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Selling Corporate Gifts Perth Like Hotcakes

Selling is an integral part to a successful venture doing business. The problem with this is that not too many people are given to have the qualities of good selling techniques, citing an inborn deficiency that cannot be remedied at all. On the other hand, there are some who say that their difficulty in selling is due to the nature and quality of what they sell. This last weakness can be easily treated especially if one will sell quality and popular items like Corporate Gifts Perth. With promotional products like it around, anyone will surely have a heyday selling their stuff in the market.

If you want to do business selling promotional products, you do not have to do it the old-fashioned way, which involves going from house to house peddling your wares. As a matter of fact, selling promotional products can be classified into any of these two:

Some sellers of promotional marketing materials set up shop in some busy state intersection where the pedestrians can see them. Doing business this way is not brisk, as the sales depend heavily on the awareness of people of the business.
The second type of selling corporate materials like Corporate Gifts Perth does not require setting up shop elsewhere. What is required is to be updated on the current events in the community. Such is the case of businesses that forge linkages with event organisers. These businesses do not need to attract individual clients. All they have to do is to supply the need of promotional materials of promotional companies.

Ability to Sustain Is Key

Much like in any human activity, momentum is a very important asset. However, an even greater element that is desired is how to sustain the momentum once it is reached. When selling Corporate Gifts Perth, momentum can refer to as the ability to continually churn out the needed gifts or the ability to keep clients interested on your business. While the two may seem as separate and different from each other, the truth is that they are easily connected. This is why it is important to keep an eye for both and monitor the company’s performance. In most cases, the two can be solved by a single solution, which involves pairing with a tourism company. The trick is to make sure that travellers not only know the good places to visit but also to enjoy great products like Corporate Gifts Perth.

Isn’t it so frustrating to not be able to decide on which item to use for your business promotions? Look no further as we here at Promotional Products Perth can find everything your need to promote a product, service, company, or even just an idea. Our wide range of promotional products such as Corporate GIfts Perth are valued to match your needs while keeping within your promotional budget.

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Selling Is A Lot Like Farming

It was a time in my life when I was just changing gears in my sales career. Although I had been in sales for a few years, I was going into a completely new industry. I had no product knowledge and was apprehensive about my future success. It was a small company, with three other salesmen and they offered very little training. It was basically sink or swim.

One of my most vivid memories was that everyday I would hear the sales manager ask the salesmen what they had sold that day. The sales process for product that we sold had an average gestation period of about two months, so typically the reply from the salesman would invariably be that they hadn’t sold anything that day. As the sales manager, he knew whether or not we had sold anything. He didn’t have to ask us. But the reason that he like to ask us out loud was because he liked to hear us confess in front of the entire office, that we hadn’t sold anything that day. It wasn’t that he was mean or anything like that, but I just think he thought it was funny. Anyway, for the first month or so, I was given a reprieve and was never confronted in such a manner. I guess I was given temporary immunity to allow time for me to ramp up. Nevertheless, I remember coming home and thinking about how I would reply to my boss when the time came for him to ask me that question. It was inevitable, and I knew that the day would soon arrive. Being prideful as I was, I was determined to come up with a good answer so that I wouldn’t be shown up in front of everybody. But up till that point, I still hadn’t sold anything, so I wasn’t sure what I’d say so I gave it a lot of thought.

Sure enough, it wasn’t too long after that that I was passing him in the hall one day and he shot out “Hector, what did you sell today?” I garnered all of my courage, I set myself steady, I looked him in the eye and I said, “Well boss, the way that I see it, selling is a lot like farming…” and then I paused for dramatic effect. Now remember, he liked to ask this question as he just happened to be passing you in the hallway and he seldom slowed down to even hear your reply, since typically the replay was always the same, “nothing.” But this time, I saw him stop in his tracks and I knew I had his attention. He looked at me and asked me “What do you mean selling is a lot like farming?” So I continued, “Well, first you have to plow the land, then you have to plant the seeds. Then, with a little bit of luck, if it rains at just the right time, and a little patience, you should have a nice bumper crop. He stood there looking at me for a moment, not saying anything. I could tell that I had stretched his imagination. He was sort of slack-jawed and then he said, “you know, I never thought of it like that before.” “You’re right”. And then he walked off. And believe it or not, I never again heard him ask that question of anyone ever again.

Selling is a lot like farming. The poor farmer works hard and busts his rump in the spring. He plows and he plants. He knows that if he doesn’t get the seeds in the ground in the spring, that there won’t be any produce in the summer. And even if he does everything right, there are still some things that he can’t control, like rain and pests, etc.

The same with sales. You have to plan now in order to have a bountiful harvest six months from now. You too have to plant lots of seeds. You plow the land by networking and finding qualified leads. Every sales call and every e-mail and every meeting that you engage a customer or a prospect is a new seed planted. It’s all hard work with no immediate pay-off. And no matter how well you do your job, there is still some element of luck involved, just like the farmer if mother nature doesn’t cooperate. But sometimes, if you’ve put in the hard work, everything falls into place and the results are a bountiful harvest. But as soon as you get the crop in and turn it into cash at the market, it’s time to plan for the next crop and start plowing and planting again.

Hector Cadena has been a sales professional for over 25 years. He is Vice President of Sales for Cable Com, Inc in Austin, Texas. He also help found and operated Convergence Cabling for seven years and increased sales every year from .25 million in 2000 to .5 million in 2006.