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Developing Your Unique Selling Proposition

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Back in grade school you were taught that everyone is special and has something that sets them apart from everyone else. This is true about you as a person and you as a lawyer. When you’re developing new lawyer advertising methods and campaigns, you need to consider developing a unique selling proposition as well.

What is a unique selling proposition?

No matter where you go in this country you’ll find dozens, even hundreds of lawyers in the general practice areas, all crammed into a metro location. How do you distinguish one personal injury attorney in Boston from another? That’s why we have copies of The Yellow Pages crammed full of lawyer advertising and why every other bus bench and TV advertisement is for a law firm.

The solution to standing out among this oversaturation of lawyer advertising is to develop a unique selling proposition. You need to capitalize on what sets you apart from every other law firm out there. It may be that you’re the dedicated lawyer with 9 kids who also runs marathons and developed a legal marketing business while still running his law practice, taking cases and making it home for dinner every night. Not everyone can say that, can they? Really, only I can, and that can be my unique selling proposition. Caught your attention, didn’t it?

Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition

You too have something special about you or your firm that you can turn into a unique selling proposition. Think about what sets your legal business apart from your competition:

– Do you offer a service no one else does?

– Do you have accomplishments or credentials that none of your competitors have earned?

– Do you specialize in a niche practice area no one else has thought of?

I’ve seen plenty of lawyers develop their unique selling proposition from even less law-related means. One is an avid motorcyclist, so he designs his lawyer advertising to capitalize on that fact. It also helps that he deals primarily in motorcycle accident claims. He’s the lawyer who’s always riding in local parades on his bike and publishes his spring newsletter heralding the coming of riding season.

You can even develop a unique selling proposition out of a personal quirk. There was a lawyer in my area once who loved the color red. Everything related to his lawyer advertising was done in some shade of red – logos, pens, business cards. He even went as far as to have a huge red sign outside his building. Do I remember his name? No, but I do remember he was the “lawyer who really loved red” and I can still tell you where his office was located.

There’s a lot more to learn if you want to build your practice full of happy clients, reasonable hours and a 6-figure salary. Start by requesting a FREE copy of my marketing CD and report. Consider a step toward transforming your law firm into a successful and highly profitable business

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The Role Of Your Unique Selling Proposition

One of the most important and vital marketing instruments in your business is unique selling proposition. It’s a clear statement of what is unique and specific about YOUR business – the quintessential element that make you become different from your competitors. It sets your position in your prospects’ mind and your clients or customers.


Your USP is that single, unique benefit, essence, appeal or big promise that you hold out to the prospect, one that no other competitor offers. Your USP must do four things:


1. It must attract attention

2. It must distinguish you from your competitors

3. It must fill an industry gap

4. It must motivate someone to TAKE ACTION


Creating a USP for your business and communicating it in all your marketing, selling and advertising gives you a distinctive competitive advantage. Articulated properly, it will motivate your prospects to take action. So how do you find yours and how do you articulate it in a compelling way so your clients and prospects will be drawn to you and want to do business with you and want to refer others?


You need to look at three key elements involved in creating a USP.


1. How to find words to express it

2. How to weave your USP into everything you do so that your business takes on an exciting and clear identity in your marketplace.

3. How to get your team focused on it so that everyone in your company ‘lives’ the vision.


The best place to start developing your USP is to look at several of history’s great examples of USP in action. By understanding how and why they have worked, how those companies have literally become legendary by having a clearly articulated and strategically sound USP, you will have a much better picture of what you should be aiming yours at.


One example is a tiny freight company that started out some years ago with somewhat grandiose ideas of revolutionizing the freight market. The creator identified that while every other freight company was cutting prices to get market share, a vast segment of the market was far more interested in something other than price. For them, speed and guaranteed delivery was the essence. His promise, his unique selling proposition therefore became… “When it absolutely positively has to be there overnight!” And the rest is history! Federal Express became the first corporation ever to go from zero turnover to a billion dollar enterprise in under 10 years.


There are three factors to creating a powerful USP for your business:


1. Accurately identifying and quantifying the niche that you want to fill

2. Defining the major frustrations in that niche and,

3. Articulating HOW you solve those frustrations in a way that will make prospects actively seek you out.


Yes, developing your USP can be the most challenging ting you can do in your business. It is not something that will come easily. But without it, you simply won’t have an edge in the market. On the other hand, when you do identify your niche, define the frustrations, and articulate your USP, your position in the market will be all but unassailable. You will have a new and exciting direction, a common vision of who and what you are, so that you and every member of your team can ‘live’ the dream, and your clients and customers will have new clarity as to who you are and they will have new and compelling reasons to buy from you.


Author Brian Norton is a highly respected and astute investor, property developer, agent,auctioneer and author, Brian Norton is a Highly respected public speaker and consultant, He is an industry expert and trainer and assessor, sign up for his soon to be released book “Dare to Dream” at http://benjimite.com or through the comments section on http://blog.realestate-profit.com.

The Unique Art of Selling

Have you ever tried to sell something? Was it easy for you, or did you fumble and fidget through the whole deal? Were you nervous, or did you get exited?

In our modern society, selling is a daily event. Like it or not, we all have to sell something at some point in our lives. Many times, actually.

Maybe you want to sell an old television that you aren’t using anymore. Perhaps you’re having a yard sale.

You might be at the bank trying to get a loan for a new car. Or maybe you want to buy a home. You are preparing a resume. Or you are on your way to a job interview. These are all forms of selling in which you must sell yourself.

Many people make their careers in sales. Some sales careers might include a car dealer, a real estate broker, or retail sales. Then there are door to door sales. Some examples of door to door sales might include such things as cosmetics, vacuum cleaner sales, or insurance. The list is endless for careers in professional sales.

Most of us would have trouble selling a free lunch to a starving artist. But even the starving artist must sell his paintings, if he ever wants to eat.

Selling is an art. You must say the right words and you must ask the right questions. But most people are not sure of what to say when they are trying to sell something.

Being able to sell yourself is actually where all sales transactions begin. What people perceive of you will almost always determine whether or not they will do business with you. People pick up on your self-confidence, body language, and your knowledge of your product.

In order to be able to sell, you must first learn to interact with people and you must turn this ability into a great skill, almost an into an art. And you also will need to sharpen your ability to peak someone’s interest.

You will need to learn how to carry on a conversation with people and you must be able to guide the conversation so that you will be able to convince your prospective buyer to do business with you instead of with your competitors.

You must also have the ability to listen to people. That is, the ability to hear what they are actually saying. Listen to the words the prospective buyer is using. What is the person’s tone of voice? What is the person’s attitude and body language? Listen for hidden meaning behind their words. Do you hear pain? Is there more emphasis on some words than on others? Do you hear relief or maybe hope when you talk to each other about the product you are there to sell?

These skills must be learned and applied to all types of sales transactions. Whether you are selling door to door, through mail campaigns, a sales meeting, or even on the internet.

Selling on the internet is really no different than any other type of selling. In internet sales, you must use the correct keywords so that the search engines will direct the prospective buyer to your website or sales page. Then you will need catch phrases that stand out and will attract someone to your website, where they will see information about your product. Otherwise your site will be passed by for someone else who might use better words.

There are many good teaching tools available on the internet for person-to-person and internet selling. One of the best that I’ve discovered can be found at http://www.MoneyMaverickDaily.com where you can watch free demonstration videos to see for yourself how fulfilling and profitable selling can be.

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