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Selling those fundraising calendars effectively

by gumtau

Let me teach you how to sell your fundraising calendars effectively. You won’t sell a lot of these fundraising calendars if you just rely on your creative calendar layouts. You need to know some great marketing moves to get your color calendars at the right place, at the right time and to the right people. Let me give you a few of the best tips that should help you sell all those color calendars quickly and effectively.

•  Design your custom calendars wisely – Of course, one of the first things you should focus on to sell your fundraising calendars effectively are their designs. While today it is easy enough to develop a good and attractive color calendar, you should try to think about the design in a wise manner. You should research your market well and determine the different issues, pop culture factors and demographic preferences currently prevailing. Take into account all these things when developing the design so that you can come up with calendars that people notice and would like to buy. Show them calendars that really is timely and interesting and you will sell them like fresh hotcakes.

•  Time your printing right – Now here is a basic tip that you should never forget when selling custom calendars. Always time your printing schedule right so that you can distribute your fundraising calendars at the most opportune time. As you no doubt know, a calendar only has a one year lifespan. So you should distribute them and try to sell them just around the turn of the year. The months of November, December and January are the perfect times for selling, so your printing should already be done before those months. Of course this means that your fundraising campaign will have to happen in those months as well. Once you time this right, it is not unusual to be able to sell all of your fundraising calendars for a tidy profit.

•  Always print in the best materials – Materials are an important selling point for calendars. You never want to use cheap materials in calendar printing since they will need to last the whole year and all the four seasons. Moreover, people really don’t like buying cheap looking calendars, even if it is for a good cause. So always try to print calendars with the best materials that you can afford. Good thick paper, plus some glossy coatings should be decent enough to sell good for fundraising. Avoid rough and thin paper materials of course.

•  Know where your target customers are – Now, when it comes to distributing and selling your fundraising calendars, the best way to effectively do it is to know where your customers are. Don’t just hope that they will come to you. Bring your fundraising calendars to them so that they can easily be tempted to buy. If your target buyers are homemakers for example, you might want to sell your color calendars in grocery stores. If you want the professional types however, then maybe you should plan on selling near business districts or coffee shops. You can even use your own social network to reach precisely where the best customers are for your fundraising calendars. As long as you bring those custom calendars to them, you should have a higher chance of selling them and getting the funds you need.

Great! Now you know how to sell your calendars effectively. Try out all these tricks for the best results. Good luck!