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Printer Cartridges: The biggest selling consumables

In these modern times most homes, offices, businesses and schools are equipped with printers, be it an inkjet printer for the home user or a laser toner printer for the office user, printers are used by them all. This is why printer cartridges UK are one of the biggest selling consumables in the market today.

There are many types of printer ink cartridges UK and toner cartridges available, the most commonly known are the original equipment manufacturer cartridges also known as OEM. These are Printer ink UK cartridges made by the company that makes the printers like HP ink cartridges UK or Canon. There are a range of alternative cartridges available compatible toners UK and compatible inkjet cartridges being the most well known alternatives. Compatible laser toner UK cartridges are toner cartridges made by another company that will fit into the printer. Compatible cartridges are generally cartridges that have been recycled, remanufactured and tested. Good quality compatible cartridges can be as good in print quality and page output as OEM cartridges, the biggest difference is in price. Compatible cartridges can cost almost half the price of the OEM counterparts so are Cheap Toners UK and Ink cartridges UK.

The big myth that consumers tend to believe is that the printer will somehow be damaged by compatible ink and toner. This is simply untrue. Printer manufacturers portray this as the case to stop consumers using alternative cartridges so they can make money selling you the much more expensive version. Some printer manufacturers tend to tell consumers that the printer warranty will be void if they use compatible cartridges. In the US consumers are protected by MAGNUSON-MOSSWarranty Improvement Act, which allows consumers the freedom to use any type of cartridges in their printers without fear of the warranty being void. There are so many cheaper alternatives to OEM cartridges on the market so there is no need to pay over the odds prices.

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