sell something that will move your business towards the high-end position or a low-cost position? High-end products and services usually require you to charge a premium price while low-cost ones allow you to cut down on this area but make your products highly efficient. Weigh the possibilities that each area offers and decide which one will work best for your company.


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Advertising Strategies For Small Scale Businesses

If you are the owner of a small business, it is necessary for you to allocate your advertising budgets in a canny way. You are expected to know who is the target of your messege and how to do it with the most chances of success.


One of the best ways to do this is to get in the mind of your customers. Where do they go during a normal day? what do they read? what activities are they involved in? The more information you can learn about your customers better you can target advertising to them.


Once you have a good idea of who you’re targeting your message to, you’ll want to make sure you’re spending your money in the right places. Here are a few ideas on places that you can advertise that won’t cost you a lot of money can get great results.


Community events / sponsorship – Many local community events have sponsorship opportunities which allow you to support the event while advertising your brand. These can range from very inexpensive to expensive but this is a nice option because you’re supporting the community while advertising your brand.


Cable TV – Local cable TV can also be a cost effective resource to reach new customers. Some of the benefits of this are you get to choose your demographic that your advertising to get a pretty good idea of how many people you’re reaching. Also with TV this gives you a bit of a larger-than-life look which can differentiate you from the competition. And when you do the research you’ll realize it costs a lot less than you’d expect.


School events – For some businesses advertising at school events at local private and public schools can be a good option. This is especially good if you are networking within that school community and you want them to know your name. This is a great way to build relationships with the local community, and like sponsoring community events this is a nice option because you’re also supporting the local community.


Local radio – Local radio stations can also be a nice place to advertise. Some radio stations set up deals where they will not only advertise your business but they will also have an on air personality talk about your business. This gives you access to their loyal listeners.


Web – Most of the big websites and search engines offer pay per click and pay per impression advertising. This can also be a great option especially for businesses that sell digital products or services they can sell online.


Every business is different when it comes to advertising but it’s important to find out what’s right you you. What do you think? What advertising has worked for your small business? Radio, Print, Web? Or something else? Let us know in the comments!


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Twitter Strategies For Small Businesses

To tweet or not to tweet is the question facing millions of businesses around the globe. And if you are a small to medium-sized business, you need to make the decision whether Twitter is a time waster or genuine opportunity.

Time is valuable – you can’t afford to waste it on something you don’t get a return on. So, in this article, I’ll share some advice with you on how to make Twitter work for your business.

As the fastest growing social network on the planet, Twitter brings people together and gives ‘real-time’ communication opportunities.

Businesses, celebs and politicians are using this micro-blogging platform as a channel to network, share news and gain publicity. Others use it to learn, do research or just for pure enjoyment…

Whether you’re a small business owner thinking of signing up to Twitter or a Twitter fledgling, you need to understand Twitter etiquette. And be aware of the dangers, as well as positive outcomes.

Good business reasons for using Twitter

Cut your marketing costs
Grow your reputation as an expert
Talk directly to potential customers
Increase your online presence
Keep up with industry news
Drive traffic to your blog or website
Connect with thousands of people
Share expertise
Announce upcoming promotions and discounts
Connect to other businesses in your niche

Positive Twitter strategies

Share tips and expertise
Ask and answer questions
Promote your latest blog post
Promote others’ blogs
Say thank you
Be human
Connect with local Tweeple through ‘Twellow’
Use positive language
Post useful articles – always give value
Engage with people; start conversations
Offer coupons/discounts/freebies
Use URL shortening tools such as TinyURL
Follow interesting people
Use the DM (direct message) tool for 1:1 messaging
Use Tweetlater to set up tweets in advance (Use sparingly)
Use a Tweet organiser tool such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or Seesmic
Meet up with local business Tweeple (Have a Tweetup)
Promote other businesses
Show respect

Twitter Behaviour To Avoid:

Don’t use Twitter as an IM tool
Don’t swear. You never know who’s listening
Don’t post endless quotes without engaging with others
Don’t stop work to keep checking Twitter every 5 minutes
Don’t post inappropriate remarks you may regret later
Don’t reveal anything personal
Don’t drink and tweet
Don’t mix up business and personal Twitter accounts
Never spam your followers
Don’t talk about yourself all the time
Don’t repeatedly sell your services
Don’t rely on Twitter as your only marketing tool
Be aware of slander laws
Don’t get hooked on reading tweets so your business suffers

Top Twitter tip

It takes seconds to destroy a reputation that’s taken months to build up. So, use Twitter positively, decide what you are using it for and stick to a strategy which works for you.

Nikki Cooke is founder of The Word Well, a freelance copywriting service based in Oxfordshire. Along with her web-design partner, she provides first-class on and offline marketing to small and medium sized businesses. When she’s not knee-deep in copy, she can be found blogging away on her ‘Copy Break’ blog, or submitting articles to various online article sites.

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