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International Baccalaureate Program: Is it feasible to enter the program in the 10th grade?

Question by Rohit A: International Baccalaureate Program: Is it feasible to enter the program in the 10th grade?
Due to an upcoming move from the US to India next year, our 14 yr old will be required to enter the IB program in the 10th grade. Can the program accommodate such a transition or could it be a very difficult move for our daughter?

Specifically, we’re looking at IB programs in the Pune area, and it appears that the Mercedes Benz school is the only one that accepts students prior to the 11th grade.

Any suggestions / feedback welcome. Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by mollbert
While I am not familiar with the IB program in the area you are moving into . . .

I know that the IB program in Denver, CO was able to accept students entering in the 10th grade.

The forewarning is that your student will be required to commit to around 9 hours of homework an evening. This of course may vary from school to school, but it is a warning nonetheless.

I would contact the school and ask about the program’s policies about admission.

Hopefully this was a bit helpful!

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Sometimes, simple changes to your eating habits can be the best weight loss program of all

Stop Eating Processed Sugar:

First, let us give sugar its due.  When we eat any sort of carbohydrate, from pasta to bananas to spinach, our bodies break it down into glucose, a form of sugar.  Glucose is the basic energy supply that keeps us running.  So, we need sugar to live.   But notice that it comes from any carbohydrate.  We can get all the sugar we need to function just by eating a healthy, balanced diet.
Unfortunately, a lot of the food we purchase at the grocery store has processed, or refined, sugar added to it. These sugars are not healthy for your weight loss program. Processed sugar is sugar that is extracted from plants like cane, beets or corn into crystals or syrup that can then be added to other foods to make them sweeter.  According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Americans eat an average of 156 pounds of added sugar a year!  Look at that five-pound bag of sugar in your pantry.  Take 31 of those.  Now eat them.  
Where is this sugar?  Pretty much everywhere.  Of course, we know it’s in soft drinks, cookies, candy and ice cream.  But did you know that sugar is added to ketchup, spaghetti sauce, fruit juice, peanut butter, cold cereals and canned fruits and vegetables?      All of this added sugar is just empty, extra calories that contribute to weight gain.  Try getting the nutrients your body needs without eating foods with added sugar.  Here are some tips:


•         Read food labels.  If sugar is one of the first few ingredients, avoid that food.  
•         Know your sugars.  Anything that ends in the letters ose, like fructose, maltose, dextrose, is a sugar.  High fructose corn syrup is one of the worst culprits.
•        Substitute, Instead of a glass of juice, eat an orange.  Instead of sweetened peanut butter, try unsweetened, or have a handful of nuts.  Eat fresh vegetables instead of canne
•         Avoid some foods altogether.  Candy, sweet pastries and soft drinks have to go.  Sorry.

Let Go of Fried Foods:

Fried foods are fatty foods.  Fatty foods lead to weight gain, obviously this will not help any weight loss program.  It is that simple.  Do not get me wrong, like sugar; we need some fat to live.  For instance, some vitamins only dissolve in fat, and without fat in our diet, these vitamins would pass right through.  Again, like sugar, we get all the fat we need from a healthy, balanced diet.  The process of frying adds unnecessary calories onto perfectly healthy food.  Or not so perfectly healthy food, in the case of deep-fried Twinkies.
What about frying in healthy fats?  What about that place with the arches?  Since they don’t fry their French fries in beef tallow anymore, are they OK?  Well, yes and no.  Frying things in healthier fats is better in some ways.  Your arteries appreciate the unsaturated fat and you may hold off heart disease a little longer.  But from a weight loss program, fat is fat.  Pure lard and extra-virgin olive oil both have 100 calories per tablespoon.  
The problem with frying is that whatever is being fried absorbs huge amounts of fat.  Have you ever squeezed a French fry between two napkins?  Plus, most fried foods are covered in breading, which is just a giant “fat sponge.”  Instead of frying, try baking, broiling and steaming.  If you get creative with your seasonings – herbs and spices, garlic, lemon – you will discover that you don’t miss that heavy, grease laden fried food at all! This could be the best weight loss program of all!

If you are looking for a weight loss program, visit www.weightloss-program.org for the solution that fits your life style.

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