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Candida Diet Strategies

It is no surprise that you are sick of living with Candida symptoms. A yeast called Candida Albicans has overgrowed, which results to many symptoms, including abdominal bloating, skin complaints, thrush and joint pain to irritability, headaches, poor concentration and extreme fatigue. However, the truth is that Candida symptoms can be relieved of your diet changes.


Let’s start out by saying that these anti Candida diet strategies are not something that you are going to have to follow forever. You just have to change your eating habits temporarily as part of your treatment for yeast infection.


Avoid Sugar

Candida loves sugar. It positively thrives on it. You have to cut off the supply. Yes, I know that you probably love sugar but the problem is your body doesn’t. So you must avoid sweets, cakes, biscuits, sweetened drinks etc.


Fruit, although high in nutritional value, does contain fruit sugars, so is best avoided.


A good sugar substitute is a product called Xylitol. It looks and tastes just like sugar but does not feed Candida. It can be a great help if you are “addicted” to sugary foods.


Refined carbohydrates such as white bread, pasta or rice are quickly broken down by the body into sugar so you should switch to wholegrain versions of pasta and rice.


Milk contains lactose which the body quickly converts to sugar so products containing milk are off limits too.


Read Food Labels

Sugar can come in many guises. Natural sugars include fructose, honey, molasses and raw sugar. But, they are still sugar. And you’d be surprised at the range of non-sweet tasting foods that have hidden sugars. These include sandwiches, ready meal main courses and sauces.


Understand Glycemic Load

Learn about the glycemic load (GL) of the carbohydrate foods you currently eat. Basically you want to be eating foods with a low glycemic load. This means that as the food is broken down by your digestive system the sugars are released slowly.


Eating protein at every meal or snack will also help keep your blood sugar levels more stable and help counter food cravings.


Avoid Yeast

Given that you have a yeast infection it is hardly surprising that consuming yeast is not a good idea. That means no yeast raised breads, pizza, bread coated chicken or fish, wine, beer etc. Once again reading food labels is essential. And, if you take any nutritional supplements as part of your treatment for yeast infection make sure they are yeast free too.


And don’t worry, there are lots and lots of delicious tasting foods to eat on a Candida cleanse diet.


So, go ahead and take the first steps to a healthier you.


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Ferret Diet 101 – Effective Guidelines For Starting Ferret Owners

A well-balanced ferret diet is the very system followed by experts. Opinions regarding the types of ferret food always bring in various concepts relative to health and nutrition. However, knowing the basics seems to be not enough for some owners, all because changes have been happening both for ferret enthusiasts and prospective owners.

Undoubtedly, meat forms part of every ferret diets. Small servings of raw meat are being given to ferrets as a way of compliance to various ferret diet systems. True enough, ferrets are exotic pets. Their physiological makeup is quite different as compared with other pets. Normally, ferrets are destined to consume meat and such fact often leads to certain problems.

Here is a list of guidelines with regards to ferret diet:

1. Since ferrets have small gastrointestinal tracts, their diet should be digestible enough. Meat-based proteins are advisable since it has the basic nutrients ideal for ferrets. Plus, meat-based proteins have higher fat concentrations that give our ferrets enough energy.

2. Food items such as fruits and grains should not be included as part of any ferret diet. Ferrets do not have the capacity to absorb these items and they have a harder time digesting fiber, which is commonly found in vegetable and fruit sources.

3. Raw diets are sometimes employed by ferret owners. On the contrary, not all welcomes this type of ferret diet. There are health concerns even misconceptions regarding raw diets and while these ideas seem to be untrue, not many people appreciate seeing ferrets feeding on live mice or chicks.

4. Ferret treats are definitely a no-no including sweets. Surely, ferrets love sweet foods to begin with and giving them one or two pieces is sometimes downright fun and exciting to see. However, once you learned the possible illnesses your pets might get from eating them, you will be having second thoughts in making ferret treats a part of any ferret diet.

The nature and physiological makeup of our ferret pets are truly important in determining the most appropriate ferret diet systems. Having regular veterinary check-ups and consultations with ferret experts is beneficial on the part of pet owners. Sometimes, the joy of witnessing your pet, enjoying ferret treats is an experience in itself. On the other hand, moderation must be applied always. Processed foods and commercially-prepared items do help us in taking care of our pets but sometimes we have to be wary in using them. A low-fiber and high-protein diet is always the primary concept and the only way to apply this ferret diet is by means of giving what your pet naturally needs.

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