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Why we should put the Trainer back into Sales Management

Up until 20 years ago, a key function of a sales manager’s role was the regular training of their sales people.  What did this look like?  Well, something like this: weekly 1 hour power training sessions for the sales team focusing on honing key skills, bi-monthly half day or 1 day sessions drilling down on account planning, strategy, market and product knowledge, and formal class room training usually employing external, expert training providers on a once or twice yearly basis to boost their teams to the next level.  This was all supplemented by sales meetings and one-on-one coaching.

Many sales managers of yesteryear were good trainers.  However, through my observations across many businesses, the training component has been replaced by compliance.  Caught in a bind of having to meet their reporting and meeting obligations, sales managers lose valuable time that should be invested in the continuous development of their sales people.

I am seeing that many sales managers are now relegated to being ‘CRM compliance police’, caught up in reporting on numbers of leads, meetings, conversions, etc., usually at the behest of senior management to justify their investment in a CRM.  This means that sales people are often left to fend for themselves with no sales management support at all and often feel under constant scrutiny to meet their numbers quotas.

I get constant complaints from sales managers about this ‘numbers’ obsession and they not being able to support and develop their people to be their best.  They know numbers are important but numbers are not the only aspect of effective sales performance – yet why are they required to worship at the compliance alter?

Training sales people is vital to healthy and sustainable sales performance.  With markets becoming more complex and changing at rapid rates, regular training is imperative to help sales people keep up to date and effective.  Training needs to be regular for it to have any effect.  Regular ‘mini’ training sessions in short, sharp bursts combined with one-on-one coaching in the field makes for better and better sales performance as well as team spirit, unity and retention.  But when do sales managers have the time to learn how to be good trainers and coaches?  And when do they have the time to put this into practice?

Since 1997, we have been accrediting and training sales managers at Barrett to be competent trainers and coaches.  Many report very positive outcomes as a result of being able to conduct regular training with their teams.  Besides sales lifting, team moral improves, there is better retention of staff, and clients seem happier too.

It has been shown that if a business has skilful, professionally trained sales managers who can strategise and plan; lead, coach and train; effectively manage their unit; liaise, link and collaborate with other divisions; and regularly report relevant, real data to the business, then the performance of the sales team will improve significantly.  No other area of development shows such a positive correlation with sales results.

As a rule of thumb, ‘best practice’ states a sales manager should invest their time accordingly:

60-70% in people development (including coaching, training, performance management, recruiting, succession planning and sales meetings)
25%-30% in strategising, business planning, future thinking, etc.
5-15% in reporting and administration

This is a plea on behalf of beleaguered sales mangers everywhere – if you want great sales results, get your sales managers training again.

Remember everybody lives by selling something.

Sue Barrett endorses the propositions that ‘everybody lives by selling something’ and people buy from people they trust. Sue is founder and managing director of BARRETT, and specialises in 21st century sales training, sales coaching, sales leadership, sales capability, and sales culture transformation. Sue is one of the few prominent female voices commenting on sales today. You don’t have to be a sales person to benefit from her knowledge and insight. If you have an idea, capability, product, service or opportunity that you want to take to market then Sue says you need to be able to sell – ethically, honourably, and effectively. Sue practices as a coach, advisor, speaker, facilitator, consultant and writer and works across all market segments with her skilful team at BARRETT.  Sue and her team take the guess work out of selling and help people from many different careers become aware of their sales capabilities and enable them to take the steps to becoming effective, and productive when it comes to selling, sales coaching or sales leadership.To hone your sales skills or learn how to sell go to www.barrett.com.au

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The Sales Management Leadership Quiz

The right person to fill the sales management role, is a common dilemma for most companies. It is a particular challenge when a decision strictly on sales territory performance without regard to the special abilities based labeling is required to lead a sales team. The decision about the right person to promote sales sales manager can be a difficult and risky decision ..


It is an undeniable fact that there are different skillsnecessary to respect a successful sales manager as a successful salesman. Selling is a profession that requires professionals. Manage a group of professionals with the type of personalities required to succeed in sales is no easy task. But after, in my humble opinion, it is probably the most important management position you can hold in a company. Sales Management is the key to achieving the objectives of the company. Sales Managementforms the platform for success. Sales people are not the easiest group in the company to manage. If they do not in the sales staff. Selling is not easy. It has a special talent, self-motivation, self-discipline, a passion for success and the ability to refuse to accept. The reality is simple. The bulk of the turnover of people are not well managed.

Do you have your internal sales manager candidates take the “Sales Manager Quiz”Get help in decision making

Sales Management Leadership Quiz

The candidate should be yes, no or sometimes on the following questions. Calculate the score and give the results for the interview with your interview team.

Always Yes = 2 points No = 0 points Sometimes = 1 point

Yes No S / T

__ __ __ I always communicate with clarity and people understand me.

__ __ __ I always getLiving things done on time and they undertake.

__ __ __ Do you understand how my job relates to the big picture.

__ __ __ Listening properly to others, both staff and management.

__ __ __ Connect developments and spot patterns in floor and phone traffic.

__ __ __ Accept risk and take on difficult tasks.

__ __ __ Inspire excellence and commitmentthe Designer.

__ __ __ Deep interest in people and show strong social and interpersonal skills

__ __ __ I am looking for coaching and mentoring opportunities with all of my subordinates.

__ __ __ Concentrate on results, growth and profitability.

__ __ __ Keep yourself and other persons responsible.

If the candidate scored 20 or higher Revenue —-Management potential is high.

If the candidate’s 15 goals – 19 —– Sales Management potential is medium to high, but can use some development.

If the candidate scored 12 to 14 —- The candidate must be training, coaching and mentoring personalized.

If the candidate scored less than twelve —– keep them focused on the sales success and not on management.

If you have no internal candidates, the results of at least 15 or higher, you must recruit from outside tothe company on.


Anti aging treatments

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Sales management Is the key of an organization

Sales enablement arms the organization’s workforce with access to the insight, experts, and all that information which will ultimately increase the revenue. It provides everything needed to make products, solutions, or services saleable. Sales best practices for boosting sales performance management is the key to success. The organization can use incentive compensation to align payments to strategic corporate objectives. It should motivate and reward performance with contests, SPIF’s and non-cash incentives, model and forecast compensation plans prior to deployment, motivate analytics to drive sales performance, integrate CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and compensate management for greater insight into sales opportunities.

Sales Force Evaluation is a powerful, cost-effective workshop for any organization to reverse declining sales. Sales force evaluation involves asking questions regarding sales performance and finding out the answers. Evaluators examine sales records of past performances and understand those strategies which contribute to higher sales and morale and which do not. Based on investigation it is scored and delivered as a report. Sales Territory Design is an important aspect involving correction in Sales Territories so that the entire sales force has equal opportunity to achieve desired sales. It removes market imbalances resulting in lower market shares, slower growth, and higher costs due to employee turnover.  

Sales Performance management translates the marketing plan into marketing performance. Described as the muscle behind marketing management, sales manager in a modern organization holds a multitude of responsibilities. He plans, directs, and controls the personal selling effort of the firm. He is also responsible for bringing in the required profits. In addition, he is also responsible for creating the desired image for the company and its products. Modern sales manager has to do marketing rather than mere selling. Sales Knowledge Management is a technical strategy. This strategy involves managing knowledge of sales and marketing cuts across disciplines and departments of an organization and includes various functions within marketing, sales, training, sales automation, and customer service. The challenge is to make vast amounts of dynamic information accessible to sales people for use in performing specific tasks on the job.

Growing Sales Revenue inspires sales management team. Sales revenue is the total amount of money that the firm has earned from the sale of all its goods and services during a given time period. Reasons behind the best sellers’ effort go far beyond the interest of earning money, recognition, meeting people and proving themselves, etc. They strive for perfection. The only thing achievers have in common, however, is that there is a fire burning inside.

All the various strategies of Sales Training need to be adhered to achieve success because effective and profitable sales are possible when there is proper integration of the resources at hand.

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Profitable Medical Practice Management Strategies

Now that health insurance reform has passed, good medical practice management is more important than ever. With a projected increased workload for the same or perhaps even less pay, how well you manage things may well be the key to keeping your practice
afloat financially.

It’s a true shame that primary care physicians have to spend so much time and energy on management just to get paid. I’m not a physician, but before becoming a wealth management consultant, I was a medical sales rep. I have nothing but respect for doctors, especially for the primary care doctors who are on health care’s front lines.

The sad thing is that the profession as a whole isn’t getting the respector the reimbursementsit deserves, and in my opinion the recently-passed reform legislation isn’t going to help. With that in mind, I’ve been doing some research into practice management and have found some good tips from Physicians Practice and ModernMedicine, two online magazines for physicians.

As a physician, you can qualify for $ 44,000 over 5 years under Medicare or $ 63,750 over 6 years through Medicaid for making your practice a meaningful user of electronic health care records (EHRs). But you have to be careful because of the hefty, HIPAA-mandated fines for not keeping private information secure. Be sure to do a lot of research before choosing an electronic medical record system to adopt for your practice.

Do what you can to keep staff turnover low. Use management strategies like small rewards, making sure your staff are all well trained, and doing your best to have the right person in the right job. You may even save money by paying staff a bit more, considering that it can cost your practice anywhere from $ 3 to $ 4 thousand dollars every time someone quits.

The recession is making it even more important to collect payment from patients up front. Obviously, you want to help people who are struggling because of the economy. But to keep your practice sound financially you’re going to need to manage the balance between helping and getting paid what your work is worth. And rememberyour staff is counting on you for their salaries, too.

Be sure to automate everything you can. An automated patient-reminder system, for example, can save you on staff costs. Claims-scrubbing software can catch mistakes in billing that could lead to denied claims and thus increase your income.

Take time to learn about upcoming changes in coding regulations. There are more than 200 changes in 2010 that you should be aware of. Again, we all know that health insurers and the government will seize on any reason to deny your claims. You certainly don’t need to help them!

I still think it’s sad that primary care doctors have to spend so much time managing their practices, sometimes at the expense of patient care. In an ideal world, primary care physicians in particular would be left alone to do the work theyve spent years and over $ 100K training to do.

But since medical practice management is part of the jobif only to learn enough so you can hire and supervise an expert managerthe best thing is to learn everything you need to learn and apply it so you can keep your practice profitable. I hope these tips help!

Jen Gilbert is a physician wealth management consultant and Internet entrepreneur. She helps primary care physicians achieve their financial goals through education, information, and motivation. Previously a highly successful medical sales representative, Jen founded her consulting business to help busy physicians position themselves for a secure financial future. For more information, visit her website at www.physicianwealthstrategies.net.

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Property Management Quotes/rates

Pretty much like buying something off a store, property management also has an array of prices imposed on them as you use their service. The prices though are not general. It varies in terms of service quality and its scope. A more established property management company, of course, imposes higher rates, while the not very exceptional ones or startups cannot really impose a rate as soaring. As to the scope, normally, a property manager takes care of the general and monotonous tasks, and depending on the agreement, can go beyond that. The common tasks assigned to a real estate manager that he can decide himself are advertisement, maintenances issues, invoice, getting the payments every month and receiving the concerns of tenants. Property owners always get their hands on screening tenants, property repairs, mortgage, loans and in the string of similar financial dealings – just about everything that includes financial decisions.

On the average, a real estate management quotes range from 3 percent to 10 percent gross rent collected every month. Before you a hire property manager, be sure to run a little background check and referrals. Ask people who they have worked before about their services and thoroughly assess them of services offered. Expenditures for repairs are added as agreed to the aforementioned percentage as soon as they are agreed upon by both parties. Put in mind that hiring a property manager does not mean total hands off of your property. It’s still your business after all and the finances are critical issues that may cause serious disputes if left unattended – be it paying tax, insurance, mortgage etc. You also have to account with the real estate manager regarding repairs. It will be a determinant of how much exactly to spend should there be damages that occur. Moreover, property owners might also want to do tenant screening themselves. This is to assure that they know of the quality of the people who are going to occupy their property, and are comfortable with them. This could take time, but it really is all up to you.

Perhaps the most difficult task of a property manager is when they get to deal with tenants. Invoices and similar sorts of paper works are arduous jobs that can be done by anyone. Dealing with people’s sour attitudes is what tests are property manager. Let’s face it, people can be quite difficult sometimes. However, you can’t wage conflicts against them either because they are the lifeblood of your business. You need someone to take care of this reputation if you think you don’t have the heart for it. It really takes some guts to stick to your guns when tenants are making you wave his late payment. If you tolerate his behavior and wave, then he has all the reason he needs to do it again. If you strictly assert your policy, you’d appear too stern and inconsiderate. If you have a real estate manager, he can always just say he’s doing his job, which he does. Nobody’s going to bother you at ridiculous hours for repairs, or when you’re spending quality time with family. Property managers can be expensive, but a quote of 3%-10% will you bring about priceless peace of mind.

The author owns and operates a successful property management company in Tampa, FL. He also is a very successful real estate investor purchasing more than 150 rental properties over the last 12 years and “novacancynow”.

Please feel free to visit his website at Property Management Wesley Chapel

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Sales Management India

Businesses must be able to track orders all along the sales process in order to be successful. Sales management is vital for success for any company.

Small businesses are especially affected by mismanagement, misinformation, or problems encountered in order fullfilment.

Most of the complaints from customers are related with sales management. Order tracking systems help you keep your customers informed and happy with your services.

Sales management applications have been designed with the concept of streamlining information and making it easier to make sales in mind. One of the main functions of SalesBabu sales management software is to keep lead and customer information in an organized, easily accessible way. This allows for sales reps to input and access customer data with ease. Keeping this information organized as such also allows sales reps to have access to the most current data needed to make sales presentations or to deliver at meetings. Critical information is immediately available. In turn, more time to devote to selling is potentially made available.

In addition to making essential information readily available to sales reps, sales management tools also provide opportunities for businesses to eliminate redundancy and duplicacy of tasks & data, automate processes, and establish uniformity of processes. Using sales management applications, businesses can organize work flow and adjust it as necessary to meet business and customer needs. There is also opportunity to establish customized approval processes that automate things such as discount requests or opportunities to close sales. Sales territories can be analyzed, defined, and adjusted frequently according to data organized by sales management software. This can aide in the elimination of overlapping sales territories, or customers becoming lost in transitions.

There are many stops along the sales cycle process, where bottlenecks or errors can occur. Sales Management from www.salesbabu.com is a tool that helps in sales management. This sales management software helps you and your customers to access order information in real time. Sales Management software will help streamline your sales order process and it will improve customer satisfaction also.Sales management applications allow businesses the opportunity to maintain key customer and product data in an efficient and organized manner that is readily accessible to sales teams. In doing this, the opportunity to streamline sales opportunities and the functions of sales teams can be capitalized on. Sales management applications aide in making the sales process an efficient one for leads, customers, sales reps, and businesses as a whole.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM India is now a commonly used tool by enterprises in enhancing their day-today business processes. Vendors that offer marketing software, crm solution india, sales force automation india, in particular, are known for their ability to provide tailor-made and highly customised CRM solutions that are reasonably priced.

Sales Management VS Sales Performance

Sales managers/administrators are ineffective. The delusional that believe they are effective are usually a result of being placed through cronyism or nepotism and so protected till the company fails. Raging with understandable insecurity, these sales managers are unable to understand the selling method, that specialize in managing activities to demonstrate they at least doing one thing and otherwise pay more time telling the bosses what they wish to hear instead of what desires to be done. The fault lies with command and control company structures that a sales culture will not mix with. Managing sales performance is a responsibility of senior leadership however few understand or see the price/responsibility of this role.

Sales management has traditionally been defined with three components: recruiting, coaching and managing. Sales forces have come back beneath increased pressure to form results due to the high costs of turnover and resourcing compared to any results of real profitable growth created…whether or not a compelling product/service is out there to them or not. How is your average salaried, benefited, company automobile, expense account, company trained sales rep performing?…the reality to sold results is poor.

Little or massive company, you are merely unable to recruit the best together with your own resources efficiently or effectively. A wider net of discovery and a lot of a lot of thorough vetting can and ought to be done by a skilled recruiter familiar together with your needs. The savings in lower turnover and better profitable growth can more than acquire the price of outsourcing this function. Ineffective hires drain resources, lower morale, lose abundant less gain sales, stop a viable channel of client feedback to improve product & services and replicate poorly on senior management. If you handle recruiting internally with a ancient sales manager, your sales force will be a ocean of mediocrity and just be a matter of your time before complete failure to grow is realized.

Sales training is a more complicated issue however still has no business being resourced internally for any company. If you’re smart enough to leverage a skilled recruiter and perceive the necessity to make amends for the simplest experienced out there for your wants, you avoid fundamentals training and hopefully have embraced online technical or product training for cost effective results. Books, tapes and seminars are universally a waste of your time, as haven’t/don’t change behaviors and at best give some expensive laughs however no leads to profitable growth…means too expensive in time or money for any company. Rent experienced related field sales agencies with successful track records, compensate them fairly and then get out of their method as they grasp where to go and what to do with the understanding and assurance of commissions rewarding their performance efforts.

Sales managers like to manage; sadly they do a lot of hurt than good. Companies typically promote an glorious sales rep, taking effectiveness off the road and then make them conform to boring the reps at meetings, require distracting/inaccurate non price reporting, induce unproductive conference calls, task forces/campaigns while not results, then train on the most recent fad…primarily something but do what they originally hired to try to to best: sell! The worst of the bunch are cronied in by inbred management with no selling skills or maybe empathy to those who will acquire results. Typically senior management is unwilling to just accept accountability so they saddle sales managers with account hundreds that fully distract resources that should otherwise help reps grow their own portfolios, further damaging morale, increase turnover and overall weaken growth prospects. With rare exceptions, sales needs to be outsourced to agencies that apprehend your markets, recognize the way to recruit experienced performers within the related field and will consistently deliver higher growth profit margins than you’ve got historically accomplished.

Companies typically get distracted by quick fix sales growth tactics however have any honestly worked? Name me a book, tape, seminar, CRM tool that has worked…if you think that you’ll be able to than why is that this market so fractionalized with no leaders within the pack? If any were effective, actually they would be exploding in growth. Nice leaders are forever voracious readers…not the one gift book at Christmas wonderment that gets regifted to the sales reps, or the “professional” who is heaps of snickers and is hired at nice expense to “motivate” the sales team. The joke is on management as true selling professionals see through the charade, resent greenbacks being spent on the flavour of the day ideas and can not stay if compensated the identical as underperformers (also known as cronies of the cronies) with the resulting anxiety and respect from customers as well.

What then can management do to create profitable growth? Outsource recruiting. Leave sales performance to a zealous sales agency. Coaching best left online to merely your product knowledge. Let the thousands of hucksters of sales solutions feed at the trough of your competitors whereas you specialise in creating the simplest product/service for the simplest value in your markets.

The overwhelming majority of surveys and studies are merely not to be trusted when trying to quantify sales management. White papers funded by vested interest suppliers, think tank studies tainted by executives telling them what they want to listen to rather than what really happening, trade magazine articles that do not match up with any real/practical experiences. Unfortunately consumers have limited resources generally so they usually fall victim to the newest buzz, entertainment, bid, relationship, etc…therefore keeping the sorry lot of sales forces alive in these fractious markets.

Sales management may be a career fraught with frustration, caught within the squeeze between command and management bosses, fickle shopper channels and a sea of mediocrity in sales performance. Selling is definitely a noble profession, though usually maligned and for often good cause. For the few who get it, sales will be terribly lucrative, personally rewarding and differentiating as a real skilled experience. There is a restricted future in sales management or corporations who believe resourcing internally serves a cost effective growth role. What do you really wish: Sales management or sales performance?

Freelance Writers has been writing articles online for nearly 2 years now. Not only does this author specialize in Sales Management, you can also check out his latest website about:

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Washer Dryer Combo Unit

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Strategies for Lead Management

A successful sales team revolves around an enterprise generating more leads, creating effective strategies to do so and, of course, closing sales. Typically an enterprise can lose anywhere from 40 percent to a whopping 80 percent of its sales leads anywhere in the sales cycle. Here is where lead management enters the picture. Lead management is, simply put, a solution that helps convert more website visitors into actual sales leads. Therefore, to ensure that leads end up in the sales pipeline, every enterprise needs a rock solid lead generation software. Enterprises that have their lead management process in place can easily earn more revenue as a result of their lead generating activities, and they also generate better customer relationships.


Creating an effective lead management strategy is possible only if enterprises first evaluate their existing lead strategies. Queries about lead flow, current lead generation campaigns, sources of leads, the process of transferring leads from marketing to sales, measuring lead follow-ups, tracking sales leads to closed sales, etc., need to be answered. Defining your systems is also important. So enterprises should look into how they define their ideal leads and what specific parameters they use to disqualify leads. It would also be prudent to look into how the lead handing off process to the sales team occurs.


Enterprises can also opt for optimized lead management software that offers the multiple advantages of data management, planning leads, qualifying leads and providing ways to nurture and score more leads. It can easily assist in identifying quality leads in your target segment. With its built-in lead generation tools it can help in building profiles of your leads and provide you with actionable intelligence about your leads. It can also help enterprises plan out better campaigns. B2B enterprises want to gain enhanced visibility into the lead qualification process, and optimized lead management software can promise to provide just that. With such visibility, lead qualification, validation, scoring and classifying leads will become far easier for enterprises.


Enterprises want to capture, respond and track all their leads from diverse sources. They want to be able to provide the best leads to their sales teams for better sales closure rates, and an effective lead management strategy does exactly that. With lead management software that emphasizes lead intent, an enterprise can benefit from the best tracking practices that provide analysis of website visitors and their behaviors to ensure better conversion of leads with enhanced nurturing.



Know more – lead management system, lead intelligence.

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