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Ways to Defeat the Terror of Selling

Almost all people hate selling. I myself used to hate it, too. But as businessmen, we always have to sell things. We can not choose. Hence, the problem is how can we defeat the selling terror?


Sell a Great Product

This might sound like an obvious answer, but it’s not. Unless you have an amazing product that you really believe in, calling someone to sell it to will always be hard.


Understand What Rejection Really Is

Have you ever walked into a store, a salesperson asked you if they could help in any way and you said, “no, thank you. I’m just looking.”? This happens all the time. It doesn’t mean you don’t like the salesperson; it just means that at that given time you didn’t need or want that given product. That’s what rejection is. It’s not personal. Some people want your stuff and others don’t. You don’t buy everything that is offered to you, so don’t expect your prospect to do it.


Be an Adviser, not a Seller

A seller would try to sell you something whether or not your need it. An adviser, on the other hand, will answer your questions and make a recommendation based on what he thinks you need. If you think as a seller, you’ll be thinking about the outcome (the sale) and you’ll forget about your customer needs. If you think as an adviser, you’ll realize that your customers have questions and you’re there to help them. This takes a lot of pressure of the buyer’s shoulders because he doesn’t feel you’re trying to sell him anything (believe me, people can smell a seller a mile away).


The funny part is that the harder you try to sell, the fewer sales you’ll make. I know this because I’ve experienced it myself several times. When I started to think of myself as a helper instead of as a seller, my sales increased immediately.


Liberate Yourself from the Outcome

The wrong way to think about sales is this: “If I closed the deal, it was a great call. If I didn’t close it, it was a bad call.” This is not true. Sometimes very motivated buyers will buy from you even when you do a terrible job. Sometimes a client really wants your product but he needs his partner’s approval and that’s why you didn’t close today. Focus on delivering value and helping your clients; sales will follow.


Get Rid of Excuses

We all have the perfect excuses not to call people: “my phone’s reception isn’t good here”, “he’s probably at lunch now”, “it’s the end of the month so I’m sure she’s really busy today”, “I don’t know where I put her phone number”, etc.


What you need to do is identify the excuses you give yourself and do something to eliminate them. For example, if your phone’s reception is not good where you are, you know that you need to be somewhere else (a quiet place with good reception) to call people. You should go there after lunch so lunch excuses can’t stop you. You should get a good phone with unlimited minutes and store all your contacts there.


There you go. Now you have run out of valid excuses. So, start calling your prospects and remember that your mission is to help them. If they need your product, they’ll buy it. Otherwise, they won’t. Either way, calling people is what you think it is. If you think it’s the world’s most awful nightmare, then that’s what’s going to be. If you think talking to others is fun, that’s exactly how you’re going to feel. Now pick up the phone, help some people and have some fun.


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Simple Tricks On Selling Gold Jewelry

As you can see, gold price is very high today. Many people have thought of selling gold jewelry for cash. If you intend to do it, please consider what you have and know what it is worth before trying to sell your gold jewelry.


First you need to realize how much gold is in your jewelry. Most dealers base their pricing solely by the scrap metal value of your gold so it is worthwhile to look at the gold marking to determine carat weight. In most countries by law, the carat stamp is a requirement on any gold jewelry to be sold in stores and it is the first indication of the gold content in any gold jewelry coming from a reputable seller. Most items in the North American market would be marked 10k, 14k, 18k to show the purity of gold in a particular piece of jewelry. European standard is different and it is measured in parts per thousand and would be stamped 416, 585, 750. I will discuss what that means below.


If you have gold filled jewelry, electroplated jewelry or gold plated jewelry then in most cases it would not be worth to try and sell them for the gold content and most dealers will refuse buying this type of jewelry. The most common stamps for such items are GF (gold filled), GP (gold plated) and finally EGP (electro gold plated)


Gold karats are expressed in units of 24ths. Thus, pure gold is 24-karat or 100 percent gold, 18-karat is 75 percent gold, 14-karat is 58.5 percent gold (585 european stamp), 10-karat is 41.6 percent gold (416) and so on. The conversion is simple; divide the karat value by 24 to get the percentage of gold, ex: 10/24=0.416 and so on. The price of gold which we all see on TV is based on a troy ounce which is approximately 31.1 grams of pure 24K gold in standard exchange form such as bars or coins. If you are selling gold bars or coins, the spot price is what you should be aiming at but keep in mind that any offer from a dealer will always be slightly less than market value since the dealer has to make a profit.


Cash value for gold jewelry is much less than the appraised value and there are a few reasons for that. First of all, the appraised value of a jewelry piece includes the labour and the retail mark up of your gold jewelry since the appraisal is most likely done for insurance replacement costs of a particular piece. Retail mark ups on jewelry are astonishing and most people don’t realize that when they try to sell gold. The reason is simple; since jewelry is a luxury item and doesn’t go out of style, become obsolete or break down like an electronic item (stereo, tvs, etc), it often sits on display for months and even years before being sold at a retail store, and since every jewelry store has high overhead, jewelry is often marked up by as much as 600 percent to turn any profit. You have to assume unfortunately that the price offered for your gold jewelry will be much less than you paid for it. The value of gold constantly fluctuates and depends on many factors. Always check the current price before selling and take a note of it when shopping around for a quote.


My advice is to avoid mail in gold buyers. Most of these companies have a high overhead and advertising costs and you will lose some control when you mail in your jewelry since you can’t be there when your gold is checked and weighed. I have heard many complaints from my customers regarding such services and while they may be beneficial for someone who doesn’t have the time to shop around, such customers end up paying for this convenience of getting a check in the mail. Know what you are selling first if at all possible!!! Go to two or more dealers to get quotes. Most reputable dealers will be willing to tell you how much they will pay for your piece for free and with no obligations.


Ernest Marbar
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Selling Is A Hard But Not Difficult Work

There is not such any secrets to be successful in selling. The best salespeople don’t get that way because they know the most, but because they do the most. And selling might be a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun when you do it correctly.


In other words, selling isn’t hard… just hard work.


I have never once made a sale because of a trick close, nor have I ever successfully employed some kind of “cutting-edge” prospecting strategy. And what’s more, neither has anyone I know. And yet, I’m only one of thousands of people who have made many millions of dollars in the profession of selling. What that should tell you is that meeting and working with clients is a bit like meeting members of the opposite sex in a crowded bar: you’re probably not going to do it by finding the right line, but by being the right kind of person.


That’s not to say you shouldn’t keep trying out new ideas and techniques, of course. One of the biggest traits of top performers in every industry is that they are constantly learning. There’s always more you can know about your industry and products, psychology, negotiation, and making public presentations, to name just a few of the topics that can help you in your sales career.


At a certain point, however, you have to simply keep doing what you do and getting better at it. That means getting actual practice out in the field, not just reading about selling in books, or simply hoping that the magic answer will come to you. It won’t. The only thing you can do is keep working on your techniques and trust in the power of averages – keep working away at it, and you’re virtually guaranteed to be successful.


Usually, I like to focus my articles on small bites and tangible tips that people can take and use in their selling careers right away. I’m not going to end this piece with any quick takeaways, though, because this message is too simple and too important to dress up any other way. Stop waiting for a book, seminar, or sales trainer to show you the easy way to make a sale. All they can do is show you how to be a little bit better and point the way; the rest is up to you.


So, if you want to be great in sales, find your inner motivation and get started. Selling might be a lot of work, but it’s also a lot of fun when you’re doing it correctly.


Carl Henry is a management consultant. He specializes in helping companies in the selection of top sales and customer service talent. Carl is also a Certified Speaking Professional and the author of several books and articles related to sales, sales management, and customer service. He conducts seminar and webinar for clients worldwide.

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You can contact Carl at 704-847-7390

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Selling Handbags, easy or not?

In the market today, there are many types of products. Every thing is the basic needs of human, market has. Some of them we need for survival, and most of them are for our style and comfortable living


Since there are a lot of competitions with these different product markets, and your target is the target of some other similar product manufacturers, the way you sell and project your product will be the determinant of its success. There are different ways on how you can look for clients and potential wide scale target market.


All you need is right timing, right opportunity, and you will end up bursting your product into hype. Let us take for example, for handbag markets; it is very important to have appropriate attitude and techniques to project it efficiently and effectively. We will know about how to sell and project your product in the succeeding texts.


Participate in trade show exhibits. This is one of the most common way to let the people know that you have a handbag business. Research on how you will have an interesting and catchy booth. Show the simplest but the most unique designs and styles you have. By displaying the best you’ve got, you will let your prospect clients see that the handbags that you’ve is not any other ordinary handbags.


Learn some techniques on how your booth will encourage buyers and attract attention. At the same time, if your booth draws attention, is means they are interested to see your product and if you know how to persuade it, they will get it.Another thing that you can do is to participate in simple small talks about fashion trends and the latest and newest trends in the market.


No matter where you are and what you do, even if you are just doing window shopping in the mall, walking in the park, or having your groceries. Make friends and tell them you’ve got a handbag business. Your new found friends might be interested on it and eventually get it. If they are happy and satisfied, they normally talk about it with their other friends and they will refer you to them.


Another thing is you can advertise it. Simple advertisement about the versatility and beauty of your handbag business will do. You could also attend parties or organize your own. Word of mouth is one way of promoting your business. Try giving out samples for those who are interested to do the business with you or give free handbag with the organizer of the party if you are a guest. This way, the audience will see the handbag in flesh and if they like it, right the and there it will be sold out.


Having a business is never easy, especially for someone that is just starting it. It takes a matter of determination, right point of view, and a lot of sales talk. However,, if you already established a name, and people know you for selling quality hand bag, they will search for you and ask you about the latest and the trendiest hand bags you’ve got, and it means profit. As long as you know what are your goals, and you try hard to reach those goals, your business will be a success.


Learning the importance and the magnificent facts of hand bag market. For more information, please visit us at: http://handbagmarket.org/

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Learning Foreign Currency Buying and selling

We’ve all heard of the saying that you must never run before you possibly can stroll and by no means has that been more relevant than when put to learning currency trading.

It is a very sad incontrovertible reality that the foreign exchange industry really is not the place the overwhelming majority of individuals, who give it a try, make their money. Most people do fall on the first hurdle and there may be a superb reason for this – they leap straight into trades blindly.

Let’s face it, you don’t start talking French until you have got taken the time to really study the language and this principle carries very equally over into forex trading. Studying forex trading is the one step that you’ll want to beat in an effort to begin inserting your trades, however be taught this business you absolutely should!

No doubt the web has lots to do with the reason why so many individuals jump head first into forex trading.

There are numerous items going around on the worldwide web that disingenuously claim you can make your prosperity in foreign trade in next to no time and with little (if any) previous knowledge and experience required. Our strongest piece of advice in this regard would be to fully dismiss such web content and start to present some common sense.

Foreign trade trading really generally is a good career transfer for some citizens. It could simply appear that sure people have an actual knack for figuring out when and where to trade between specific foreign money pairs and so they actually do make huge sums of cash when doing so. There is absolutely no manner that you’ll emulate this success except you find the time to put money into studying foreign forex trading effectively.

Although the internet is so crammed-full with unreliable content material on foreign currency trading, it would even be the most effective place to search for courses that focus on studying foreign exchange trading. Once more, when doing all your homework, maintain your wits about you in any respect times.

Take all the pieces you come upon with a pinch of skepticism and if you imagine you may have found a course that finest deals with learning foreign currency trading, check to make sure it is fully reputable. Unbiased evaluations on different websites shall be a perfect example here.

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Tips on Selling Baseball Cards

To sell baseball cards on ecommerce based websites like eBay is one of the ways that can get you profit very easily and once your successful you can adopt this as a full time business. If you undergo a research you will find there are many people that sell baseball cards on eBay, this can be a very nourishing business as your investment in it will be very less and the profit earned will be high. If you have knowledge of listing goods on eBay and want to sell cards, then you can start immediately.

The first step to sell baseball cards is by taking a high quality picture of the baseball cards you wish to sell and then scan them in your PC. If you list the baseball cards without their pictures they do not appear so appealing to the viewers and you might end up not selling any of your items. The better the result of your baseball cards the better will be the chances of the cards getting sold.

The second step to sell begins when you have scanned and listed the baseball cards, then you need to research and see whether these cards that your listing have sold in the past weeks or not. The results are easily available on eBay for your convenience. All you have to do is type the players name and year the card belongs to on eBay search bar and see the results of the card. For extensive knowledge you can click on the tiny options icon appearing on the left corner. It will show you more details. This tool is really helpful because it tells you the demand of a particular card. You can also keep the price of the card according to the demand.

The final step to sell baseball cards on eBay is by after you list them; write down appropriate descriptions about them. Descriptions are the only ways people can find your products on eBay. Always try using the words in your description that you think people might search for the product by. For cards you can use the players name, the team player plays for, the card number to assist people in locating the card who want to completer their sets, and other variations that comes with rookie cards or other cards. With these simple steps selling cards on eBay would be easier.

For more in-depth tutorials, visit – http://www.selling-baseball-cards.com.


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Selling on Craigslist – Words to Avoid

Craigslist.org is an online classified website where you can make money selling just about anything under the sun. However, lots of items don’t sell that should have. In most cases, the seller was asking too much money or they didn’t include a picture, but sometimes it has to do the words or phrases used. So, what should you avoid?

Avoid: Custom

Even if your dining room table really is custom (and this means it didn’t come from Wal-Mart or Ikea), no one cares. To all Craigslist buyers, it is just another dining room table. You might have paid $ 1,000 more, but it is no different than the other hundred tables listed.

Avoid: Modern

Modern is a phrase we all view differently. Seriously, old people may consider something from the 80s as modern. College students, well they tend to think modern is something released two months ago. Basically, what is truly modern is up for debate, so just avoid it.

Avoid: Unique

Many of us automatically consider unique to be out of the ordinary or ugly. Unique gets you know here, so don’t use the phrase. Moreover, don’t try replacing the word custom with unique because it doesn’t work. Being unique doesn’t add value; it just decreases the size of your buying pool.

Avoid: Fabulous, Spectacular, and Marvelous

I can guarantee you that whatever you are selling on Craigslist is none of things. A lightening storm is spectacular, not your collection of old movies. Interested buyers think three different things when they hear these phrases. One, you are on drugs. Two, you are out of your mind. Three, you are trying to justify overcharging them.

Avoid: Cool

Cool is a phrase is that way too overused. Just like modern, it has a lot of different interpretations. You may think your Blu-Ray DVD of Spiderman is “cool,” but everyone else could care less. Better yet, never (under any circumstances) try and spell cool kewl. This is a million times worse. You better show a picture of what you are selling and let shoppers decide for themselves if it is cool.

These are just a few of the phrases you should avoid using on Craigslist. Basically, you want to use simple words to describe the item you are selling. Most importantly, upload a picture. If you have a sellable item, the picture will speak for itself.

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Avoid Common Problems When Selling Your Business

Here are 10 common mistakes you can avoid when you go to sell your business. In today’s troubled environment, buyers are especially skeptical. You can make your business stand out by taking the extra steps named here. Mistakes you want to avoid include:

1) Not committed to the process- are you and your spouse ready to move on? Any partners that need to be convinced? Do you have an ongoing business that is easily identifiable and is legally able to be sold?

2) Poor Packaging of the Business- you’re selling a financial asset. Does it look like one? Will a potential buyer see the dollars that your business generates? Make sure the income and assets are readily recognizable and verifiable.

3) Unsupportable Price for the Business- look at the cash flow, assets and industry to determine a realistic price on your business. Make sure your price is defensible and that you’ve used sound logic and industry practice to arrive at your price.

4) Mis-marketing Your Business- make sure the right people know about your business, understand its value and can get excited enough to contact you. There are other businesses for sale, why should someone buy yours?

5) Wasting your Time with Unqualified Prospects- less than 5% of potential buyers actually buy a business. Of those who did, almost none of them bought a business in the first industry they reviewed.

6) Letting the Business Slide while you deal with potential buyers- remember, you’re selling a financial asset. If your sales or profits drop while you’re managing the sales process, it could impact the value of your business.

7) Poor Sale Management- once you get an offer and agree on a price and terms, the hard work starts. Managing the due diligence process takes time and a proven process.

8) Lack of Flexibility- what looks like a good deal to you might not look so good to a potential buyer. Most business don’t sell, they just close their doors. Keep an open mind to things like seller financing, and different terms to make a deal.

9) Mis-managing Inventory- the buyer expects a certain amount of inventory at closing. You need to make sure the buyer has the right expectations on what is current and what is probably not going to sell.

10) Not using a professional business broker- if you look at the previous nine mistakes, the biggest one could be trying to do it yourself. Your business is a complicated asset that requires a lot of work to generate the most value. You need to run your business till closing to get the most out of it. Use a professional business broker to help you.

Erik Ottem is a business broker in Silicon Valley. He is a certified business intermediary and holds a master of business administration from Washington University in St. Louis. To find out more about businesses for sale or to sell your business go to: http://www.VRsiliconVALLEY.com. To get more articles on buying or selling a business go to: http://www.CenterForBusinessSale.com

Earn Cash by Comparing and Selling Annuity

by gumtau

The term annuity is used for the payment of certain lump sum amount of money to an individual in the installments over the period of time, rather than giving it at once. It can also be termed as structured payment plan where a company, who is acting on behalf of either a government institution or a financial agent, pays to an individual.

It may be possible that you haven’t come across the term annuity, but if you search around; you will found that there are many annuity agents exists. These agents constantly look for those who are ready to exchange their annuity with cold cash. If you want to do this, it is strongly recommended that you should do thorough market survey to secure best deals.

Once a suitable agent has been fixed, he will process all the transaction. You can get the entire amount in cash, which you are supposed to receive as annuity in the future. Only taxes, inflation rate factors and commission will be deducted from the estimated amount. These agents generally complete all the formalities very quickly, as they don’t want to loose a potential customer. It is advised that prior to getting involved in any such contract of encashment of annuity, do the market survey and get benefited.

To know the estimated amount you will receive from the annuity, one should ask for the risk-free quote from the agent. Such risk-free quote keeps you immune from any obligation of pursuing the transaction if you don’t want to undergo the contract. You don’t receive the entire amount of projected annuity; because it is reduced by the agent’s commission (about5%-25%), taxes, processing fees, cost of legal stamps, etc. If you want to compare the estimated annuity amount to receive from the agent, it is better to gather as many quotes as possible and study them to the minute details.

To protect the mutual interests of an individual as well as the company, the later generally frame the rules and guidelines for each transaction. But as usual, it is in favor of the company. Therefore, you have to go in minute details for the quotes. If you want to be on the safer side, it is better to know the required information about the transaction.

While buying the annuities, lot of financial companies set different rules for two different transactions. Some of companies issue the check upfront the moment you finish the required documentation where as for many companies you have to wait for some time. So it is better to know few essential facts about the transaction you are going into, like what payments you have to make? What documents you have to submit? Or, when would the check be ready? Some of the companies may just ask you to sign few documents, where as others may ask you to come frequently and waste lot of time.

Find out how to sell annuities and most importantly, how to sell annuities fast at http://articlesfound.com

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Make Money Selling Your Advertising Space

As Internet Marketers we can run our online businesses and create multiple income streams in many ways and forms. The beauty of the Internet is that it offers us endless opportunities to expand and make more money and I would  like to discuss the idea of adverting space with you as this is an area many Internet Marketers seem to overlook.

As our businesses expand and our mailing list grows we find ourselves acquiring more and more customers and more importantly- customers that are interested in our area of industry. Now sure , we can sell these customers our products and services whether it be an eBook or an online course from our websites and mailing lists. But what about advertising space in the emails we send out and on our websites and in our monthly newsletters.

Now I’m not talking about selling the advertising space to our list of customers but instead using the list as leverage to offer advertising space to fellow Internet Marketers or businesses in our field of expertise.

Do some research and find some related high traffic websites and locate the contact details. There is a very good chance that if your site and products are closely related to theirs that a successful partnership can be formed. What’s to stop you sending a simple email about your online business and offering them the chance to acquire advertising space promoting their business in your newsletters, emails or directly on your website. This can create a whole new income stream for your business.

In this manner, you turn every issue you send out to your subscribers into a profit-pulling device. And since there is virtually no end to the stream of advertisers as products, services and businesses are cropping every single day in every industry imaginable, so are your money making opportunities.

You don’t even have to use if for pure profit. You could contact them and offer to exchange advertising space which could be equally profitable for both of you as their clients get to see your business/products and visa-versa.

Just remember to iron out all the details clearly and have a contract drawn up if necessary.

Thanks for reading.

Steve Wilkins

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