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The Best Ways to Get More Sales From Every One of Your Click Bank Products

You have to ensure that your site’s sales page is effective because otherwise people won’t have any motive to purchase from you. The whole point of having a product on Clickbank is to sell it, right? Thus, no matter how much traffic you generate for your site, it matters very little if your sales copy is not effective and doesn’t generate conversions. The majority of Clickbank vendors have the impression that all they have to do is provide people with a solution to their problems and their product will fly off the proverbial shelf. That’s all okay, but how will your prospect be convinced that your product actually does all that? You have to show your prospects what’s in it for them and tell them about all the benefits they derive out of buying your product and why they need to action right away.

Remember that the Internet gives people a wide array of choices when they are looking out to buy a product which means that if you have to beat the competition then you should know how to convince them with a worthy sales letter. You should be spending a fair bit of time writing your sales page to make sure it is effective or if you aren’t up to the task you should outsource it since the one thing you absolutely don’t want to be doing is ignoring it. Your sales page shouldn’t be promoting anything else other than the product in question and should definitely not include links to other products. You don’t want your prospective clients confused, since you want to increase your sales.

The idea is give people who come to your sales page only two choices, either to buy the product or to leave. Your conversions will drop if you find yourself marketing a number of different products on the same sales page. Providing your prospects with choices is a good thing but not on your sales page. When you look at all the successful products on Clickbank you’ll notice that all of them have a dedicated sales page promoting one single product. You need to make the decision making easy for your visitors by showing them why they should go for this one product. The smart way to go about it is to put up dedicated sales pages for each different product you are promoting.

Make sure that you take any AdSense ads off your sales page. You will only end up annoying your affiliates because no one wants to work at promoting a product that doesn’t have a dedicated sales page, which means you will lose more money than the few cents you might make every time someone clicks on the ad. You don’t want to use these ads on your sales page because they will distract prospects and lower your conversion rate. It should now be apparent how important it is to separate your product from all the others competing against it.

It’s important to focus on your product, but also on all the elements that go into promoting and selling your product, such as your sales page.

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Tips to Make Your Sales Letters, Web Pages and Promotions More Successful

How to structure your sales material is just as important as the content in it. If it doesn’t look appealing to read – they won’t read it.

And the things that make it appealing can be disturbing to many who are unfamiliar with direct response marketing.

For example…

1) Use a headline on everything you use for marketing your business. And not the form of headline you see all over the web… “Welcome To Our Home Page”. One like that will get your prospect more turned off than turned on. It says nothing about why they should keep reading. And online – you have 5 seconds to state your case and get them reading before they click away to the next site.

Strong compelling headlines on why they should keep reading…

Discover 5 Easy Ways to Turn Your Website Visitors into Buyers

Learn How to Turn Your Words into Wealth

Warning: If You Are About To Hire a Website Designer – Read This First

Are You Using Illegal Means To Capture New Clients? The Answer Will Surprise You! Read This First Before You Hear From A Lawyer.

And so on.

Headlines will make or break your success online or off… make sure you use them

2) After the headline start with a short, snappy lead that feeds off the headline. The headline is designed to get them to read the lead line – the lead line designed to get them to read the next line – and so on – and so on.


It’s true. Your website visitors are being wasted and there is a simple way to make them stay and get them buying.


Believe it or not… a single 3 word change on your web page can increase your sales by up to 470%.


You web designer and copywriters have put your company in a very dangerous legal situation.

Make it intriguing and promising a solution and they will keep reading.

A few other tips keep them reading…

Indent the first line of each paragraph

Double space between paragraphs

Use short paragraphs (even one sentence paragraphs)

Use spaces or gaps in the paragraph. When we talk – we pause. And it should be the same while reading. So use pauses in your writing as well to flow like we speak. You can use the – or… to indicate a pause. Use them as you would while speaking.

Read it out loud – if you stumble over certain words or structure – redo it until it flows.

Try changing your sales and marketing pieces using these techniques and test to see the results for yourself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

To your success,

Troy White

Troy White is a top marketing coach, consultant & direct response copywriter based in Calgary, Canada. He has a powerful approach to growing small businesses and entrepreneurial run ventures on a budget. His FREE Cash Flow Surges newsletter shares tons of great strategies at http://www.smallbusinesscopywriter.com
He also publishes the incredibly powerful Cash Flow Calendar system that gives you daily, weekly and monthly marketing ideas to promote your business and stand out from the crowd. To get your free tips for growing your business, you can register at http://www.cashflowcalendars.com

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Different Methods To Earn More Through Network Marketing Sales

People are a little bit like sheep; they follow each other everywhere and only do what other people are doing. They only wear the clothes that the majority are wearing and they nearly always buy through recommendation or because they knew about it previously. It is your job to educate people about your product and make it known to make more network marketing sales.

The best way to sell a product is to know it inside out yourself and believe in it. If you are trying to sell something that you do not use then it will come across as inexperienced to your potential buyer. There is no point trying to sell hair growth stimulator when you are bald; they will take one look and say well that does not work.

There are different things you can do to get your product in front of the consumer raffles at your local clubs with your product as one of the prizes or even a competition give away. Let it be known that you are donating one of the prizes a great way of striking up a conversation about the product.

People love a free chance to win something no matter what it is, if it is completely free you can guarantee that you will generate some interest. This is a perfect way to talk to people about the product; they feel obliged to listen because they are getting something for nothing.

To do this sort of marketing is a numbers game and you should be looking to achieve this type of relationship building on a regular basis. Spreading the word about your business is key to generating a hysteria that will eventually sell its self. Get people to try your product at every opportunity, take a sample with you everywhere you go.

You should make a point of trying to sell products that relate to your hobbies or everyday life. If you are an avid fisherman then what better product could you sell than fishing gear. There is a degree of common sense involved; you would not try and sell ping pong balls down at the local tennis club.

Another great way to sell products is to find a company that sells something similar or in the same niche and offer a joint venture. A customer buys two of their product and gets yours half price is a good example.

Network marketing sales can increase as long as you have the right techniques. If you would like some secrets to networking sales, then we have a simple how-to guide that will help.

3 Inspirational Quotes to Help You Become More Successful

3 Inspirational Quotes to Help You Become More Successful

Lots of successful people have been inspired by the success of others especially those who  acquired tremendous wealth and became the center of envy by those who are a little underprivileged. These people became what they want, because they copied from those who were ahead of them and it was followed from generation to generation. It becomes a trend and nobody want to be left behind and so the process continues. Successful people are always the inspirations by those who want to follow their footsteps.

I have selected some quotes from famous people who contributed to the world to become an inspiration to mankind and embraced to enjoy.

1. Napoleon Hill

“Before success in any man’s life he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat and, perhaps, some failure. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit. That is exactly what the majority of men do”.

This is true to those who are not so serious to succeed. Most people are eager to start when they are still in its early burst of enthusiasm. As the days and even months continued, and there work is still halfway to the finish line, they tend to become disinterested anymore and later on quit without giving justice to what they have started to see its course.

I am one of the victim of these early-to-start-early-to-quit mentality. I’ve started a project with the intention of getting it done on time based on my time table. But, as the time have passed and nothing came out into manifestation, I became frustrated and leave the work unfinished. This happened many times in my life, I became easily frustrated and ended up in a state of solitude and self pity.

Until I finally realized, and with the help of this quotes of Napoleon Hill, I was able to manifest a true change in my life. Now, anything I commenced, either it be a simple task to a more complicated ones, I always stick to this inspirational quote as a guide for me to go on with my plans until the final result becomes apparent.

2. Calvin Colidge

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than successful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is filled with educated derelicts.  Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan “Press On” has solved and always will solve, the problem of the human race”.

This is the most excellent quote I’ve encountered from the famous Calvin Coolidge. The content from it, is so magnetic that I am carried away by its meaning. Usually, many individuals are proud with their lots of recognitions and diplomas, thinking that those recognitions could bring them to success. So they end up waiting for some opportunities to arrive them without making some efforts to utilize those enormous resources they possesses.

No matter how you possess all those positive resources, if you’ll not exert your efforts to follow what you desires, nothing would comes out into reality.

3. Theodore Roosevelt

“The most important single ingredient in the formula of success is knowing how to get along with people”.

Public relation plays an important role in the life of a person. It’s through getting along with people that you can be classified as a real person who can be treated the way others treat you. It’s a way how people value you as an  individual when you showed your inner self as well as your potentials to be of more important for them. Through your good rapport with your peers, you’re considered as a part of their lives, and because you’re not foreign to them, they’re all at peace to seek your help without any second thought whatsoever. They’re open to all their problems at your own disposal to give a quality solutions.

With this quality you possess, your success becomes more apparent to show its course.

Cris Ramasasa is a retired Horticulture teacher for 29 years and Freelance writer. Writes home gardening tips and resources. Written ebooks titled: Discover How To Get Started In Flower Gardening and Vegetable Gardening Made Easy and lots articles related to his area of expertise. Visit his site at: www.crisramasasa.com for more tips, free articles and ebooks and lots of valuable resources.

How to Make More Sales With Less Effort

Probably the most valuable skill to learn for reducing your sales effort is to learn how to market yourself effectively so that you barely have to sell at all. Personal Marketing is the fastest way to sell more and work less. It is simply getting your prospects excited about you and your service before you ever make a sales call. This is a concept that will open your eyes and change your life. If you follow a few tricks of the trade, you will soon discover how simple it is to increase sales while reducing your selling effort.

Personal Marketing is the strategy of rarely speaking to anyone who does not already know who you are. It is applying advance marketing techniques before you meet a prospect. Here’s a simple formula to show you how it works:

SE x PM = SR

(Selling Effort x Personal Marketing = $ ales Results)

It’s simple math: The more marketing you do, the less selling effort you have to put forth. Sales Effort is physical, time-consuming, and fraught with objections and rejections. It requires great time management and communication skills. Personal Marketing is leveraging your message to as many of your target prospects as possible without your physically having to do it yourself. Develop and execute a few of the Personal Marketing strategies suggested below and sales will come to you, rather than you chasing them.

Developing a referral stream through marketing efforts will greatly accelerate your sales. Good personal marketing, such as ads or links on web sites, a well-placed headline in a trade journal, a best-selling book that refers to your services, will sell more than you ever could by just knocking on doors. By using media that reaches thousands, you are in essence knocking on the door of everyone who sees them.

Keep it in mind that this is completely separate from the global marketing that your company is already doing for you. This is a much more personalized and direct marketing effort that will not only draw them to your product or service, but direct them to you. Be sure the message you use is compelling enough to get them to act or show interest in what you have to offer.

Here are a few possible strategies to get you started. There are zillions more possible.

1. Create alliances with other individuals who are in touch with your prospects.
2. Send out sales letters.
3. Speak at local trade shows or bring a speaker in to an event you organized.
4. Advertise.
5. Join and participate in your trade associations.
6. Do email or direct mail marketing.
7. Ask for referrals and testimonials.
8. Volunteer at community events.
9. Attend networking functions.
10. Write an article for your industry and submit it to your trade publications.

These are only a few ways to market yourself as a businessperson to increase your sales results.

The problem is that most businesspeople do not want to spend the time or money necessary for marketing. They would rather be cheap and rely on their own physical effort or hope the company does the marketing for them. Those businesspeople who rely only on their own sales effort will always have to work harder than those who market themselves personally.

So if you want to sell more with less effort-give personal marketing a try. And if you do, please give me a call on your cell phone from the sunny tropical location where you will be vacationing to celebrate all your sales success.

George Ludwig is a recognized authority on sales strategy and peak performance psychology. An international speaker, trainer, and corporate consultant, he is currently the president and CEO of GLU Consulting. He helps clients like Johnson & Johnson, Abbott Laboratories, Northwestern Mutual, CIGNA, and numerous others improve sales force effectiveness and performance.

Get More Sales and Profits with Postcards

When you have great products and services but you seem not to be making enough sales to earn profit, you need to reconsider your marketing strategy. There could be something to improve or change in the way you handle your marketing campaign. Perhaps there are tools you have previously ignored that you need to start using to take advantage of the marketing power they offer. One of them is the postcards.

Postcards are actually great materials that can help you enhance your relationship with your clients and customers. Though often ignored by business owners, postcards have become a quick, simple and reliable way of increasing your sales and profits without spending a lot on promotional tools. A well produced post card could reach out to your customers and prospects and instill awareness through content and design. In a flip of a wrist, your customers understand what you want to tell them.

Since post cards can be created in any quantity depending on the budget, they are great for all businesses, large or small. Instead of using pricey tools, you can save a lot on by using these simple two-sided cards.  Within days, you can take your post cards from idea to distribution.

Ideally, post cards are more profitable when you used them to draw in new customers, follow up with your prospects, extend gratitude to your customers for their patronage, and invite your past customers to come back. The key to a successful postcard campaign is to convey instant impact. You need to make your cards command attention immediately in your customer’s mail box. It has to catch their eye, stir their curiosity, and deliver your message quickly.

There are basically two sides in a post card. The front can be loaded with a message that will appeal to your prospects and compel them to flip the card in order to get the full message. The back can be used to unveil your mail message. It can contain the benefits of your product or service and provide a strong compelling action. As much as possible, you need to make your card easy for your prospects to respond to by removing all the impediments in the way.

Just like any other type of marketing material, you need to ensure that your post card has a powerful headline. The headline is the most crucial part of your card. It should be placed prominently in front of your postcard templates. Keep in mind that a well crafted headline is the key to a successful post card campaign. Once you got a powerful headline, you can try to improve it by making it visually appealing. You can try using larger fonts to make your card look clearer and understandable.

You can also use images and graphics to help get your message across. Just be sure to pick an image that matches with the message of your headline.

It is likewise important that he content of your post cars must be benefit-laden. You’re your prospects in a clear and vivid manner what they will get if they take advantage of your offer today. Be sure to communicate to them your unique benefits that your competitions don’t have.

And don’t forget to tell your customers how they can contact you. It can be through phone, fax, mail, email or your website. Remember that people respond in different ways, so be sure to give them different options to reach you.

Resources: Leah Delaney is specializing in writing articles on a printing company. Try to check out this website for more information and tips about cost effective postcards and find the best place for a more eye catching and free postcard templates for effective marketing.

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Selling More With Whiteboard Displays

“All those slides, apps and tech solutions aren’t right for our audience. We need to show-and-tell at the whiteboard.” Get a 6-point selling success cheat sheet to guarantee you are ready for winning at the whiteboard.

More and more sales professionals, consultants and pre-sales consultants are finding whiteboard selling conversations speed decisions. Sketching in real time is a fast way to simplify complex ideas.

If you’ve been watching this trend but shying away because you don’t feel confident with a marker, now is the time to take a step forward.

When you step up to the whiteboard to map out ideas, a whole new world opens up. You are no longer ‘talking at’ your audience. You are no longer hinged at the hip to your clicker, fast-forwarding through volumes of slides.

Instead you are showing an open attitude. You are happily rolling up your sleeves to ask questions, listen to answers, and provide guidance through complex projects. When you walk to the whiteboard, everyone is reading your moves. They see whether you are timid, shy or reserved. They instantly recognize when you are confident, open minded and ready for creative collaboration.

In whiteboard discussions, your body language sets the tone. Use this quick and easy checklist to prepare for maximum success in interacting for real, vital conversations with your clients and prospects.

 Are you comfortable, rested and hydrated?
 Are you standing straight with centered posture?
 Have you stretched and released any tension from neck and shoulders?
 Have you faced the audience, made eye contact and smiled?
 Have you introduced yourself and calmly described your role?
 Have you organized all tools, markers, handouts and notes for easy reach?

As you can see, the way you move, speak and organize your environment sets the stage for ultimate success with your clients.

Unlike a slide-based presentation, when you’re at the whiteboard, you show up even more. Your movements, ease and confidence are evident before you ever put marker to the board. Of course, as you continue to discuss and interact with participants, your movement continues to shape the quality of discussion.

Naturally it is challenging to assess your own body language while presenting at a whiteboard. That’s why most professionals prefer to work one-on-one with a presentation coach for personal feedback and suggestions.

Rather than relying on a one-size-fits-all approach to training, personal coaching addresses your unique strengths. For some professionals, this includes subtle changes to the environment. For instance, if you are very tall, you may need to adjust the height of the whiteboard so it matches your straight posture. Alternatively, if you are very short, you may need to work at a lower level so you can stay centered, relaxed and comfortable.

Whether selling at the whiteboard is new to you, or something you’ve used for years, there is always more to learn. Up your game and challenge yourself to keep growing your whiteboard selling skills. When you feel the rush of ‘yes’ and see how fast decisions are made, you’ll know this was time well spent.

Milly Sonneman is a recognized expert in visual language. She is the co-director of Presentation Storyboarding, a leading presentation training firm, and author of the popular guides: Beyond Words and Rainmaker Stories available on Amazon. Milly helps business professionals give winning presentations, through Email Marketing skills trainings at Presentation Storyboarding. You can find out more about our courses or contact Milly through our website at: http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com/

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More Cars Shipped, Means Lower Quote For You

Everything seems to be cheaper when you buy in bulk. The same can go for car transport. These days, every dollar counts, and we have to shop around to get the best bargains. This applies to food, consumer products and even some reliable car transportation. You know that when you buy something online from a company, and then perhaps add another thing to the order, they are likely to give you a deal and ship both items for the same charge.

If you have a good broker with a car transport company that wants to work for you, and not against you, and will do their very best to make the deal work for you, then you can look forward to a bargain. The more cars that some brokers can ship at the same time, although dropped off at different locations, means savings passed along to each customer. More cars shipped together on a reliable car transportation rig means less time zipping around for the driver to pick up one here and one there. Less time for the driver and less mileage means savings for all customers using that particular transport route.

I think it’s like getting a baker’s dozen, which is thirteen — one free means less costs when split amongst all. With door to door car transport the cost may run a little more but it’s a lot safer than shipping terminal to terminal. Your car is looked after from the moment it’s loaded onto the car transport rig, to the moment it’s offloaded at your home and you drive it into your garage. A reliable car transportation site will have a means for them to quote you quickly through email, but if you just want to call them up right away and speak to the broker, then they will also have a toll free phone number for their customer’s convenience.

Car transport today is like the cattle drives back in the Old West. Round them on up, load them up, unload them at their destination. Of course, today, the destination may be a garage attached to a home on a cliff, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. We should all be so lucky. In the meantime, we can dream about the car about to arrive at our urban curb, all shiny and clean because it was transported in a dealer type covered rig, safe and sound, and if cars could think like their owners, bursting with anticipation at the road ahead.

Susan Hart is a world traveled former literary agent. If you have urgent Car Transport needs and want to save money take a look at the site she visited right away.

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