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The 5 Secrets Of Zen Selling

Zen, which is a sect of the Buddhist school of thought, emphasizes on focus, discipline and practice. The art of selling, whether it is of a product, a service or an idea, can also be mastered through these three attributes. While this forms the foundation, there are various Zen philosophies that can be applied to selling.

The 5 Secrets of Zen Selling
Holistic approach – Zen considers the universe as one. Selling, too, requires a holistic perspective. The several key parts to this holistic picture are knowing your company, having complete knowledge of the product (its features and benefits) and being in touch with the marketing strategies and targets. You also need to have an idea of your competition. However, the story does not end there. You need to thoroughly study your customers. Selling should involve identifying who the ideal customer is. Once this is done, you need to research on the various factors that would prevent them from purchasing what you are selling. Is it money? Is it the durability or the complexity of your product? Once you have made a list of all these factors, you need to address all of them.

Positivity – Zen encourages a positive attitude. Of course, this is important for selling. However, being positive yourself is not enough. You also need to spread positivity. You don’t need to look highly professional or dress too formal. You just need to make your prospective client feel comfortable and important. For instance, avoid using jargons if you feel your client may not understand it. Be soft-spoken and caring. If the customer has concerns regarding what you are selling, address them directly. Understand the issues and be gentle when explaining how there was more to your offering than what the customer had perceived.

The Right Focus – Focus on creating a relationship, instead of making a sale. This will not only help you make a sale, it will also result in repeat business. Focus on finding out what exactly the customer needs and see if what you have on offer will satisfy that need. Keep in touch with your customers after the sale is made to find out what the experience has been. This will give you important feedback that can help you improve your offering.

Live in the Moment – Zen advocates living in the present. While selling, do not think about the outcome. Step into your customer’s shoes, understand their issues and help them find out what is best for them. If you feel that the person will not be benefitted by what you are selling, it is better to move on to another client. While you are talking to a prospective customer, do not think about your sales target. If you are truly concerned about your customers, you will form everlasting relationships with them.

Believe – Zen emphasizes on the importance of believing. In selling, we need to believe that we will make the sale. This eliminates the fear of rejection, which manifests itself in many ways, including nervousness. This prevents us from making a good impression and forming a relationship with the customer. Hearing a “no” should not be taken as rejection, but as a learning opportunity.

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Sales Leads – 6 Latest Efficient Secrets to Boost the Number of Your Leads in Sales

There is no other way to boost the number of your sales than to increase the number of your leads. Here’s how you can do that:

1. Article marketing. There are millions of ebusiness owners from across the globe who are using article marketing to generate leads for their products and services (myself included) simply because it really works and it is very cost-effective. By simply producing and distributing high quality articles online, you can generate more inbound links for your website that can lead to higher page ranking that can lead to more traffic.

2. Video marketing. Did you know that YouTube can attract up to one billion individuals in a week’s time? If you want a fraction of that number, you better consider creating your own videos about your offerings. You need to make sure that your videos are of high quality, useful, and highly informative. Insert your site’s URL all throughout the video to easily get interested parties to give you a visit in no time.

3. Blog hopping. Spend at least a couple of hours per day visiting blogs that are very popular among your target market. Read the latest posts and make intelligent comments together with your site’s URL. If your posts are interesting and if they speak volumes about your expertise, you are most likely to attract blog visitors to give your site a visit.

4. Blogging. Build your own blog and talk about latest updates on your products and services. You can also talk about new issues that affect your chosen niche and new topics that are truly interesting to your potential clients. The more information you put on your blog, the more attention you’ll be able to generate.

5. Invade social networking sites. Research your target market and get to know their online behavior. If your research suggests that these people are very fond of social networking sites like Twitter and FaceBook, you can go ahead and create your accounts on these sites. Invite your potential clients on your network and establish personal connection with them. Then, post ads about your products and services on bulletins.

6. Expand your network. As a seller, you need to be really friendly to acquire more friends and acquaintances. The more people you know, the wider your reach. People who know you are most likely to recommend you to their friends and family members who might need your products and services.

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Learn The Video Marketing Secrets To Increase Sales

Lots of people are trying their hands at online businesses these days. They have a chance of earning huge amount of money if they can use the right strategies. Different kinds of businesses have become popular these days.

It is very important to make sure that you choose the right thing for yourself. It is very important to create an effective impact on the minds of the customers. It is also very much essential to attract the attention of the customers so that they are drawn to your products and services.

There are various techniques which can be used in business to increase your sales. Do you know the utility of the videos on your website? When you start your business on the internet it is important for you to make sure that you create a website of your own.

You can deal as well as communicate with the customers with the help of the website. It is important to portray your product and service on the website. Using a video can be one of the best strategies to draw your targeted customers and increase your sales.

If your business is small then it is important to make sure that you use the best strategies to increase the credibility of your business. There are certain video marketing secrets that can help you run your business smoothly.

You can place a video regarding your product or service on your website. It will increase at least 50 percent credibility of your business in the eyes of the customers. There are certain tips and strategies which can be used for video marketing.

These secrets are usually available on the internet. There are certain websites which promise to provide you with some of the best secrets of video marketing. These secrets are available in the form of a CD.

These kinds of CDs are valuable because it can help you increase your sales and earn lots of money. You can learn the various tips from the CD. These kinds of CDs are usually sold for $ 47 and sometimes even more. It is very much important to find the most authentic source from which you can buy the CD.

Some of these sources even provide the CD for free. You just need to sign up to the website and ask the CD to be shipped at your address. But before you choose any of the sources to get the secrets about video marketing you must go through the terms and conditions of the website very carefully.

If you can utilize these secrets to the fullest extent then you can surely get the best result. Lots of small unknown companies have become large by using these top secrets.

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Candle Selling Business Secrets Exposed

Hobbyists often dream of turning their prime interests into gains. Profits, for the most part, have been the benefit attracting various artisans at work. A candle selling business is seemingly the road taken by candle makers, all because it serves as a way of showing their passion and love for the art of candle making.

Creative people have interests that speak of their nature as craftsmen. The same idea goes to entrepreneurs that share the same willingness in terms of earning profits. While the two groups serve dissimilar services, what they aim for is basically the same.

Showcasing one’s skill is essential in every candle selling business. You have to be decisive. You have to be specific with your products and sell your items effectively. Efficiency in marketing is also a notable trait. In other words, what you invest in a candle selling business is what you will eventually reap.

Below are candle selling business secrets and each guideline aims to help you thrive and succeed.

1. Take full control of your assets. Investments call for money and it should be handled well. You may be wondering as to how this secret helps. However, you need to understand that you have to keep track of relative costs and expenses.

2. Try to figure total overhead costs. For beginners, the best way to address this problem is by making room for allowances. Start-ups and kits may come across as inexpensive. However, you have to make room for adjustments. Make sure that you have enough cash if you plan to put up your own candle selling business.

3. Manage product marketing. This secret is helpful since it will facilitate the eventual flow of customers and sales. Be careful in choosing your location if not the medium that you will use in selling your items. Think of all possible ways and consider what is naturally the most promising.

4. Make room for improvement. Ask any successful seller and probably, he will only give you one answer. For aspirants, the best way to manage a candle selling business is through constant learning. Do not hesitate to study and seek newer candle ideas. Expand your horizon and never allow any misfortune to put your goals aside.

5. Aside from knowing your product, it is also advisable to know your potential buyers and clients. Show them great samples during candle parties and bazaars. Try to make appealing scented candles by knowing their most preferred fragrance. In a way, you are handling not only the technicalities of your candle selling business, but the aesthetic value of your products. 

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Business and Sales Growth Secrets For 2009

The jury is still out about our current economy. Some say we will be experiencing a mild recession and others say we are on the brink of a depression. It doesn’t matter where you fall in the debate, one thing is certain, business growth is not as easy as it once was.

If you have been reading the news headlines, many CEO’s are focused on cutting costs and laying off employees. This does help short term profitability, however these actions are precisely the wrong strategy to take if you want to grow your company in a bad economy.

CEO’s who want to increase sales, profit margins and drive new business growth in 2009 should consider the following top 5 business growth success secrets.

1. Focus Marketing Dollars on Value Not Brand
Focusing your time and money on “Brand” marketing may increase name recognition however it doesn’t generate revenue. Showing customers what value your product or service provides will generate top line sales revenue. Spend more on marketing campaigns where the customer can experience your products value.

2. Stop Scaring Your New Prospects Away
Most corporate marketing campaigns, websites, sales collateral and sales processes scare customers away. From a customer’s point of view, your company looks and sounds just like your competitors. To be perceived differently and attract new customers you must stop focusing on your product features, functions, quality, customer service and company awards. You should focus more on how you solve your customers business problems.

3. Catch Amnesia
Forget how great you and your business performed last year. The past is the past. This year it’s a new game. The rules have changed and the players are different. What worked last year, will not return the same results. Re-evaluate your industry, competition, marketing strategy, sales strategy and financial management. Implement proven best practice business growth strategies.

4. Keep Score
Measure and monitor your key business growth indicators weekly. How do you know where to improve if you don’t know how you’re performing. For example, what is your customer conversion ratio, tradeshow ROI, closing ratio, marketing ROI, advertising ROI, sales cycle times, new prospect calls per week, deal size by industry, profit by product line, etc.

5. Work On Your Business, Not In It
CEO’s need to pull themselves out of the day to day issues. When times get tough, CEO’s spend more time in the details of the business. By doing this, CEO’s lose sight of what is most important, focusing on how to improve business performance in a changing competitive environment. Delegate or hire outside expertise to handle the day to day challenges. Focus more on strategic priorities.

If you are looking to grow your business in 2009, these five secrets must be part of your strategy. If you don’t think your executive team can implement these strategies then you should consult outside help. Success in 2009 is in your control.

About The Author: Dennis Sommer is the founder and CEO of Executive Business Advisers, a management consulting firm specializing in business growth, sales and profit improvement. Dennis helps CEO’s increase sales revenue, reduce sales and marketing costs, improve marketing ROI, and drive new business growth by improving and optimizing their sales, marketing, company strategy and financial health.

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