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Selling on Craigslist – Words to Avoid

Craigslist.org is an online classified website where you can make money selling just about anything under the sun. However, lots of items don’t sell that should have. In most cases, the seller was asking too much money or they didn’t include a picture, but sometimes it has to do the words or phrases used. So, what should you avoid?

Avoid: Custom

Even if your dining room table really is custom (and this means it didn’t come from Wal-Mart or Ikea), no one cares. To all Craigslist buyers, it is just another dining room table. You might have paid $ 1,000 more, but it is no different than the other hundred tables listed.

Avoid: Modern

Modern is a phrase we all view differently. Seriously, old people may consider something from the 80s as modern. College students, well they tend to think modern is something released two months ago. Basically, what is truly modern is up for debate, so just avoid it.

Avoid: Unique

Many of us automatically consider unique to be out of the ordinary or ugly. Unique gets you know here, so don’t use the phrase. Moreover, don’t try replacing the word custom with unique because it doesn’t work. Being unique doesn’t add value; it just decreases the size of your buying pool.

Avoid: Fabulous, Spectacular, and Marvelous

I can guarantee you that whatever you are selling on Craigslist is none of things. A lightening storm is spectacular, not your collection of old movies. Interested buyers think three different things when they hear these phrases. One, you are on drugs. Two, you are out of your mind. Three, you are trying to justify overcharging them.

Avoid: Cool

Cool is a phrase is that way too overused. Just like modern, it has a lot of different interpretations. You may think your Blu-Ray DVD of Spiderman is “cool,” but everyone else could care less. Better yet, never (under any circumstances) try and spell cool kewl. This is a million times worse. You better show a picture of what you are selling and let shoppers decide for themselves if it is cool.

These are just a few of the phrases you should avoid using on Craigslist. Basically, you want to use simple words to describe the item you are selling. Most importantly, upload a picture. If you have a sellable item, the picture will speak for itself.

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Avoid Common Problems When Selling Your Business

Here are 10 common mistakes you can avoid when you go to sell your business. In today’s troubled environment, buyers are especially skeptical. You can make your business stand out by taking the extra steps named here. Mistakes you want to avoid include:

1) Not committed to the process- are you and your spouse ready to move on? Any partners that need to be convinced? Do you have an ongoing business that is easily identifiable and is legally able to be sold?

2) Poor Packaging of the Business- you’re selling a financial asset. Does it look like one? Will a potential buyer see the dollars that your business generates? Make sure the income and assets are readily recognizable and verifiable.

3) Unsupportable Price for the Business- look at the cash flow, assets and industry to determine a realistic price on your business. Make sure your price is defensible and that you’ve used sound logic and industry practice to arrive at your price.

4) Mis-marketing Your Business- make sure the right people know about your business, understand its value and can get excited enough to contact you. There are other businesses for sale, why should someone buy yours?

5) Wasting your Time with Unqualified Prospects- less than 5% of potential buyers actually buy a business. Of those who did, almost none of them bought a business in the first industry they reviewed.

6) Letting the Business Slide while you deal with potential buyers- remember, you’re selling a financial asset. If your sales or profits drop while you’re managing the sales process, it could impact the value of your business.

7) Poor Sale Management- once you get an offer and agree on a price and terms, the hard work starts. Managing the due diligence process takes time and a proven process.

8) Lack of Flexibility- what looks like a good deal to you might not look so good to a potential buyer. Most business don’t sell, they just close their doors. Keep an open mind to things like seller financing, and different terms to make a deal.

9) Mis-managing Inventory- the buyer expects a certain amount of inventory at closing. You need to make sure the buyer has the right expectations on what is current and what is probably not going to sell.

10) Not using a professional business broker- if you look at the previous nine mistakes, the biggest one could be trying to do it yourself. Your business is a complicated asset that requires a lot of work to generate the most value. You need to run your business till closing to get the most out of it. Use a professional business broker to help you.

Erik Ottem is a business broker in Silicon Valley. He is a certified business intermediary and holds a master of business administration from Washington University in St. Louis. To find out more about businesses for sale or to sell your business go to: http://www.VRsiliconVALLEY.com. To get more articles on buying or selling a business go to: http://www.CenterForBusinessSale.com

Earn Cash by Comparing and Selling Annuity

by gumtau

The term annuity is used for the payment of certain lump sum amount of money to an individual in the installments over the period of time, rather than giving it at once. It can also be termed as structured payment plan where a company, who is acting on behalf of either a government institution or a financial agent, pays to an individual.

It may be possible that you haven’t come across the term annuity, but if you search around; you will found that there are many annuity agents exists. These agents constantly look for those who are ready to exchange their annuity with cold cash. If you want to do this, it is strongly recommended that you should do thorough market survey to secure best deals.

Once a suitable agent has been fixed, he will process all the transaction. You can get the entire amount in cash, which you are supposed to receive as annuity in the future. Only taxes, inflation rate factors and commission will be deducted from the estimated amount. These agents generally complete all the formalities very quickly, as they don’t want to loose a potential customer. It is advised that prior to getting involved in any such contract of encashment of annuity, do the market survey and get benefited.

To know the estimated amount you will receive from the annuity, one should ask for the risk-free quote from the agent. Such risk-free quote keeps you immune from any obligation of pursuing the transaction if you don’t want to undergo the contract. You don’t receive the entire amount of projected annuity; because it is reduced by the agent’s commission (about5%-25%), taxes, processing fees, cost of legal stamps, etc. If you want to compare the estimated annuity amount to receive from the agent, it is better to gather as many quotes as possible and study them to the minute details.

To protect the mutual interests of an individual as well as the company, the later generally frame the rules and guidelines for each transaction. But as usual, it is in favor of the company. Therefore, you have to go in minute details for the quotes. If you want to be on the safer side, it is better to know the required information about the transaction.

While buying the annuities, lot of financial companies set different rules for two different transactions. Some of companies issue the check upfront the moment you finish the required documentation where as for many companies you have to wait for some time. So it is better to know few essential facts about the transaction you are going into, like what payments you have to make? What documents you have to submit? Or, when would the check be ready? Some of the companies may just ask you to sign few documents, where as others may ask you to come frequently and waste lot of time.

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Make Money Selling Your Advertising Space

As Internet Marketers we can run our online businesses and create multiple income streams in many ways and forms. The beauty of the Internet is that it offers us endless opportunities to expand and make more money and I would  like to discuss the idea of adverting space with you as this is an area many Internet Marketers seem to overlook.

As our businesses expand and our mailing list grows we find ourselves acquiring more and more customers and more importantly- customers that are interested in our area of industry. Now sure , we can sell these customers our products and services whether it be an eBook or an online course from our websites and mailing lists. But what about advertising space in the emails we send out and on our websites and in our monthly newsletters.

Now I’m not talking about selling the advertising space to our list of customers but instead using the list as leverage to offer advertising space to fellow Internet Marketers or businesses in our field of expertise.

Do some research and find some related high traffic websites and locate the contact details. There is a very good chance that if your site and products are closely related to theirs that a successful partnership can be formed. What’s to stop you sending a simple email about your online business and offering them the chance to acquire advertising space promoting their business in your newsletters, emails or directly on your website. This can create a whole new income stream for your business.

In this manner, you turn every issue you send out to your subscribers into a profit-pulling device. And since there is virtually no end to the stream of advertisers as products, services and businesses are cropping every single day in every industry imaginable, so are your money making opportunities.

You don’t even have to use if for pure profit. You could contact them and offer to exchange advertising space which could be equally profitable for both of you as their clients get to see your business/products and visa-versa.

Just remember to iron out all the details clearly and have a contract drawn up if necessary.

Thanks for reading.

Steve Wilkins

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Candle Selling Business Secrets Exposed

Hobbyists often dream of turning their prime interests into gains. Profits, for the most part, have been the benefit attracting various artisans at work. A candle selling business is seemingly the road taken by candle makers, all because it serves as a way of showing their passion and love for the art of candle making.

Creative people have interests that speak of their nature as craftsmen. The same idea goes to entrepreneurs that share the same willingness in terms of earning profits. While the two groups serve dissimilar services, what they aim for is basically the same.

Showcasing one’s skill is essential in every candle selling business. You have to be decisive. You have to be specific with your products and sell your items effectively. Efficiency in marketing is also a notable trait. In other words, what you invest in a candle selling business is what you will eventually reap.

Below are candle selling business secrets and each guideline aims to help you thrive and succeed.

1. Take full control of your assets. Investments call for money and it should be handled well. You may be wondering as to how this secret helps. However, you need to understand that you have to keep track of relative costs and expenses.

2. Try to figure total overhead costs. For beginners, the best way to address this problem is by making room for allowances. Start-ups and kits may come across as inexpensive. However, you have to make room for adjustments. Make sure that you have enough cash if you plan to put up your own candle selling business.

3. Manage product marketing. This secret is helpful since it will facilitate the eventual flow of customers and sales. Be careful in choosing your location if not the medium that you will use in selling your items. Think of all possible ways and consider what is naturally the most promising.

4. Make room for improvement. Ask any successful seller and probably, he will only give you one answer. For aspirants, the best way to manage a candle selling business is through constant learning. Do not hesitate to study and seek newer candle ideas. Expand your horizon and never allow any misfortune to put your goals aside.

5. Aside from knowing your product, it is also advisable to know your potential buyers and clients. Show them great samples during candle parties and bazaars. Try to make appealing scented candles by knowing their most preferred fragrance. In a way, you are handling not only the technicalities of your candle selling business, but the aesthetic value of your products. 

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Get Targeted Traffic Through Soft Selling

by rsfrd

Most article marketers waste their time focusing their attention in choosing the right keywords to optimize their articles. Indeed it’s become a popular belief that the success of your articles lies in the keywords you use. However, there’s another effective technique to article marketing that’s unknown to many. This technique is called soft selling. Read more to learn how soft selling works and how you can use it to get targeted traffic.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is your average everyday Web surfer. Think about the things they surf the Internet for. You’ll be surprised how many people search about hair styles, bikini waxing, or even Paris Hilton. These may not be the best sounding keywords, but in reality, article marketers who write about these kinds of topics, even without minding other keywords, get an average of 100,000 views per article.

However, doing this will not get you that targeted traffic you want right away. Rather, you end up with the general Internet traffic. Every article marketer vies to get targeted traffic, and not just regular traffic, because they know how much more valuable it is. Look at it this way: you would much rather have 100 targeted visitors as opposed to a million click-throughs.

You can do this by getting inside the mind of your targeted traffic. Forget about competing for keywords. You need to think of what your targeted traffic searches for and the kind of words they would most probably use in search engines. From there, you get an idea what keywords you can include in your articles. This can make the task of writing articles in volumes a lot easier.

Remember that you don’t have to be a slave for keywords. You don’t need all those keyword generator tools. All you need is your targeted traffic in mind and you’re all set. You can also use the power of media; find out the latest news, trends and whatnot, and write articles about these topics. These are definitely a few things to consider if you want your article marketing business to be a success.

Would you like to learn more?

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Selling Your Home at a Good Price

There are several reasons why people sell their homes. One is the change of residence. Another is to avoid foreclosure. Also, others sell their homes to purchase a new one. Whatever reason you have for selling your home, it is important that you get the best value for it.

If you are planning to sell your house, then consider these tips to ensure that you get the best value for your property:

1. Talk to a few real estate agents. This way you get a feel of how to sell your house. Ask each of them of a marketing strategy they can incorporate to ensure that you get the best value for your house. You can also ask them to prepare a marketing plan for your home. You can pick the best marketing plan and inquire more about the different preparations you should make before putting up the house for sale sign at your front yard.

2. How much is your estate worth? You can identify its value by using an online database. This will give you a list of how much certain properties in your area are valued. You can also hire an appraiser to determine how much your property is worth. Keep in mind that homes are normally valued under their actual market value. This is because of the certain formulas used. Your goal is to find someone who is willing to shell out the biggest sum for your home.

3. Prepare your home. Make sure that it is clean. Remove all the clutter to ensure that the potential buyers can see how spacious your house is. Check your wall as well. If it needs scrubbing, do so. Home buyers are easily turned off by dirty walls and cluttered homes. Attend to the obvious damages of your home as well. However, you do not have to renovate your property. There are repairs that do not pay off, so it is best that you deal with what is apparent and important.

4. Market your home properly. It is not enough that you put up a sign in front of your house. You should be able to reach as many people as you can. If you have an account in the different free network sites, post it there. You can also have it listed in different sites. Post an ad on your car as well. This will allow you to market your home while you are on the road.

5. Close a deal. Once you have a buyer willing to purchase your house, consult a lawyer. Make sure that the transfer of ownership is well taken cared of. It is also best that a lawyer is present to make sure that all the documents needed are being processed.

If you and your buyer cannot agree on a price, do not give up right away. Offer him something else. You can offer to leave your couch and curtains, or maybe your carpets and other accessories. Your buyer might just give in. Remember, it is easier to shop for new item than to shop for willing buyers.

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Selling Is A Lot Like Farming

It was a time in my life when I was just changing gears in my sales career. Although I had been in sales for a few years, I was going into a completely new industry. I had no product knowledge and was apprehensive about my future success. It was a small company, with three other salesmen and they offered very little training. It was basically sink or swim.

One of my most vivid memories was that everyday I would hear the sales manager ask the salesmen what they had sold that day. The sales process for product that we sold had an average gestation period of about two months, so typically the reply from the salesman would invariably be that they hadn’t sold anything that day. As the sales manager, he knew whether or not we had sold anything. He didn’t have to ask us. But the reason that he like to ask us out loud was because he liked to hear us confess in front of the entire office, that we hadn’t sold anything that day. It wasn’t that he was mean or anything like that, but I just think he thought it was funny. Anyway, for the first month or so, I was given a reprieve and was never confronted in such a manner. I guess I was given temporary immunity to allow time for me to ramp up. Nevertheless, I remember coming home and thinking about how I would reply to my boss when the time came for him to ask me that question. It was inevitable, and I knew that the day would soon arrive. Being prideful as I was, I was determined to come up with a good answer so that I wouldn’t be shown up in front of everybody. But up till that point, I still hadn’t sold anything, so I wasn’t sure what I’d say so I gave it a lot of thought.

Sure enough, it wasn’t too long after that that I was passing him in the hall one day and he shot out “Hector, what did you sell today?” I garnered all of my courage, I set myself steady, I looked him in the eye and I said, “Well boss, the way that I see it, selling is a lot like farming…” and then I paused for dramatic effect. Now remember, he liked to ask this question as he just happened to be passing you in the hallway and he seldom slowed down to even hear your reply, since typically the replay was always the same, “nothing.” But this time, I saw him stop in his tracks and I knew I had his attention. He looked at me and asked me “What do you mean selling is a lot like farming?” So I continued, “Well, first you have to plow the land, then you have to plant the seeds. Then, with a little bit of luck, if it rains at just the right time, and a little patience, you should have a nice bumper crop. He stood there looking at me for a moment, not saying anything. I could tell that I had stretched his imagination. He was sort of slack-jawed and then he said, “you know, I never thought of it like that before.” “You’re right”. And then he walked off. And believe it or not, I never again heard him ask that question of anyone ever again.

Selling is a lot like farming. The poor farmer works hard and busts his rump in the spring. He plows and he plants. He knows that if he doesn’t get the seeds in the ground in the spring, that there won’t be any produce in the summer. And even if he does everything right, there are still some things that he can’t control, like rain and pests, etc.

The same with sales. You have to plan now in order to have a bountiful harvest six months from now. You too have to plant lots of seeds. You plow the land by networking and finding qualified leads. Every sales call and every e-mail and every meeting that you engage a customer or a prospect is a new seed planted. It’s all hard work with no immediate pay-off. And no matter how well you do your job, there is still some element of luck involved, just like the farmer if mother nature doesn’t cooperate. But sometimes, if you’ve put in the hard work, everything falls into place and the results are a bountiful harvest. But as soon as you get the crop in and turn it into cash at the market, it’s time to plan for the next crop and start plowing and planting again.

Hector Cadena has been a sales professional for over 25 years. He is Vice President of Sales for Cable Com, Inc in Austin, Texas. He also help found and operated Convergence Cabling for seven years and increased sales every year from .25 million in 2000 to .5 million in 2006.

6 Basic Steps in Selling Your Homes

Your house is one of the most valuable possessions you have in your life. Aside from the fact that this has been a major financial undertaking, it is valued based on the good things that had happened within. It has been your safe zone, where you can get yourself away from other people and you can be yourself. Moreover, nothing can ever replace the memories that you have made in your homes: witnessing your baby’s first steps, laughs with your kids, exciting family gatherings, holiday celebrations and romantic moments with your spouse. There is too much of a good thing in them, don’t you think? Even more when you have you have spent years residing in one place; the emotional attachment is just too much.

Despite the monetary and emotional values of a home, there will always come a time when owners decide to let it go. People opt to sell their houses for hundreds of reasons. For one, they may need a bigger place. On the other hand, it could be certain changes have happened in the neighborhood and its occurrence may become too dangerous for the family. Many things could be attributed to selling a home. However, when this time comes, do you already know what to do in order to sell it?

The Basics in Selling Your Home

In selling your homes, it is your right to collect every single cent that could equate to its value. You cannot do this if you have no idea on how to make it happen. In addition, there are certain legalities involved in the process that you must be aware of.

Before you sell your house, educate yourself with the process. This way, buyers and real estate agents will not fool you.

To help you out, here are the basic things involved in selling a house:

1. Prepare all legal documents like deeds, survey maps, property taxes and insurance policies. They are very much needed in processing permits and other paper works related to transferring of properties.

2. Get your house prepped. No one wants to walk in a house and find broken steps or hear rattling pipes. You have to make sure that your house is in a good packaging before you open it up to the public.

3. Look for a place where you can temporarily transfer. In case somebody wants to check out your place, your buyers can comfortably imagine the potentials of the house. In addition, the rest of the household members can go on with their activities without restrictions.

4. Consider getting a real estate broker. If you want to avoid the hassle of going through the paper works, pass the burden to a capable expert. Of course, you can do this at a certain cost.

5. Get yourself a real estate lawyers. You want someone to verify the contracts drawn and make sure that it is a win-win situation for everyone.

6. Prepare yourself financially. You want to sell your house to earn money. However, a house may not be marketable without improvements. Therefore, you must pay for repairs, redesigning the interiors and putting additional fixtures to increase the market value of your home.

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Top 5 Tips For Selling Your Home

by gumtau

As we all know, it is tougher now than usual to sell a home. Buyers are apprehensive due to our country’s economic recession. Those that are ready to buy are expecting a lot in their future homes. Obviously it is important to have your home priced correctly. Hiring an experienced real estate agent to advise you and looking at comparable properties that have sold in your area will help dictate an appropriate price. In addition, sellers need to do everything they can to make their homes look appealing to buyers. To help you out, I have compiled a list of things sellers can do to bring out the best in their homes.

– First and foremost, a home on the market needs to have curb appeal. You do not want potential buyers to drive buy your home and keep driving because the outside appearance has deterred them! This means you have to do your homework, literally. It is important to keep the grass mowed, bushes trimmed, and walkways power washed. Keep the entrance nice and inviting. Potted plants, hanging ferns, lighted entryways, and doormats are a great start. Just don’t go overboard!

– This idea ties in with my next tip…keep everything uncluttered, both outside and inside the home. It is really important to de-clutter your home so that potential buyers can actually see your home, not all of your possessions. Also, having fewer knickknacks around actually makes your space seem larger. Start by taking down the majority of your family pictures. Clean out your closets, so it appears there is ample storage. Get rid of extra bulky furniture. You can put all of these things in storage until you move. If you are anything like me, these are probably all things you need to do anyway.

– Buyers like to be able to imagine themselves is a space. To do this a seller needs to keep everything neutral to appeal to the majority of buyers. So if you have some wild paint colors, tone them down. A fresh coat of paint always spruces up a room.  

– Now this may sound simple, but you would be surprised that not every abides by tip #4. Clean your house! Nothing is more repulsive than touring someone else’s mess! Make sure the kitchen and bathrooms shine! Dust everything off. Get rid of unpleasant odors, especially from pets. This means steam cleaning your carpets, removing kitty litter, and making arrangements so your pet is not there when your home is being shown.

– Finally, any simple fixes you can do to your home should be done. This may mean fixing a leaky faucet, replacing outdated fixtures, or simply making sure things in your home work as they should. You want a buyer to see all of the positive things in your home instead of making a mental list of things that need to be done.  

When you list your home on the market, try to keep these five tips in mind. Remember that while these things may not be your taste, it may help sell your home. These things will take time and effort. The sooner your house sells, however, the sooner you can begin the next chapter of your life!

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