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Become Your Own Professional Sales Training Force

In a information based and online dealings you may miss the special touch of a common sales job that was once either making you money or wasting your time.

While it may have been using the trading hours for dollars quadrant, you may not have had the marketing and sales skills at the time of working the job, so you may have ultimately failed at the business. Your professional selling skills could have needed much improvement

One reason I have always loved sales and marketing is that it forces you to write your own ticket, have no one employing you, and enable you to create time for your family and friends whenever you need or want.

The one main thing missing from my professional sales training provided was that the training was not effective for me. The training provided really got me nowhere and on the road to frustration, even though I had to soon feed a family and make a living.

The training is the crucial element I believe, in making a success of utilizing professional sales skills.

If you were to take the basic marketing and sales skills you may know now and take those back with you in time to succeed at those jobs you will have enhanced or at least made it in the forgotten profession of sales.

I think that most people jump into sales not conscious of the quantity of training and skill advancement that it takes to be successful. It is not an overnight process. Learning, being, and doing are very important factors in the success, which means letdown is vital to experiencing the big game of professional sales. Your professional sales skills degree will determine your income.

I know when I was working with companies that offered opportunities for much superior income possibility and expansion, these companies did not bestow leadership, instruction, or even on occasion decent leads to work with.

With the information out there to work with now however, you could take any sales and marketing opportunity and turn it into a good return on time investment when you have good professional sales coaching.

I like to keep things simple in my articles so I’ll give some simple examples of this.

If you are in wireless carrier communication sales, could you not easily write highly converting capture pages and turn those into sales for your company? Absolutely.

If you require some form of written contract agreement to provide a service or product through your company, could you not share that with your local facebook or other social network to people in your local area. Definitely.

If you are self employed could you not realize specifically targeted customers in the home rehab and improvement trade in your local area through ad campaigns that are intended to capture the attention of people looking at the home depot web site online and promote in the penny saver. Certainly.

And lastly, if you are required for your job to be highly friendly, personal, and customer service oriented, could you not improve your offline marketing and closing skills to be one who is trusted and build relationships with potential customers and clients at these local locations. Absolutely.

The skills of attraction marketing, direct sales, and connecting, along with networking, excellent buyer service, and being an expert in your niche field would give any ambitious someone more than a sufficient amount information to be highly victorious in their current occupation.

Not everyone has the constancy and control to to be making marketing and saels work in thier favor, but originality and confidence are the major points that will help you to accomplish specific goals for your revenue streams that can set you up a be rich in the current financial condition. Your own professional sales training force can be you. You can be self trained with a little recommended help and good resources.

There are fields of gold out there for anyone in professional marketing and sales that can make any motivated individual with solid whys or reasons for their goals eager to make more time money and lifestyle for their efforts to become what they truly want to be as a marketing professional. See my article entitled 7 steps to becoming financially free for a better picture when it comes to true wealth prosperity.


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Use Webinar Training To Improve Your Offline Sales Efforts

I have mentioned with you about the various advantages of using webinars in your online business in the previous article. Today, I will tell you about the operation of marketing webinars in your offline business. You can easily identify interested people and concentrate your marketing efforts and dollars on them if you  use webinar training in a correct way.


Think about this: if somebody registers for my webinar, well there is a big indicator right there that that person is interested in what I have to say. If they attend my webinar they are even more interested. If they stay on my webinar for sixty minutes, they are really, really interested. The person who stays until the end of the webinar and fills out my exit survey is even more interested.


Anytime I conduct a webinar, there are a number of people who fall into this category. Clearly they are interested in my product but for some reason decided not to buy. Well, once someone has reached all these criteria, these are the people I want to follow up with and really target in my sales efforts.


These are the folks that I want to call personally. These are the people that are worth spending my marketing dollars on and my time pursuing. Is it worth sending direct mail to my entire list? Of course not! I would be in the poor house. I would be sending postcards and bulky mail and making phone calls to people who are really not that interested. What a gross waste of effort it would be to take such a course of action.


However, if I let the webinar do the selection process for me, I hope you can see the potential benefits. With very little effort on my part I have a list of gold, people who I know beyond a shadow of a doubt already have some interest in what I am selling.


Webinar training is a great way to identify interested people, who are interested in your products and services. You know before spending a dime that they are a much better investment than the general public.



Stephen Beck explains how to use marketing webinars to explode your sales. For a free mini-course & webinar presentation on how webinars can make you 10 times more productive, go to http://www.WildlyWealthyWebinars.com right now.

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Sales Leadership Training – Sales Training on How to Get an Ocean of Referrals

by TomD.

One of the reasons why sellers and business owners take advantage of expensive sales leadership trainings is because they want to boost their sales and revenue and grow their business by up to a hundredfold. In this article, I will help you reach these goals for free.

The key to boost your sales is to bring in more customers. Aside from aggressive marketing campaign, you can also achieve this by creating a golden chain of referrals where your customers will refer you to other people who might be interested on what you offer.

How can you get your customers to recommend you to their colleagues, friends, and family members. Well, the answer to this is very simple; treat them right and make them feel like a star. Let me give you an example; One of my clients who owns a coffee shop did not want to spend money on his advertising campaign decided to use his current customers to get the word out about his business for free. What he did is he filled his shop with reading materials that are interesting to his target market. He hired more personnel who will greet his customers and attend to their every need. He also invented a “free coffee day” and hosted a party for his loyal customers at the end of the month. He treated his customers as friends and family members. As his customers were extremely happy with his service, promotions, and products, they were more than happy to refer him to all the people they know. This has resulted to enormous sales and revenue.

If you want to follow his footsteps, here are the things that you need to do:

1. Treat your customers as stars. Give them everything they need and more. Make them feel how much you value their business by giving them 100% satisfaction. Think of products or services that will meet their needs and demands. Lastly, go out of your way to make sure that they will feel like royalties.

2. Ask for referrals. Talk to your customers one-by-one and ask for people that they know of who might be interested on what you sell. Ask them if they can recommend you to 2-3 people. Then, ask them if they’ll be willing to call these people in your behalf. If you were able to make these people happy each time they do business with you, I am pretty sure that they will not mind calling these people at all.

3. Reward your customers. Send these people with flowers or free products each time they were able to bring business to your doorstep. This will motivate them to look for more people who might be interested in buying from you.

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed a brand new free guide.

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Sales Training Goals

Sales training goals can be a behavioural change or increasing the performance. Usually most sales people apply their techniques, wisdom in the old manner, and they abandon the real live practical training and skills through which they can genuinely get benefits. Sales training goals must be directed to produce some changes in the behaviour of your sales people.

Your company’s entire management team from top executive to a manager needs to apply some amount of commitment for sales training. The real techniques and new skills, which you teach in the sessions to your sales people, must be applied in practical sessions repeatedly in order to achieve the goal. Any executive or top management team must repeat the new skills in their daily conversation with any member of sales team in order to accomplish the goal. If you communicate the new skills and technique on a regular basis, your sales people will undoubtedly try to adapt those skills and techniques in their routine life. Hence, you can achieve the sales training goal without mush hassle.

The new approach, which your sales people will start following, must be conveyed in such a way that they believe that it will not fade away with the time and hence, will become a part of their sales culture. You must design training curriculum to achieve behavioural change.

If you want to achieve your sales training goals, you need to follow some basic rules. To transform your sales people behaviour, techniques and skills in order to achieve the goals, you need to set some manageable goals that can be realistic enough to be achieved by your sales people. Most of the time, it happens that you fill them with various responsibilities, and there seems to be a large list of to do note which shows that you want enough goals to be achieved at the same time. This makes them bewildered in order to complete the task and achieve the goal, hence set the manageable number of goals in your sales training.

You must clearly define the goals for achieving them thoroughly. Most of the companies fail when they try to achieve goal which is not clearly understood by their sales people. Hence, clearly mention, such as what this week needs to be done, what you want to achieve till the coming month, and what events are necessary. This will help your sales team to understand what they particularly want to achieve instead of just advising them to achieve success and amount of dollars.

Make your sales training well planned as this will affect in achieving the goals. You sales training must be well planned which can give effective ideas to your sales people. A well planned routine training can establish the goal more effectively than the training which happens just after appraisals for pointing out the weak points.

Set your trust in your sales team. It is highly essential to set the trust in the people whom you are training you need to guide them properly, and hence you need to trust on them so that they can honestly work out the outcome in a positive manner. In this way, your sales training goal can be achieved.

You must keep altering your goals because assessment is extremely necessary to determine whether the goals are producing the results or not. Hence, to achieve the sales training goals, you need to do lots of hard work because ultimately you want the success of your business and that can not be possible without team motivation.

We recently engaged a company offering sales training Melbourne and they have given us some good ideas to help increase sales for our business. Their small business sales training service was customised to suit our needs.

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Telephone Sales Training

When I decided to become a salesman which was in 1960 I had the good fortune to join a newspaper group that was just about to develop an operation to sell Classified Advertising. It may surprise you to learn that Classified Advertisements had not been actively sold previously by any newspapers in the UK.

I was 30 years of age at the time and as a rookie salesman I joined a new team of recruits formed to sell Classified adverts to the local business community. At the same time a new telesales department was set up with 12 new female telesales operators. This operation was duplicated throughout every newspaper office within The Thompson newspaper group. Because this was a new operation, no local experience existed in our city or indeed within the whole of the UK. Trainers were brought in from America and were set up in offices in Fleet St London where those recruited as Sales Managers for each Newspaper were put through a crash training course in selling classified ads on the streets and via the telephone. These new managers then returned to their local newspapers to train the new personnel, the male recruits were to sell in the field and the females were to sell over the telephone.

I first joined the field sales team and within a year had become the best salesman on the team and was then given the opportunity to move into the telesales department, first as a telesales operator and when I had proved I could make the sales I was then made the trainer for the department. After a while I was appointed Field sales manager and later was given the position of Classified Sales Manager for a group of local newspapers where I had to create the whole operation from scratch. This was invaluable experience for me which later on in a new sales career Telephone Selling became the cornerstone of my future success.

I had reached the top of the promotion ladder in the newspaper group and I was only 42 and the prospect of marking time in that position until i was 60 did not appeal to me so I took the risk of becoming a self employed Insurance salesman. The first day in my new career I discovered that field work – cold calling ion businesses to sell insurance was not going to be a rewarding proposition because of the difficulty of getting in to see the proprietors.

On my second day I picked up the telephone and made 5 calls to a selected group of local companies.

At each call I made a short introduction and asked for an appointment with the Managing Director.

From those 5 calls I made 3 appointments. This conversion ratio convinced me that I would succeed in this business so I immediately recruited and trained a part time telesales girl who then proceeded to make all the future appointments I could cope with. The hardest job in selling insurance is finding suitable prospects to talk to. I had created a mechanism that provided me with an endless supply of the right type of people to whom I could sell my service. The result of this was that by the end of my first year in my new business I earned 20 times ( Twenty) more than I had earned the previous year as an executive in one of the largest companies in the country.

I then went on to replicate a telesales operation in 10 branches across the UK to provide appointments for salespeople I had recruited and trained to sell the same service.

Telesales was a new phenomenon at that time but has since proved to be a catalyst in the growth in sales of thousands of businesses throughout the country.

Don has over 40+ years experience in sales and sales-management in the advertising and Insurance industries. He is a highly successful and motivated entrepreneur involved in training salespeople through books and articles. His New Sales Training Course is now available. He is giving a huge Early Bird Discount off the price as he needs more reviews to build the Maketing Campaign for the Course. You can take advantage of this discount Now at http://www.themasterskillsinselling.com

Building Needs Through Sales Training

When it come to closing any sale of the business and beforehand providing any sales training there are some perceptions that knocks in the mind:

• Need: one may not be even aware about the product or service and what benefits it can deliver so you need some training to give that instruction.

• Answer to Question: it gives a designation where one can ask as many questions as they are not clear about to find the best solution even in case of emergency and instant solution.

• Money: it delivers right results with the investments and builds trust and confidence in case of expected results of closing of sales.

It is supposed to be kept in mind that no one is interested in any of your product unless they identify any need of it. And sometimes needs are build as per changing circumstances and not waited to come as one advances for. Any sales training focuses about the customers and their circumstances. Any sales person job is to identify needs before presenting a solution to the potential customer.

It is not necessary to market your product to everyone but only to the one who are most likely to buy it. Lead generation and lead conversion are two distinct processes. Few of the strategies forces selling which may prove to be expensive and wasteful at times. In case of lead generation the benefits of the product are highlighted and explain how the problems are solved and needs are developed. The prospects that are unable to make a purchase are excluded in the very beginning.

Finding customers is a very critical part of any sales training. It develops a talent to convert all desperation into sales and gives no space for urge resistance. The more the attention is provided to the customers it increases the credibility and trust. So if all the marketing is done in proper way then the product usually seems to be the only solution to the customer at the time of requirement. And even if customers remain in some hesitations the training is what that helps in providing better and trustworthy solutions. In other words one just needs to frame well all the details and benefits relating to the query and understand what the customer actually needs.

This concludes the end of the regular classes of building needs for selling. Any prospect will fall into your lead if you are prepared with all your equipments and ready to close the product seal.

Robmalec gives Sales Training Vancouver service to deliver the best of sales returns and profits on regular basis.

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Give Your Customers Over 250 Hours Of Marketing Training

Give Your Customers Over 250 Hours Of Marketing Training
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Connect With Confidence: Sales Communication Training


Are you preparing an important sales pitch? Are you searching for the best data, current statistics and impressive quotes? Find out how the 5 most important secrets to make a great impression.


Whether you are connecting with clients or prospects, your success depends on how you communicate. More and more sales professionals know that communication is the key ingredient of success. In fact, sales communication training is growing by leaps and bounds. The reason why? Sales norms, sales standards, and sales practices have changed.


Gone are the days of the plaid suit. Gone are the days of the talk-as-fast-as-you-can and never listen. Gone. Good-bye.


If your organization wants to escape outdated modes of selling, act fast. It’s time to boost confidence with communication training. Here are 5 tips to get the ball rolling in the right direction.



1. Ask More Than Answer

There’s no simpler way to start communicating…and stop pitching. Ask more questions. Ask about facts, figures, experiences and feelings. Ask about history and culture. Ask about trends and patterns.


Ask your clients and prospects to show you what’s important in their world.


See…it’s not all about your product and services. In fact, it’s much more about getting into their worldview.


2. Get Curious

As tempting as it is to jump in and solve every problem, don’t. Get curious. This means, continue Tip 1. Ask more questions. Ask why. Ask how. Ask why again.


Focus on extracting their real experiences, problems and frustrations. The more you get curious, the more you’ll see the real picture. And it won’t be a partial, tip of the iceberg view. It will be a deep, powerful and insightful understanding of their needs—and the ideal solutions.


3. Shift Focus

Keep going. This is where the rubber meets the road. Shift your focus from “I” to “You.”


In classic terms, this is also where the shift happens between features and benefits. But so many people struggle with this and continue to mush them together, that this is an easier way to get to the core.


If you are talking about things that matter to you, your organization or your product and services, you are speaking in “I” terms. More often than not, you’re focusing on features.


If you are speaking to things that matter most to your customer, you are addressing “You” terms. This is the secret side door to speak to benefits.


Seriously. Thousands of expert sales professionals continue to mix this up. Take the shortcut through the side door. Shift things that have a “You” focus.


4. Listen

The lost and ancient art. There’s a lot to learn about listening. It is not just waiting until the other person finishes. It is not forming smart responses while the other person talks. It is not jumping in at rapid-fire speed to look intelligent.


Listening is more than that. Practice the art of listening. Truly listen. Listen to what your client is saying…and not saying. Listen to the emotions underscoring different phrases. Listen to what he or she is saying with their body language.


If you want to improve your sales communication skills, focus on listening. Working with an executive coach is the quickest way to build these skills. You’ll get personal attention, skills practice, and situational exercises to get better at listening.


5. Add Value

Communication is more than filling space. It’s about adding value. As you get more insights into your clients and prospective clients, think long and hard about adding value.


Look outside the bounds of printed materials, case studies and whitepapers. Think about what your client would truly value. Keep asking this question and you’ll jump start creative answers—that will give you a competitive edge.



Oh. One more thing.


While your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife is not on your sales team…you can use each of these tips at home. Who knew that sales communication training could lead to happier relationships?


Milly Sonneman is a recognized expert in visual language. She is the co-director of Presentation Storyboarding, a leading presentation training firm, and author of the popular guides: Beyond Words and Rainmaker Stories available on Amazon. Milly helps business professionals give winning presentations, through online presentation skills trainings at Presentation Storyboarding. You can find out more about our courses or contact Milly through our website at: http://www.presentationstoryboarding.com/

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