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Selling Arbonne – The Cold Hard Facts

by gumtau

Arbonne is an age old, established company currently doing business worldwide.  They offer a wide range of botanically based personal care, nutritional, weight loss and aromatherapy products and pride themselves on their unwavering commitment to pure, safe and eco friendly formulas.

There is a massively increasing number of people devoted to natural wellness and environmental sustainability.  Whether they are truly looking for the benefits of a natural product or are just following the popular trend, the fact is they are on the hunt for products that fit their criteria. 

So on one side you have the huge consumer demand for safe, natural products and on the other you have you, the distributor, with the product.  In today’s world of busy, multitasking consumers, what is the most effective way for you to reach them?  Years ago tapping into your warm market was the only way a distributor could reach these consumers. 

Now the cold hard fact is that relying on the relationships of friends and family to build your business has become the most ineffective and inefficient method you can use.  Modern technology now allows the Arbonne distributor direct access to the hundreds of thousands of consumers already looking for natural products online every day. 

With the proper marketing strategy you can become the hunted instead of the hunter; in other words people will be coming to you instead of you chasing them.  That is the difference between selling and marketing – instead of trying to create a need (selling) you actually find a need and provide a solution (marketing).

There is no need to sell in today’s society when you have access to advanced marketing tools that allow you to leverage technology to reach your ideal customer.   Determine your niche market (ideal customer) and use advanced technology to reach them, such as social media, blogs, forums, teleconferences, webinars and even video. A strong leader will incorporate these strategies and teach their downline to do the same, creating colossal businesses for everyone.

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Cold Calling is Selling

Cold Calling IS Selling. I know this because I am on the phone a lot! I practice what I preach. I make cold calls. I reach out on a daily basis and let people know that I am here to help. I love it.

As you can imagine, I speak to a lot of people. What I hear a lot of is, “I don’t like cold calling, I like to build relationships”.

I always chuckle, because by the time I get off the phone with these individuals I know quite a bit about them, and I have planted the seeds for a budding relationship.

The core of selling is building relationships AND cold calling is selling. So, to bring this to its logical conclusion, you can build relationships by picking up the phone and making cold calls. Actually, these calls aren’t cold at all, they are “Discovery Calls”, I am learning about the person on the other end of the phone.

I love discovery calls because I can learn about a lot of different people. I also make “friends” with many of the people I speak to on a daily basis. This is great, because people want to do business with people they like. I have so many people in my “rolodex” that I have known for years over the phone. When we finally do meet, it is as if we are two pen pals meeting for the first time. It is quite a lot of fun.

Cold calling is an incredibly affordable tool that allows you to reach out beyond people you meet at local events, networking and chamber events and conferences. It is a tool that enables you to laser focus your time and reach out to ANYONE in your target market ANYWHERE. You never know who will show up at your local networking event, but you KNOW who you are reaching out to when you create a target list of prospects to call.

Think about your day and your time and how easy it would be to take one or two hours out of your day, without driving to an event and just reach out easily to your target market. Great right? Why don’t more people utilize this incredible SELLING tool?

Some reasons are:

Not knowing what to say
Not knowing who to say it to
Not knowing how to get through to the decision maker

Instead, people will continue to do the same thing over and over. It is time to do something new. It is time to reach out and touch as many people as possible. It is time to think in a creative new way and sometimes that is just as simple as picking up the phone and getting back to basics.

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