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Direct Sales Success Traits

Sales 101
by caribb

Direct Selling Business Leaders Share

While doing research for my new direct sales product, Ive been interviewing some of the top leaders in direct selling. The question I ask each is, If you could download the contents of your brain into the brains of those youd like to influence, what specific thoughts, ideas or beliefs would you choose to export? The answers have been diverse and brilliant, but as you might imagine, there are some common themes.

Direct Sales Consultant Training Success

What Im creating is a hypnosis training CD for direct sales consultants, based on those themes, to help implant these messages at a subconscious level; because as we all know, just because you hear it doesnt mean you own it. This new direct selling training tool will help you own it. But in the meantime, here are some of the traits that direct sales leaders shared with me that are key to consultant success:

Trust the process. Its easy to give up too soon because you arent confident that the process works. But, if you look at those in your industry who have succeeded, youll see that they kept going even when it seemed impossible; strictly on the promise that it would.

Be a contribution. The most successful direct sellers and network marketers see themselves as a contribution to the lives of those they touch. Theyre never a bother because theyre not pushy, but theyre not afraid to offer an opportunity to someone, knowing it very well could change their life.

Have a sense of humor. The great network marketers have a particular quality of lightheartedness and humor. When theyre confronted by people who dont believe in network marketing or who are negative in any way, they just smile, laugh and move on. Theres no emotional charge around being disagreed with.

Believe in your product and service. If youve got a high level of belief, you wont be swayed or pulled down by those how dont buy what youre selling. As long as you can feel confident in your product and business, it doesnt matter how other people react to it.

Love your clients. And your team. And your family. And the people who dont even like you very much. Great network marketers are filled with love. They sell from the heart. They inspire from the heart. They enroll from the heart.

Be disciplined. If you arent doing the little things you know you should do because you cant see how not doing them is keeping you from your greatness, youll never succeed. Its the consistent application of a system, despite not seeing the feedback, which eventually produces the results.

Be a professional. The great network marketers take pride in who they are and what they do. They see network marketing as a profession; not just a hobby.

When you train your team all the attributes of a successful direct selling consultant your team will grow. Dr. Steve Taubman teaches direct sales training techniques that will help your team to overcome their personal fears and achieve their dreams.http://stevetaubman.com/

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Coach Your Sales Team to Success

Sales 101
by caribb

What is Development Coaching?

Development Coaching is all about providing your sales team with help, support and guidance to grow their skills and abilities, to enable them to increase their sales figures. Most companies have a Sales Management function which checks figures and sets targets, but usually does not have the time to coach the individual team members. Development Coaching is a long term undertaking to offer regular sessions with sales staff, guiding them through all aspects of the sales function and solving problems together to build confidence and skills.

The Problem – Maintaining the momentum of hitting targets

Many companies experience the problems of sales staff not consistently hitting their targets. Their skill sets seem high and they show glimpses of genius on occasions, but they do not deliver consistent figures. As time progresses their averages get worse and they fall into the comfort zone. Their ambition suffers and their confidence diminishes.  

Development Coaching – A Solution to grow sales figures

The sales process is largely a pro-active role, relying on organizational skills, imagination and sound strategy. It is therefore one of the hardest roles to deliver consistently high performance.

The addition of a development coaching function to your company can help to turn this situation around. The coach’s role is to provide each sales person with the option of regular weekly or bi-weekly sessions, to work together on jointly identified areas of weakness. The result should be a fully rounded, motivated and capable sales person.

To be effective it is vital that the coach is viewed as an equal, not a boss. It is also vital that the coach and the sales person jointly identify areas of weakness and plan ways to strengthen these areas. Along with regular coaching sessions the coach should also assist each sales person with specific tasks such as meetings or proposals to get a more accurate view of their skill sets.

The results from development coaching can pay huge dividends and help to turn an under performing, mediocre team into a team of sales champions.

Areas to focus on
To be effective a sales person needs to be well rounded in a range of different areas. A good place to start with the coaching process is to produce an account strategy plan. This is the process of going through all the accounts in the sales person’s data base and discussing what the opportunity is and how best to move them through the sales cycle. This process provides clarity and enables the sales person to tier their accounts to ensure that they put the most time and effort into their best opportunities. 

Once this process has been completed the next stage is to produce a long term pipeline to see if the sales person has enough opportunities to hit their targets. Many sales people do not find the time to map out their pipeline, or tier their accounts which reduces their effectiveness.
With a pipeline and an account strategy the sales person then has direction and focus to close business. However it is vital that this process is done regularly and kept up to date.
The next areas to focus on are to check that the sales person has enough new opportunity leads to hit their targets and they have enough accounts to cross sell. These variables will change with the nature of the business, but an analysis of these variables is to key to ensuring the success of the team.
Further areas to focus on are time management skills. Ensure that the sales person has a routine of activities each day to focus them on the actions that need to take place. Without a developed routine sales people can waste a lot of time reacting to interrupts and chatting too much with their peers.

The coaching sessions are also vital to develop skills in the everyday sales functions such as:

Account qualification
Follow up

It is quite possible that a sales person may not feel comfortable with one or two areas of the sales function, or suffer from poor time management / organisational skills. Once these areas have been identified and addressed the individuals sales figures can grow significantly.

Therefore an investment of time in sales coaching can provide a very high return. 

Development coaching is a long term investment in sales staff to provide them with a support framework, enabling them to reach their maximum potential. Sales coaching skills can be taught to sales managers or outsourced to enable a specific consultant to work directly with your team.  

Vitalize Consultancy provide IT resellers with Sales and Marketing support to grow their business. Vitalize work on site and remotely to develop strategies and implement campaigns to help IT Resellers to benefit from new techniques and keep at the forefront of their market. To register for our free IT Reseller Business Development newsletter please click here: http://www.vitalize.uk.com/index.php?option=com_contact&view=contact&id=1&Itemid=54

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Paradigms and Sales Success

The word paradigm is used to describe a change in basic assumptions. It is contrasted to the word “normal”. Example: It is normal in sales just to get an appointment, go and make a presentation and let things either work out or not.

So what? So there are paradigms, and anomalies. Why should I care? The only reason I can think of is better closing ratios.

In the shift from sales person to consultant there are paradigms presented for many, but not all. Selling is defined as the activity of persuading someone to buy. A consultant is defined as an expert who gives advice. Which should we aspire to?

A sort of revolution occurs when experts in sales consultancy encounter anomalies (a deviation from normal) which cannot be explained by the universally accepted basic assumption.

There are anomalies for all paradigms, that are brushed away as acceptable levels of error, or simply ignored and not dealt with. Anomalies however, are many times, baby paradigm shifts waiting to be born.

When enough significant anomalies accrue against the current paradigm (the norm), the discipline where the anomalies occur is thrown into a state of confusion. During this confusion, new ideas, perhaps ones previously discarded, are revivified and tried once again. Eventually a new paradigm is formed, which gains its own new followers.

Paradigms to most of us are actually invisible.

When top sales people’s successful actions (Critical Success Factors) were studied, the same anomalies kept coming up from successful person to successful person. Suddenly, amongst top performers at least, what I looked at as an anomaly, was their norm. They had already made a paradigm shift. They had already shifted to a methodological sales process that was empathy based.

The major paradigm shift for sales is perhaps shared with the new definition of value-added selling as follows:

Value-added selling? (New Definition) It is selling according to the prospect’s perceived needs (see: wants, as perceived needs are “wants”). This IS what they value. Remember,” sell them what they “want” – deliver what they want and need.”

This concept in and of itself is a paradigm shift from generations past. It is a clarion call for listening skills, observation skills and empathy toward the buyer’s viewpoint.

Joe Caulfield


Motivational Life Quotes and Success in Life

You have probably noticed the great trend of putting motivational life quotes on the walls of home. It’s a great way to keep yourself motivated and energetic throughout the day. It’s best motivational tool to put life quotations on the strategic places of your house. Using affirmations along with quotes can do wonders into your life.

Motivational Life Quotes and Goals

Decide your long term and short term goals like in next one year I have to buy a new house and in the next two years I have to make ten thousand dollars and so on. Deciding goals is the key to success. Make workable action plan to achieve your goals. Just believe in yourself. Think big and you will get big. Kick out all the negative thoughts from your mind. Think positive and you will get positive results. And whenever you feel down in the way of achieving goals and need motivation to keep yourself striving, Life Quotes are always there to give you instant boost in your energy and motivation.

Survive Through Tough Time

We can’t ignore the fact that today’s life is full of stress. There’s no denying that we all are facing difficult moments. Peoples are being laid off and unemployment level is growing at a very fast rate. From terrorism to natural calamities to global warming, people are literally stressed out of the amount of devastation simply waiting to happen.

And it doesn’t seem like things will get back to normal in near future. It seems as if things will get worst. So what can we do to succeed in this tough time? How can we make ourselves strong and determined to fight tough time? We need to change our thoughts. We need to think big. We need to think positive to survive. Motivational Life Quotes re-write negative thoughts in your mind with positive ones and thus helps you become successful person in today’s tough time.

Success and your thoughts

Success depends on your thoughts and beliefs. What you think you become. Those who are successful person have one thing in common and that is they believe in themselves. They believe that they are worth to get success. If you also do believe in yourself, you can also achieve the same success. Antole France once said, “To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.” So believe in yourself and don’t let your dreams stay just dreams. Achieve them and get success you deserve. And form a habit of reading Motivational Life Quotes on daily basis to keep yourself full of energy and motivated on the way of success.

Visit our website to read our collection of Famous
Life Quotes and
Love Quotes.

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Sales Success in the 21st Century Combines Strategy With Action

Every day in Africa a gazelle wakes up and it knows it must outrun the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every day in Africa a lion awakens knowing that it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. Come morning, it doesn’t matter whether you are a gazelle or a lion, you had better be running.

This short story epitomizes the ongoing challenge between strategy and its partner action. One of the most frequent and repetitive challenges for both organizations and salespersons is the inability to simply take action thereby securing the desired results. Just think about how much time is spent in meetings planning the strategy. Given that 40-70% of all sales targets are not achieved, there is a lot of wasted action not to mention failed results.

In speaking with a successful sales consultant who works with companies that fail to take action and he must come to help rebuild the organization’s financials, he said that “70% of all consulting fails.” This makes pretty good sense given the reluctance to not only take action, but to ensure that those actions are aligned to the overall strategic action plan and the subsequent goals.

One of my most favorite fact finding questions to determine where the performance gap or if you prefer the inability to take action gap is this:

“If I were to ask all of your employees or a segmented population from top management to your front line workers to name the top 3 goals of the organization as they perceive them to be, would I get exactly the same 3 goals in the same order from each and everyone of your employees?”

The responses during the last 10 years have consistently been “No, I would not get the exactly the same 3 goals and, let alone in the same order.”

My follow-up question is simply: “So what is all of these misdirected actions costing you in terms of resources from time, energy and money?” Again, the response is usually “I do not know, but probably more than I want to know.”

When strategy and actions are united in alignment with the overall vision, values and goals within current strategic action plan, then the current mission is far easier to achieve. This is called “working smarter and not harder.”

Return to your sales action plan, review your goals and make sure you have taken the time to combine strategy along with action. By taking this sales coaching tip to heart you will also increase sales.

Are your sales behaviors where you want them to be? If not, then you may discover an easy read on how to increase sales in this book, Be the Red Jacket in the Sea of Gray Suits, the Keys to Unlocking Sales Success including how to write a values statement to separating the confusion between marketing, selling and productivity.

Is Your Sales Force a Sales Farce? – The 5 Steps to Sales Success

When was the last time you purchased a product based on the charm, professionalism, sincerity, and effectiveness of the sales person? These types of sales people are rare, comprising nearly 2% of the “best of the best”, in the selling profession. They are the real force of their sales organizations. The rest are average sales people – mostly “order takers”, who do not know how to articulate value and solve their client’s business problem. And of course, there are sales people that are actually a disgrace to the profession of professional selling, doing precious little.

It is somewhat ironic that organizations spend a considerable portion of their earnings in developing a sales force for their businesses but many do not get proportionate returns. Habituated to working on auto-pilot sales systems, non performing sales people find the going gets tough when the system doesn’t work in the normal way. Despite having an apparently well qualified and experienced sales team as well as having good sales practices and processes in place, organizations struggle. Their so called sales force actually present a picture that’s close to a farce. You can avoid this and set your sales team on a path of success.

Here is how to go about it.

1 – The importance of sales leadership in an organization

You need to have sales heroes in your organization, at least one. There should be one sales hero, a leader that can lead from the front. Sales leaders are master salesmen, experts in timing their sales calls, flawless in their presentations, careful in their choice of words, and sensitive to the need of the customers. They do not buckle under pressure. They also have the capacity to inspire others with their hard and intelligent work. Such leadership talents are vital for an sales organization thrive and prosper.

They are ever vigilant and tread on new paths believing in the saying of Abraham Lincoln, “Things may come to those who wait, but only things left by those who hustle”.

2 – Let go of the sales people that should not be in sales

Some people are really not cut out for the sales profession. They don’t believe in hard work, don’t like going out of their way to meet clients and discuss their requirements, and are constantly worrying about their monthly sales numbers. They participate in sales training workshops but learn little. They don’t like meeting clients and understanding their problems. How can they sell? Remember that sales is the highest paying hard work and the lowest paying easy work.

The sales profession demands that sales persons should be extroverts and out going people interested in meeting people, solving client’s problems with one-size-fits-one solutions. They should have healthy sense of self and self-esteem. Sales people should exude warmth, friendliness, and an eagerness to offer solutions to the client’s problems. They also should like their job and the products and services they are selling. If not they should not be in sales and can utilize their talents in other professions.

3 – Motivation as a key to sales direction and success

The profession of sales is not a normal 9-5 job with a desk, a personal computer, a phone, and a cubicle. In fact, the most productive and highest paid professional sales reps do ALL non-sales related activities, reports, power point presentations, etc, between 6-8AM and 6-8PM. The sales day, prime selling time of 8AM-5PM is devoted to getting “belly to belly” with decision makers. A decision maker is defined as a prospect, not a suspect that has need, desire, financial capacity and authority. If the sales person doesn’t create prospects there is no work for him. Unless there are the required numbers of sales he will not keep his job for long.

To keep doing this 5 days a week all through the year a sales person needs motivation. When the market conditions are tough and the internal conditions are far from perfect a sales person will require more motivation than normal to keep going. Some have the knack of motivating themselves. Others rely on their sales managers or professional motivational sales trainers.

4 – The sales rep who solves the clients problems and adds value succeeds

Each sales person brings his own unique personality traits in to sales. Some are sincere, some are thorough with technical details, others are helpful with after sales service.

There are sales people that are good listeners. They listen to the client thoroughly and understand the client’s problems and offer solutions. By bringing a little effort they add value to the service offered to the client as well as the organization.

5 – Successful sales people like to make money

The profession of sales is a wonderful one where at the one end of the spectrum there lies the possibility of job loss for non performance. At the other end of the spectrum lies the possibility of making a good living, earning respect you’re your clients and peers, and gaining a good reputation among colleagues. Successful sales people are driven by the zeal to solve client’s business problems, articulate value and a by-product of that hard work is a healthy income stream and job security. That’s quite healthy if ethical practices are followed to achieve the aims.

Check out if your sales team has the above mentioned characteristics. If the answer is no, find out what is stopping you from incorporating them? Save your sales organization from becoming a sales farce and turn them in to a potent sales force.

Doug Dvorak is the CEO of DMG Inc., a worldwide organization that assists clients with productivity training, corporate humor and workshops, as well as other aspects of sales and marketing management. Mr. Dvorak’s clients are characterized as Fortune 1000 companies, small to medium businesses, civic organizations and service businesses. Mr. Dvorak has earned an international reputation for his powerful educational methods and motivational techniques, as well as his experience in all levels of business, corporate education and success training. http://www.dougdvorak.com

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5 Hairdresser Business Strategies For Success

Learning is an excellent tool to replace some of the falsehoods of how to run a successful hairdresser business that we encounter from our peers in the industry that haven’t ever grown their sales. If we listen to the experts in the station next to us we become callous and indifferent and our clients will certainly know it and begin to look elsewhere for the services that we provide. But the real fulfillment comes for us when we keep on learning continually and never think that you or I have actually arrived.

So let’s just consider some of the many facets of conducting a successful hairdresser business:

1. Your customers are #1: This is as fundamental as it gets and yet we’re all to quick to pull the trigger and let our folks know specifically what we feel … like, ‘don’t they care about all I’ve done for them? I’m just having a bad day today so they need to stop complaining to me all the time.’

Do we really have bad days? I mean does the sun come up everyday? Yes you bet, but we’ve got to show our appreciation of our clients and value them just like we want them to value us. Actually, would you like to attempt a small test with your clients? Deliver to them your platinum service and see how they react to it; are you game?

2. There’s gold in your list: I can’t repeat this too many times because this is critical that you must have or develop your own list of customers that you can keep in touch with regularly. So let’s see … would you like to have your customers be loyal to you?

Just how good would it be if you produced a totally loyal client base that continues to visit and refer new people to you? How do you cultivate this and then keep giving them more value because they’re your clientele? By beginning and then keeping a list of all the people that you serve and then communicate with them on a regular basis.

3. Lifetime customer value: This is a phrase that many in business don’t incorporate or employ into their businesses. And it’s almost a crime. You can’t actually know how good you can serve you clients until you grasp exactly what they are worth to you in your hairdresser business in the long run. Or as it’s called … their lifetime customer value. You will have to know a simple equation that allows you to crunch the numbers cost per visit, products bought, visits per year, times 5 years.

4. New Faces: First time customers ought to have some special considerations from you each time you get one in your chair. Have you ever been to a mechanic for the first time and wondered how you were going to get screwed? I mean treated? Have you ever been a little short on patience with those that come in to you the first time? I’m sure that you haven’t, but we’ve all experienced that uncomfortable time ourselves, haven’t we?

5. Being fresh: And I don’t mean being rude with your clients, but by adding some new items to your salon or station to change the look of what you started with XXX years ago. And I bet you already know exactly what I’m referring to don’t you? Come on change it up a bit. Do some extreme themes every once in a while to bring some novel look in your space and enjoy it with your customers. Make them laugh, offer them a cup of green tea of coffee or bottled water. How about fresh popcorn? Don’t offer them the stale mints that are so old the cellophane is stuck to them. Give them a break!

Here’s some things to consider and then … make it happen. Come on, give yourself to your clientele and see if they don’t approve of your hospitality.

How would you like to be one of the most successful hairdresser businesses in your corner of the world? You can and you should because you are the worth your best effort. We have a lot more to talk about.

Learn how to bring in more clients and grow your business…

Self Manage For Sales Success

A crisis is an event that is urgent and important. Crises require immediate response. Events that qualify for crisis management include September 11, 2001, the stock market crashes of 1929 and 1987, a child in the hospital, death and serious illness, the loss of your job. You get the idea.

We cannot manage time. We can only manage ourselves and what we do with the time that we have. Self management requires that we adopt specific attitudes and behaviors. We must take responsibility for managing ourselves, knowing that if we run out of time, it is because we didnt plan or control our activities adequately.

In 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey offers us a valuable Activities Time Management Matrix which categorizes events into four quadrants as follows:

Quadrant 1 is Urgent and Important. Activities include:
1. Crises
2. Pressing problems
3. Deadline-driven projects

Quadrant 2 is Not Urgent but Important. Activities include:
1. Prevention, capability improvement
2. Relationship building
3. Recognizing new opportunities
4. Planning, recreation

Quadrant 3 is Urgent but Not Important. Activities include:
1. Interruptions, some callers
2. Some mail, some reports
3. Some meetings
4. Popular activities

Quadrant 4 is Not urgent and Not Important. Activities include:
1. Trivia, busy work
2. Some mail
3. Some phone calls
4. Time wasters
5. Pleasant activities

The problem that most sales people and sales managers have isnt so much in dealing with a real crisis. It is a problem of treating everything as though it were a crisis. Lets say a client sends an email regarding a service issue that needs to be addressed. For most of us this would not qualify as a Quadrant 1- Urgent and Important activity.

However, what do we do when this email lands in our Inbox? Typically, we respond immediately. Perhaps we think if we take care of this now, we wont have to do it later. Or maybe we are trying to manage the number of emails in our Inbox. Regardless, this is a perfect example of treating a Quadrant 3- Urgent but Not Important activity as though it were a Quadrant 1- Urgent and Important activity.

Ask these questions to define Quadrant 1 activities:
If I dont take care of the item right now; will someone become gravely ill or die? Will I lose my job? Will I lose the account?

If the answer to any one of these three questions is no, we do not have an urgent and important item that resides in Quadrant #1. If the activity is something that requires reaction in a short period of time, then clearly it is a Quadrant #3 event. If we could go 24 hours without addressing then it may actually be a Quadrant #4 event.

So where are you lacking self management? What are you doing that eats up your time?
Answering the phone each time it rings?
Tending to emails as they come in?
Meeting with anyone who shows up at your office door?
Taking non urgent calls your assistant passes through?

Instead of tending to these items the moment they happen, set aside 30 minutes every few hours to address them. Return phone calls, answer emails and consult with staff during these regularly scheduled intervals.

We must learn to distinguish the crises from the non-crises and respond appropriately in order to be successful in selling. And here is why-
In our world of sales and sales management, Quadrant # 2 activities are the most important. The life blood of our business requires that we:
b.See people
c.Get people to decide

If you are struggling today with time management issues, you have to ask yourself how much this problem is costing you in real dollars. Do the math. If you regularly spend your prospecting time fielding emails or responding to non urgent messages, you arent making the calls. If you arent making the calls, you are not seeing prospects and you are jeopardizing the mainstay of your business. Imagine if you missed out on only one opportunity a week due to poor self management. Over the course of a year, you have lost nearly fifty opportunities. What could this mean in real dollars to you?

It is important to put a dollar figure to this problem because if you dont, you will have no pain to change. You will continue to do what youve done and you will continue to have the results you have always had. Commit to changing your attitudes and behaviors. Learn to distinguish activities and appropriate response times. Communicate these new parameters to your staff so that they can support you appropriately. Learn to self manage for sales success.

As a former educator and university coach, I helped individuals improve their game by significantly and tactically changing their behavior. In 1993, I transitioned started my own company in order to ignite the fire of extraordinary performance with other firms. My company, Anthony Cole Training Group, focuses on helping people and organizations achieve their personal best. My blog is listed in Alltop and can be found at http://blog.anthonycoletraining.com/. The company website is located at www.anthonycoletraining.com.

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Sales Outsourcing: Your Company?s Strategy To Success

Sales outsourcing is usually identified as the practice of having absolute job functions done outside a company instead of having an in-house employee or department transact them. In this case, functions can be contracted out or outsourced to either a company or a person. It is the performance of sending particular job responsibilities externally instead of handling them in house. In the recent years, outsourcing has turn out to be a main trend in human resources; it has been confirmed very efficient especially when talking about business lead generation. The flexibility and also dynamism of outsourcing attracts more and more companies, big and small to turn to the latter as a way for them to develop while restraining payroll and also overhead expenses. In fact, this technique is the most commonly used one among all opportunities offered by business lead generation services, like call center services. Outsourcing in easier terms can be considered a prevailing tool that has facilitated most businesses to achieve their success in sales production.

The majority of businesses that count on lead generation companies choose sales outsourcing service in reaching out to possible leads as well as prospects. A trusted and reliable lead generation company offers this outsourcing service because it is a smart solution to the dilemmas brought about by making leads and converting sales. Additionally, lead generation companies propose service like outsourcing in order to help small, medium, and large businesses to obtain their objectives of increasing their sales pipeline. Some of the services also consist of pre-sales services, sales services, post-sale services as well as database services; and under these primary services are also benefits like appointment setting, webinars, event invitations, marketing surveys, cold calls, lead qualifying, referrals, past client resurrection, pipeline management, and the most famous inbound and outbound services. Most of these transactions made possible with all the use of sales outsourcing methods. Outsourcing your company’s telemarketing is a good move since a lot of companies have proven its outcomes on the campaign. This is really an successful tool in marketing and advertising aside from the fact that this is economical on the part of the company because they won’t be paying benefits as well as save a lot on training.

To know more information about Telemarketing and Lead Generation visit Idea2result.com

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10 Sales Touch Points For Sales Success

Many businesses are struggling to get a strong foothold in their market. A market that seemed relatively easier to conquer is now highly competitive and customers are shying away from spending money. There are a number of us who are a worried lot as we need people to drive sales that will ensure that the money keeps coming in the and the entire machinery keeps functioning properly.

Here are the 10 sales touch points for sales success –

USP – Bank your unique sales pitch and get more customers to your service. Always remember, till the time you are unique in the eyes of your customers, they will flock to you. The moment you lose your USP, that’s when problems will begin to emerge.

Intelligent Campaign – Advertisement campaign need not be multi-million dollar deals. They can be intelligent as well. Make sure to bank on an efficient marketing department and motivate them to create newer campaigns that will grab more eyeballs.

Customer care – This is where most companies fail. If your company isn’t working on the complaints and suggestion it is receiving from customers, then all the glossy advertising campaign will fall apart right in front of your eyes.

Social Media – Social media is now a major thing with companies making profits up to 300%. Make sure to keep a eye on what others say about your business and get them onboard. When you have customers who are loyal to you, half of the battle is already won.

Intelligent Target – Having a target that completely looks away from your present condition will only disappoint you in the long run. Make sure that the target you set looks achievable to your workforce. This way you will be a “good boss”.

Efficient workforce – This is where is all boil downs to. Make sure that the workers are efficient enough to handle multiple roles that is assigned to them. If they are not efficient and begin creating problems, then you can negotiate with them or you can show them the door citing the reasons.

Motivated Employees – There are many employees and you need to constantly motivate them to achieve a perfection. Employees don’t always need a monetary motivation. Think about it!

Happy Dealers and Investors – They are the real people who must be happy about the progress your company is making. If they are not happy, your company’s foundation is at stake.

Knowledge of the Market – Keep an eye on the market and learn about your competitors. The more you are aware of your competitors and how they are handling a situation you must learn from them.

Evolution – Evolve. The services that were “cool” until some time back may not be favored by many in the current times. Keep that in mind!

The Sales Coaching Institute Inc. have been leaders in sales training for over 25 years. They have help hundreds of sales organization’s professional staff to optimize their strategies for selling.

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